Sex, lust and temptations!

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My journey through the dark side of the body beautiful

Many individuals have asked me about the significant impact on my life following my achievement of a muscular physique and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Several things have indeed changed. People now approach me with friendliness, display greater respect in conversations, and it even appears that my wife’s affection has grown.

However, the most challenging aspect that accompanied this transformation revolves around sex, lust, and temptation. I have encountered numerous individuals—men, women, and even married couples—who have made explicit offers of sexual encounters. Astonishingly, some of these people are incredibly attractive.

Let me clarify that I am by no means someone special. I firmly believe that any muscular man or fitness-oriented woman with a significant online presence faces similar challenges. The individuals making these offers show no regard for one’s principles or values; such considerations are utterly irrelevant to them.

I have been propositioned with gifts, substantial sums of money, and even individuals willing to travel from other continents solely for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities.

Gert Louw LEGS CB

But, I LOVE sex!

Let me assure you that I am far from being a prude when it comes to sex. I embrace and enjoy it, even exploring some kinky aspects. However, I have a family – a loving and completely loyal wife, and a son who looks up to me as the role model of our household, learning from me how a man and a father should live. Even when I’m 80 years old, I want to be able to gaze into my wife’s eyes with love and share a passionate kiss, free from the burden of guilt for betraying her and compromising my integrity.

While the world may believe that what others don’t know won’t harm them, I don’t base my moral compass on societal norms. Instead, my moral compass is guided by Jesus Christ. Every evening, I confront my actions before God, seeking His moral guidance.

For me, disregarding the principles that uphold my integrity is a path towards self-destruction. It erodes my self-love, leading to self-hatred. This destructive path often plunges me into severe depressive states and can even lead to thoughts of suicide. Trust me when I say that I speak from experience; I have been there. In the past, that was the life I lived, and it was utterly worthless. However, surviving a near-death experience at the age of 40 profoundly changed my perspective, and I developed a newfound appreciation and love for life.

It’s not about what others don’t know; it’s about what I know. Lacking self-respect is a sickness prevalent in our time, and the consequence is a culture that promotes casual and indiscriminate sex, devoid of integrity.

Am I immune to these temptations? Absolutely not. Even Adam and Eve stumbled when faced with forbidden fruit.


If I were to have one prayer request for my fellow Christians, it would be for the strength to continue leading a life of integrity.

At times, the challenges can become so overwhelming that I question if it’s truly worth it. However, just when I start to doubt, I receive an email from a complete stranger, someone I’ve never met or known, sharing how my life and testimonies have saved them from a destructive path. They describe how they turned their life around, all because of the influence I had on them. And you know what? That makes it all worthwhile, a thousand times over. There is no greater feeling than when someone tells you that because of who you are, what you stand for, and what you have shared, they were saved.

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Wish you all much blessings…

Gert Louw


41 thoughts on “Sex, lust and temptations!

  1. This blog blessed my heart. A man striving for integrity, and after God’s heart.

    You have not only encouraged and convinced me to create and pursue fitness goals, but also integrity and God.

    You are a inspiring guy. May God continue to be glorified in your life.

    In my prayers brother.

    Every blessing

    1. Jason – this is a very kind comment…May God bless your journey, both the physical one and the spiritual one!
      Thanks for your prayers my friend…Gert

  2. Not only has discovering your videos, website, and diet & training tips been a pleasant one, but discovering that you are a born again christian has indeed thrilled me! SO GLAD to hear this!
    That is a seldom found thing nowadays, especially among weight and personal trainers/bodybuilders etc.
    That news alone makes you my favorite go-to source for training tips/advice! At just recently just turning 60 my hope is to get into the best shape of my life. I’ve been training since my 20’s so I have a decent base, but at 260 lbs, my work is cut out for me in getting lean while building or at least retaining what muscle I can.
    Looking forward to your advice and videos.
    God bless!

    1. Hey thanks for that kind words Ernest!
      Man I have seen many guys well into their 60’s and even 70’s who had incredible transformations. It is still very much possible!
      Wish u much success and God bless your journey brother.

  3. Just wanted to say that you are an inspiration. I love your work ethic, your commitment, and mostly your integrity. Thanks!

  4. Wow! You are awsome! Thanks for the inspiration and good advices. God bless you and protect you!

  5. hi Gert,really touching video,awesome. I’m 51yrs of age, and everytime I watch more of your vids,you inspire me more.Thank you so much,blessings from afar.

    1. Hey buddy – thanks for that kind comment bro! 51 young years awesome. Inspired…even better – now go and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Be blessed my friend. G.

  6. Awesome Gert!
    Way to stand your ground.
    I appreciate that.
    You can CHOOSE to avail yourself…
    You can CHOOSE at any time to be selfish or selfless.
    You can CHOOSE to be a force for good or evil.
    You making the harder choice. The path least followed (the narrow gate).
    Of all the options available to you – you choose to live above the line… and for that THANK YOU and BLESS YOU, my friend.
    I’m with you. It’s a better life!

  7. Amen brother. Stay strong. You’re an inspiration. Keep them temptations under your feet as you keep your eyes on the Lord.

  8. Brother now i can really confess that God moves in mysterious ways.. Through your video you inspire people to have stronger fate in God.. Even im struggling now and feel im in the lowest level in my life today, Just watch your 2 video in youtube Somewhat it gives me a little bit of reason not to give up..

    1. Hey Raph – I know live can be difficult…but in obedience to God we grow in spirit. I pray for you and be strong my friend. God bless! Gert Louw

  9. Man This is so good. Keep it up. A strong fAmily man is a great thing. I wish I would have been like you. God bless


    1. Sadly Justin I was not always like this…God has walked with me a path…it was hard but it changed me for the better. I can still be weak not always easy. Let’s keep each other in our prayers!

  10. Thanks for that encouragement to stay pure, my friend. And I do consider you a friend. Have a great week ahead.

    In Christ, James ________________________________

  11. Mr. Louw: thank you for your witness, it certainly helps all of us who follow your posts. I also found it interesting to note that once you became fit then people are more friendly more respectful etc. I think this points to an important distinction — man looks on the outside and God sees what is within. Remembering the story of David and his selection by God to become Israel’s king: he was not the “obvious” choice as his brothers were bigger and stronger, but God looked within him. So often the world judges the book by it’s cover.

    You, my friend, have become a good steward of your God-given body, never forgetting that it is simply ‘on loan’ from God, a mere vessel for your spirit and the Holy Spirit. You are building your body with the correct motivations — to be a good steward, to bring honor to your Creator. This is especially important in the fitness industry, which largely “judges the book by its cover”.

    One last note: I found your reference to Amish humorous. I didn’t know that South Africa had any Amish communities (do you have these communities?) I grew up surrounded by the old order Amish and find their lifestyle fascinating (particularly since some of my ancestors were Amish). Incidentally, the Amish have some of the lowest rates of obesity in the United States. They walk ALOT!!

    Train hard, and bless you my friend!


    1. Hey thanks Joe – really did not mean the AMISH referance as disrepectful In fact got MUCH respect for them. Could just not think of a better term to reference that particular sentence.
      Actually think the world has a lot top learn from them….on various levels. No Amish here in South Africa – just the narrow minded Hollywood portrayel of them!
      But wanna thank you for your feedback…it truly means a lot to me. It is a battle being fought not just by me but all over this world for souls. We need to pray because that is where the power lies!
      May God bless you and your loved ones in 2017!

  12. Gert, from the get go, you have stated your faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for reaffirming that to us. When you state this in public then you holding yourself accountable. Thanks.

  13. You are TRULY an inspiration! Well…unfortunately, you are paying the price for being “EYE CANDY”! God bless you & continue on your journey in helping lead us 2 a healthier lifestyle. Thank you!🙏

  14. thank you for this article!! people must have character, integrity and respect for their family members!! u changed my life for better!

  15. You are for sure a most beautiful man, from your hard work and dedication to fitness, I am grateful for your words….I likewise follow Jesus Christ, but have struggled with SSA, as I likewise love my wife and a son, and have been blessed with an excellent life. I love fitness, and in loving fitness exposes me to the other temptations…..I rarely slip….but thank you for your honesty, your story, your life…I am a fan of yours on ALL levels. I love you brother. Steve

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