Finding the TRUTH – 3 criteria to guide you

How do you choose a fitness mentor through all these opposing ideologies you see in the fitness world? There are probably as many unique approaches and recipes as there are transformations! It is actually crazy…that is the only word that fits.

You have decided it is time to make a change, a big change and you want to choose the right system and coach but that proves to be MUCH more difficult than you anticipated. When venturing on internet and searching for the right approach or system, you are faced with many conflicting solutions. Sometimes directly opposing each other. Now, who do you trust and how do you sift through all this info to find the right approach and person to trust to lead you onto your journey?


THREE things are major critical to help you making your choice.

 NUMBER ONE – Accept that there is no magic pill!

This is the number one important thing you have to accept. NONE of these advertising claims hold any truth, NONE! This is not an overstatement. ALL of the supplement advertising claims, even from the prominent companies, are filled with lies and half-truths. Most (nearly 90%) are complete and utter lies. I know what I am talking about. My before and after photo has now been abused illegally by more than 150 companies marketing their products and showing me as “proof” that their product works. And this is the going rate…if you see a before and after photo in any advertising add, it is ALWAYS either stolen or the person was paid a nice sum of money to lie and say he/she used their product to achieve the results. There is no truth to any such marketing photos…sadly. The bottom line is supplements makes no more than a few percentage points difference (I say 2.5%) in your effort of changing your body with a transformation. Easily 80% is made up by following a diet focused to produce results and the rest is made up by your exercise efforts in the gym. There is no magic pill…accept that. Sure, steroids and HGH can hasten the process but even then, it will take great effort and focus on both the diet and training front. Nothing comes overnight, and nothing comes easy and anyone claiming such is lying blatantly. A Significant transformation takes time and a LOT of effort…full stop. Steer completely clear from anyone telling your different because there are many that will…they are not after your happiness but only your money in their pocket.

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NUMBER TWO – Accept that many roads lead to Rome.

Many of these approaches are junk and totally misleading. But, there are many that is the truth and works and many of them preach complete opposing systems/approaches. Is this possible?

Let me explain.

The world of fitness is far from being a scientific fact sheet. Each of our bodies are so vastly different. Our genetic traits make us unique and apart. Each of us have unique metabolisms defined by multiple lifestyle aspects. The bottom line is many of these opposing systems and approaches have produced true results. These people are not lying (well some actually is but to try and make my point here I am referring to those that actually have a moral center!). They have reached success by following the path they are preaching. Let me take my wife for example. Right now, she is getting major success (lost 16kg in just over 3 months) with the 28 DAY DIET. A diet I would traditionally oppose vehemently. Simply because it is too little food and thus would lower the metabolic rate to unacceptable levels. But it is working for her and I can see that she can continue on it indefinitely albeit with some changes when she reached her goal weight to make it more lenient. Bottom line is, not everything works for everyone. Our personalities, genetics, lifestyle, habits, working environment, beliefs and many other factors play a more important role than we realize.

So, this is a very important point you need to realize. Many different roads in the body transformation arena can lead to the goalpost. Science is far from proving a singular all true road. We as individuals are far too unique for that.


NUMBER THREE – does your mentor have a moral center?

Ok, this might sound a little condescending, but the bottom line is, can you trust your mentor/coach to have your best interest in mind or is he/she just after the quick buck?

This is probably the most important of the 3 points. Because everything falls flat if this person working out your transformation system is a moral-less person caring just about turning around the quick buck. He/she needs to be a person of integrity that invokes trust. This you need to establish, or chances are you going to burn your fingers. You cannot trust in a person to lead you, but in real life you would never even consider this person making the grade for your friend list because of his/her lack of integrity/moral-less behavior.

You seriously need to look up to this person NOT just because of his/her body but especially because of all the other things.


So, let these three points guide you to make the right choice when you ready for that transformation journey!


Should you believe I am that mentor that can lead you on your transformation journey, you are more than welcome to consider signing up to my ADVANCED SYSTEM II, developed for the older individual and a truly comprehensive system covering all and every aspect. Customized for your goals and body on many levels:

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8 thoughts on “Finding the TRUTH – 3 criteria to guide you

  1. I watching you on You Tube right now…I have been working out for the last 6 months and have seen success…but my vision is so much greater….I seen in 2007 a vision of myself preaching to men…but buff…that is the reason I’m working out. I lack a bit of direction… reference to support…a mentor…accountability…..but have implemented so many different things that I have never done before….I’m doing vitamins, oils, zinc, magnesium, protein x 2 daily, apple cider vinegar, vitamin d, b, c, hiit training, imminent fasting, 4 to 5 days at the gum, 4 to 5 days core and hiit, 3 days muscle training, meal preping, etc….would you say I’m on track?

    1. Hi Darrell…LOVE your vision! just a note…when one impliment many different things at one time…it might just be difficult to see what work and what not. So maybe take it a bit slower with implimenting new things and first check whether someting is actually making a difference before moving forward and implimenting another thing. Especially when it comes to big changes like intermittent fasting training regime and diet changes. I would not say you are off track but I am concerned when you hot a bump in the road you gonna have no idea where the problem truly lies…so just be carefull with that! Wish u much success. G.

  2. Hi Gert, hope your health is better, I wanted to know if they sell egg whites in the liquid form here by us in Cape Town.

    1. Hi Peter – it will definately available in some places in Cape Town. A guy told me the other day he bought it a Woolworths in West Coast village in Tableview. But I cannot verify this. However I am convinced you will find it if you search hard enough. Maybe ask your local woolworths branch of they can stock and source it for you?

  3. Hey Gert, (scooby muscle)
    I really like this post. You have been right on a lot of what you post
    First how is your health. Are you back in full health now
    Second how is your business. I remember you had a bad stretch a while ago
    And finally as for a mentor, how can I have you as a my mentor. I cannot think of a better person to have as one.

    1. Hi Rick, man great to hear from you!
      My health is absolutely great right now…complete recovered from the 2017 problem.
      Business – well we have work VERY hard to re-invent business and it is paying of dividents. Much more streamlined and profitable. We still having cash flow issues but it takes a while after a 1mil theft! But we are MUCH healthier now than a year ago. Thanks for caring!
      About me as a mentor – flattered Rick.
      The way I work (due to my time constraints) is to provide a complete customised blueprint (Advanced System II – After I have delivered that system to you then my email door is always open for the casual question/support. But due to my time constraints I cannot provide online contineous coaching on an ongoing basis…would love too, but simply not possible. Thus why I provide a custom blueprint.
      For those struggling with money I have made MUCH free info available on my site to help them on their journey.
      God bless you brother
      Gert Louw

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