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My life-changing transformation system is available to those eager to embark on a great adventure. It is the COMPLETE system I used to turn my body around (after a close call with death at 40) to what I am today. It’s documented in a step by step format (easy understandable even for the novice who are new to the fit lifestyle). The systematic approach will teach you the tips and tricks for a killer body and will guide you on a path of healthy living which will have great positive impact for those struggling with health issues. The reasoning behind everything is explained to allow you to understand why you need to do what you need to do. The system and diet is developed for natural muscle building.

Please note – My systems are designed for the person who wants to add a fair amount of muscle to his or her frame. I do not believe it is possible to obtain a stunning physique without adding decent muscle mass to your frame (for BOTH sexes).

I, myself attend to everything and do NOT employ people to do it. To work out a complete system it thus usually take about a week.

To kickstart your journey, choose one of the following 3 options:



  1. Click the following link to view: BASIC TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM


  1. GENERIC system with all the tips and tricks on how to obtain a killer body.
  2. Detailed plan on how to create the environment for muscle growth.
  3. Detailed training program for growth.
  4. Single sample diet system and the process on how to align it correctly for your body.
  5. Advanced supplements regime to achieve your goals.

>> Pay here to order the XTREME Transformation System (PayPal/Debit Card/Credit Card accepted): CLICK HERE


  1. PEP TALK!
  2. Overview of your lifestyle situation with guidance as to the lifestyle changes required.
  3. A photo analysis of your body, genetic transformation potential and expected medium to long-term progression path. 
  4. A photo analysis indicating your weak and strong areas/muscle development.
  5. Results of the body analysis incorporated in your Building and Cutting Training programs.
  6. Detailed plan on how to create the environment for muscle growth, especially for the older individual.
  7. One of the most advanced systems available for training specific to your goals, age and genetic potential.
  8. A detailed 4-day diet sample CUTTING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  9. A detailed 4-day diet sample BUILDING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  10. A monitoring method is provided and also the means to adapt the diet specifically for your body to reach the sweet spot where muscles are build and fat coming off. A detailed discussion on what to do, how to do it – regarding the process to adjust diet to reach your bodies “sweet spot”.
  11. A method provided to exchange food within the diet to allow for your likes/dislikes.
  12. Advanced supplements usage (supported by science) to reach your goals (including coaching on “safe” anabolic steroid use if so required).
  13. A BUILDING CUSTOM PHASE TRAINING chart / CUTTING CUSTOM PHASE TRAINING chart provided for easy printout.
  14. Each exercise’s photo provided showing the beginning and end of exercise technique.
  15. A detailed discussion on training principles and how to incorporate it into your training to produce maximum results.
  16. Unlimited follow-up emails allowed within signup month.
  17. Questionnaire must be completed and 1 front photo (only shorts/boxers on – highly confidential) and 1 back photo must be provided.  (Questionnaire will be emailed upon payment received)

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>>> Kindly send email to after system ordered/paid or alternatively complete the form below


(For South Africa – request bank details for eft and locally applicable rates)

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  1. Hi Gert
    Been looking over your website and watched a few of your you tube vids and im very impressed with your straight talking attitude and knowledge. Going to further my research with the information from your website and potentially will be in touch again.
    Thanks for the much needed inspiration and motivation

  2. Hey buddy, my name is David and I’m 48 years old and going to the gym 4 times a week, I’m showing a little growth but nothing significant. I just saw your video and will give your regimen a try. Also I will get on a diet that you recommend. Any advise? I would love to hear from you on how I can increase gains.

    1. Hi David. The key to growth is always in the diet. The body cannot grow if it is not fed for it. Search my site for sample cutting and building diets. Then apart from the diet you MUST perform every 14 days a rigid body monitoring routine with fat callipers and weighing scale to see how your body has responded in the previous 14 days. As per these results your diet must be adjusted according to certain rules to get it to work effectively for your body. Then off course your training must be focussed and according to growth principles. Last but not least certain key supplements must be used. This all for part of my ADVANCED SYSTEM II if you are interested:
      But much free info can be obtained from my site: WISH U MUCH SUCCESS!

  3. Good day Gert i am from jburg. I am 44 years old always exerised but let myself go for about 7 years now. I am prob 15 to 20kg overweight I work myself to a standstill. I need help please.

  4. Dear Gert, thanks for your website and information. I just turned 40 and I would like to begin my transformation please. I foresee 2 challenges – 1. As an Asian (Indian) my diet patterns are very different from yours and 2. I don’t have technically qualified trainers near my place. Would this be an impediment to adapting your program? Thanks! bb

    1. Thanks for the feedback Bhaskar! …and congratulations for making such a GREAT decision. I have dealt with quite a few Indian clients and the nutritionist I make use of can design a diet within that parameters. However Indian food generally have lots of oil in preparation, so that is always a problem. But the nutritionist will guide you. Bottom line is there will definately be some eating habit changes required but you would still be able to eat curries albeit made with only certain ingredients. You do not need a trainer at all the program is comprehensive and very self explanatory but I strongly advise you join a public gym since you would need access to certain equipment for the program. Wish you a GREAT day! Gert Louw

    1. Most my clients between ages 35 and 55. Had a few over 60 but they where healthy except for raised cholesterol and the odd blood pressure problems. Wish you a great day Paul. G.

      1. Thank you for a straight answer
        It’s just that you look so great that I want some of that too
        Since I am not yet dead nor totally disabled I will pursue my dreams

      2. Anytime my friend…Although I do make adjustments for certain medical conditions I do not want to sell myself as a know it all! Some conditions requires very special attention…that being said…I think you would gain much good info from scrutinizing my site…Wish u much success my friend and contact me anytime! G.

    1. Hi Ant, I assume your refer to SYSTEM II – it is $90 US. It is and extensive system spanning more than 50 pages and is fully customized to your specific requirements and bodytype/goals. It includes a building phase training program (with basic easy applicable rules on how to adapt it to a cutting phase training program) + Cutting Phase diet (4 day sample menus plans) and a section on how to monitor and adapt the Cutting diet for a building phase diet. SYSTEM II is a holistic system looking at all angles to ensure the body is geared optimally for growth and fat loss. Although designed specifically for the older individual, even young guys can apply it with great success. The monthly coaching is seperate and advisable…but not a requirement. Hope this answers your question? Wish you a GREAT day! Gert Louw

      More info here:

  5. I’m a 51 years old do you still believe I can achieve similar results from your transformation program I am 6′ 1″ weighing 230 lbs in good health f

  6. Hi Gert
    Middag ek volg jou al lank en het jou hulp regtig nodig hoe kontak ek jou asb.

  7. This man knows his stuff. Purchased the System II from him and he had a regimen for me in less than 2 days. Everything he says makes sense and I only wish I had found this site sooner! Listen to this guy – you will NOT be disappointed.

  8. Gert, I’m soon to be 44 and have not been anywhere near as active as I once was in my youth, up until the past 6months. With 4 boys in my house ranging in age from 23, 16, 11, 8 and a beautiful wife of 24 years I knew I needed to get it back in order. Found your blog and it has been really inspiring. I think we guys get to a certain age and think our physiques and fitness are lost. Not so and your blog inspires one to think and act differently.

    Keep up the good work! Appreciate all you do! God Bless!!

    1. Hey Bob, thanx for the feedback and truly wish u success. With 4 boys (awesome blessing) and such a young wife you really need to get your fitness acto together! Contact me anytime u need support or info. In Christ… Gert

  9. Gertlou,

    Four months till 40 and I’m the worst shape of my life. I have years of experience lifting but I have always struggled with nutrition. You are definitely an inspiration and while I just ran across you and your page I am eager to get my life in order through becoming fit. Do you have or have you posted any meal plans, I’m going to start in the maintenance phase and I could sure use some advice on meals and a work out schedule. Anything you are willing to do to help will be greatly appreciated. KEEP IT GOING AND KEEP INSPIRING!!

  10. Hi Gert. Wonderful website you have here! Thank you for providing all the information!

    I was wondering, on your Transformation page it says to take 5g BCAA before workout. I was wondering if that is the correct dosage or a typo. 5g is a minuscule amount and I thought it must be a typo when I saw the scoop that came with the BCAA which is equivalent to about 2 tablespoons.


    1. Aaron, nope, no type. I am using the tablets version and use 4-8 tablets before workouts. Each tablets contains 1g BCAA’s. A lot of times the companies mix other stuff with the powders to increase weight. But most probably the 2 tablespoons will be equal to 8 tablets BCAA content. How can u stomach the powder! It is awfull tasting! Keep training hard. Gert

    1. Hey bud.
      Test 180X is marketed by the same scam companies that market the Niwali TestoBoost and other shady products. They have a system enforces you to sign up for monthly deductions and it is very difficult to get out of it. Just about the only way to get out of their deals is to cancel your credit card completely. NONE of the products these guys are marketing are worth their money. They cannot distribute these products via established channels (like pharmacies, supplement stores or even because none of these channels want to distribute a sub standard product. Stay away and stick the established brands that do not distribute exclusively via internet but have physical distribution shops. Brands like EAS, USN, MuscleTech, Universal, Met-RX, etc…that is tested products with solid ingredients worth their money. Hope this helps? Wish u success. G.

      1. The majority of items sold in physical stores are products that carry a name and is of decent to very good quality. They cannot sell these scam products in physical stores because they cannot face all the problems and potential law suites. The only way they can sell it, is in a faceless environment like the internet. That is why companies like Niwali only deals over the internet. Shady products by shady companies. But I will always only stick to the mega brands. They have spend millions of dollars on testing and marketing and they will not take a chance with a shady product. That is always the safest bet. You can buy over internet but ONLY from very well established brands that also got physical store outlets for their products. Hope this helps bud. Wish u success. G.

    1. Hi Ed,
      It is a different product but if you look at the advetorial u will see that Niwali TestoBoost is advertised twice on that same advertorial. No company will allow a competitor product to be advertised with their product in the same advetorial. So it is most definately a product produced by Niwali. I reckon it is EXACTLY the same product as Niwali TestoBoost but simply in new packaging as a result of the damage me (and maybe other people) are causing for them on the internet. Their management have been on contact with me a couple of time to bribe/convince me to take down my blog posts and videos telling the truth. Obviously it is hurting their sales and the only way out is a new label to make it seems a new product. Thanx for this info. Wish u a great day.

  11. i m a thin men of aged 28 n like to take the product test o boost so as to b muscular .but i m in delhi,india so how can i get it?if u can then help me to get this product

    1. Hey bud, I have bad news for you, the Testoboost product is a SCAM product, it does NOT work.
      Read the following articles,

      If you really want to go the testosterone booster route I would suggest maybe a proven product like ANIMAL STAK (From Universal products)

      Wish u MUCH success

  12. hey Mr Gert Louw I really appreciate this valuable information I guess you saved me a lot of money and maybe even my health but I do have a question can you please tell me based off your experience what supplement does work because I’ve busted my butt trying to figure out how to lose weight and gain muscle I’m in the military and with the army downsizing right now Im in danger of losing my job because I have to be fit to remain in the military I do workout and I do eat properly but I am 35 years old and am thinking I need help to get back to where I was so if you know of any supplements out there that will help please let me know thank you.

    1. Tim,
      Thanx for visiting my page.
      Bud, 35 is still a GREAT age in terms of fitness and muscle building potential.
      Before you use any supps you need to get the cornerstones right:
      – no overtraining and enough rest (not more than hour in gym, not more than 5 days per week)
      – eat for lean growth. this will determine 80% of your success factor. You MUST get your diet focussed for your goal. I have published various articles in my blog dealing with dieting correctly.
      – train till failure during each set. if you do not train to failure your muscles will not grow!

      Supps that can speed the process of recovery and are anti catabolic in nature – BCAA’s and L-Glutamine before training and after training L-Glutamine and Whey protein.
      Supps that can help make sure your testosterone levels are optimal for growth – Animal STACK and ZMA before sleeptime.

      The key really is in the diet and intense training with enough rest.
      If you get this right your body will respond.

      Hope this helps bud?
      Wish u success.

      1. Gert, great site, videos and overall content. Appreciate it from Usa.

        Similar to above, I will be 40 in June 19. Weighlift for well over 10yrs consistent and eat healthy, very low sugar and bad carbs. No sodas etc in over 15yrs. Always eat well.

        I’ve always struggle with body fat, high teens %. Even with a nutritionist only lost 1% over 12 weeks. At plus or minus 19%, main issue torso.

        I dont want to go trt yet as everything works although have not tested levels ever. I’m 5′ 9″ 190lbs decent muscle mass.

        Any pointers in my situation?

        Thanks in advance.

      2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated! The key for you is to get whatever diet you follow aligned for your body. THis is the biggest mistake people and even nutritionists sometimes make. The same two people (age/weight/height/size/etc…) will repsond totally different most of the times to the exact same diet. You must employ a process every 14 days where you use fat calipers, weighing scale and tape measurements and get measurements at key areas on body. This will tell you how your body responded the previous 14 days with the specific daily caloric values. Then if any fat was added, drop daily calories with 10%. Do this until you reach a point where you force the body to start getting rid of the fat. That is what we call aligned the diet to your body. Keep on doing this every 14 days. BUT (!) do not take the calories so low that you start loosing muscle! Then calories must be increased slightly again. Key points – must get 3L water in per day. Water help metabolise fat. Also small frequent meals system might be beneficial.
        About TRT. Your t levels must be healthy – into the upper levels of normal or you WILL struggle to lose fat. You do not have to go on TRT yet but I strongly suggest you follow the approach I outlined in the following article:
        Wish u success my friend.
        Gert Louw

  13. Hello Sir; thank you very much for all the info you have given in your blog. I have a small question and i would appreciate if you could help me.

    I have been diagnosed HIV+ since nov 2012 and have been under hiv medication since apri l2013. I had been doing fitness for 1.5 years but couldnt see the results i ve been seeking for.

    Lately i have changed my gym. and according to my last fat measurement. its %2,9 fat ratio. Im 167 cm (5’5” i guess) and 57 kg (125 lbs) . however i dont have any define abs. isnt it too weird not to be able to see my abs with this fat ratio?

    Do u think this is one of the side effects of meds like lipodystrophy? or the device at the gym is not that proffessional?

    Thank you for your reply in advance.

    1. Hi Jack,

      First of all I want to wish you a blessed Christmas celebrating Christ and a 2014 filled with good health and peace!

      To answer your question:
      I don’t think it is lipodystrophy. You would KNOW when you have the lipodystrophy side effect. Portruding stomach, loss of facial fat and fat on bums and legs lost, plus a fat bulge behind the neck. But if you are in any doubt let your doctor take some measurements and monitor the situation.

      Guys with good abs and low bodyfat who have lipodystryphy will still be able to see the 6-pack because with lipodystrophy the fat is not in front of the abs muscles but behind it around the organs. That is why it can become dangerous.

      You do get guys who struggle to get the 6-pack look even though they have low bodyfat.
      This could be due to two reasons:
      a) it could be genetic…but even then it is not impossible to get the 6-pack.
      b) it could be that you train your abs incorrectly.

      Abs is not like the other muscles. The must be trained more than once a week.Less than that and you will not stimulate them. Plus when you train them they MUST ache or you do not train correctly. AB training is one of the most painfull of all excercises. You need to focus on those abs and feel them contracting with every ab excercise and squeeze them until they ache.
      Some very good ab excercises are ball crunches, russian curls, roman chair and so on.
      A session of abs usually involves 3 ab excercises of 3 sets, each set of 20-25 reps.
      I also suggest you look at my transformation program and maybe see if you do not do some other things wrong in your training.

      Remember, diet determines 80% of your success no matter how good your training is!

      Hope this helps my friend?
      Gert Louw

      1. Thank you very very much Mr. Louw. I had a great relief after your explanations 🙂 i realised that its not lipodystrophy, cos i dont have these symptoms. and i do care a lot of my diet. i dont do fast food, nor any sugary drinks not even i do have sugar in my coffee:)

        So its possible i train my abs not correctly. I would keep up the hard work and try my best to have results and let you know about my transform process in time 🙂

        Your blog is so motivating!!!!

        One final question, i read about the supplements part for hiv+ people. I see its good to take bbca and glutamine. I know i can never have the guts to try steroids. I dont feel safe unnatural chems to get in my body, but i had been using whey protein for 1 year. I just wondered your opinion on these products. My doctor said it might be causing hepatit toxination. But just wondered your professional feedback as well.

        I hope you had a blasting wonderful christmas with all your beloved ones!!!

        Best Regards


      2. The key is that abs need to ACHE when you train them.
        Thank you for the comment regarding my blog – much appreciated!
        BCAA and Glutamine, yip very good for HIV+ person, especially Glutamine.
        Some of these youngsters that goes crazy with the supplements might damage their liver….in that regard your doctor is right.
        But as with anything in life moderation is key.
        Glutamine, BCAA and Whey protein is not foreign to the body and does not place anymore strain on the liver than for example meat.
        Glutamine especially place no strain on liver. BCAA and Whey is forms of protein for specific purposes to built up the body. Using them within moderation will not add strain.
        But I always suggest that a HIV+ person get regular blood work done which must always include basic liver and kidney values. Be in touch with your body and monitor it closely. By doing that you will be able to quickly pick up when values are raised and be able to do something about it before harm sets in.
        Whenever you experience muscle loss due to HIV+ (which may be never if you look good after yourself), then I will strongly suggest anabolic steroids. But leave it till then.
        Thanx for the Christmas wishes my friend. Had a blessed one with family. Hope yours was also filled with the love of Christ!

  14. I’m 20year old male from Johannesburg. I’m HIV+ I love body building,I’ve been clouded with people’s sterieotype,that if u use supplement you will not have a children. Going thru your article you’ve raised point on anabolic steroids how good are they to people with HIV. Can I use them and stil hve family 1 day, if not what else can you advise me to use and still hve the body I dream of

    1. Hi Dee,

      While using anabolic steroids the testes does not produce sperm. However when you stop with the steroids, the testes will return to normal and resume normal sperm production. So if you want kids, lay off for now on the anabolics, but when your wife conceived, you can resume with the anabolic cycles.
      If you use the anabolics wisely their will be no long term damage or interruption to the sperm production – many a body builder who have used anabolics have conceived kids later in life – however u need to do it wisely (never longer than 12 weeks at a time and at least 12 weeks off to allow the testes to recover). The rule of thumb for steroid cycles is 12 weeks on and at least 12 weeks off. Anabolic Steroids must be used with great care, preferably always under doctors supervision. Get your blood-work done regularly. Also KNOW your anabolics. try to stay clear from alpha 17 anabolics. I stand with what I said that anabolics can be a great tool for the HIV+ person due to the nature of the disease (muscle wasting and for the fact that your immune system is largely fed by the Glutamine stored in muscles).
      Wish you MUCH success.

      1. Which steroids can you recommend for me as I’ll be starting with them
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

      2. Hi,

        It all depends on what your endgoal is?
        But if you want to venture the safest anabolic steroid route, it is always Primobolan Depot.

  15. I am 44 years old. I work out a lot and keep myself in shape. Would love to put on about 5-10 lbs of muscle. it is hard to do because I am eating right and the amount of calories isn’t easy to hit because of that. much easier to eat big macs and snickers…. anyway. I am been feeling some effects of “old age” and wanted to get your thoughts on taking a testosterone supplement. What are your thoughts on that and would you recommend one that is safe to take?

    1. Hi Rob – sorry I reply only now, but I was on holiday.
      If I were u, the first thing I will do is to go to my docter and have him tested my your testosterone levels. One in 4 guys over 40 need testosterone theraphy.
      If that is the case he can prescribe testosterone injections which will immediately solve your problem.
      If u do not have a deficiancy, then I will be wary of most testosterone supplements simply because of hyped advertisement of products that helps little to none.
      Stick to very well respected brands. For example, Universal makes a product M-Stack. It is expensive but has proven to give decent results.
      As for safety, it is all natural and well tested so their should not be any complications.
      If you ever want to venture the steroid route, be very carefull, there are many pitfalls and dangers especially due to your age. The safest as for older people is Primobolan Depot.
      Hope this helps my friend?

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