Walking by faith

Walking by faith – Everyone knows by now there are a deeper side to me and a life altering back story.

But I have never really told my story about my walk in faith.

I am opening my heart here and I know there are risks…because the world is not always a good place to lay your heart bare. But this is the time to do it…my walk in faith has brought me to this point where I feel compelled to share.

So those that want to know about a story of pain, hope, miracles and LIFE, read on.

As many of you know, 11 years ago (at age 40) I was lying on my “deathbed” in hospital. At one point no blood pressure and heartbeat and ready to die. A brutal attack and mutilation left me with a broken soul and the will to live has left me, my heart was filled with darkness and pain which I could not carry anymore.

Me 2 months after hospital:



Then the unexpected happened. While I was lying in my hospital bed, weak and not expecting anything but death, I heard a voice, God’s voice. The voice was clear…”Gert, I am offering you life…I have a plan for you. You must choose…”

I cannot put in words that moment…I experienced an incredible beauty, softness, kindness, pureness,  holiness, love and I saw LIFE…and in that moment my life changed. I was heartbroken, I was weak and I spend a lot of time in conversation with God over the next few days lying in my bed. I was soooo close to choosing death…but this unexpected experience showed me LIFE and I made my choice.

Sure, before this I knew about God and I knew the Bible. But this changed my world. Suddenly God was not just in a book anymore but He was more real to me than this world around me. And for just that brief moment I felt the touch of God…and I was utterly overwhelmed and unprepared.

Two weeks in hospital and I was strong enough to leave. Prognosis not good…some doctors gave me a couple of years. But it was not in their hands, I chose life and God was in control.

I was a changed man…but, the pain and darkness in my heart of what happened was not over. The weakness I have, is that I put a lid on things and push it deep down, trying to bury it…never really dealing with it.

My walk in faith deepened over the next years.

Now at 51 I am a living miracle of God. The body is still broken. Kidneys functioning at 50%, struggling with my liver, and that is just the tip of the iceberg with my serious health problems. But that is insignificant for God…look at me…with my severe health issues and being expected to be long dead by now, God has turned this around to the extend that I am looking the healthiest and fittest I ever did in my life. For Him, NOTHING is impossible.  He is in control, not the doctors, not me, not medical science.

Me, today…4 months away from 52:



Now this all sound incredible and it is, but my world was about to be rocked again. God knew that the pain and darkness that I am trying to bury needs to be addressed. Every now and then an event triggers the lid from coming off slightly and the pain and darkness boils over. And recently the Holy Spirit kicked off that lid for good. All that pain and darkness surfaced and there was no way I could put back the lid on again. The Holy Spirit do not mess around…that lid was gone!

I struggled to breath, it felt like my heart was tearing in two…I pleaded with the Holy Spirit to please ask God to come and take my life…I could not bear the pain, it was overwhelming. My power to push it down was gone.


But let me give you a glimpse into how incredible God works.

The Holy Spirit literally forced me to walk into a church I do not know the next day, and walk up to the first friendly face I see and tell him I need someone to pray with me, now (!)  and intercede on my behalf before God. Now anyone that knows me, will realize this is the worst thing anybody can ask me to do. I am a total introvert, sitting always quietly in the corner doing my own thing and NEVER EVER just walk up to people I don’t know, let alone in an environment total foreign to me. This was going against everything I am.

But instead of doing this, I wanted to die, because this darkness and pain was so intense and overwhelming that again I was at this crossroad point in my life where I had to choose between life and death. I had a young son who I adore and a beautiful loving wife and if it was not for them chances was I was going to choose the easy road out. I was breaking down in tears continuously…and I am NOT an emotional person!

So I DID IT! I just did it in total obedience. I went to the church the Holy Spirit indicated to me, my wife and son by my side. I walked up to the first friendly face I saw and I told him what the Holy Spirit instructed me to do. He smiled and said I must go and sit, someone will come to me. A few moments later a guy, my age, walked up to me and touch my shoulder and smile. We went to a quiet corner outside and I told him my story, laying my heart bare, told him of my pain and the way the Holy Spirit is working with me now. We bend down and started praying, he laid me before God…during this moment the Holy Spirit told me that because of my obedience, He will now plea my case before God and lay my pain of the darkest corners of my heart before God. I could hear it, I could literally hear the murmurings, not words, but I could hear everything. I felt the touch of God as I did in my hospital bed and broke down in tears by grace I do not deserve. God once again began the 2nd miracle in my life, healing my pain in my heart.

The following week was extremely emotional for me as the Holy Spirit carried me through this process of cutting the pain in my heart out, piece by piece.

I thought my walk was close with God previously, but had no idea how intense it was about to become.

This God I bow down too, has become more real than anything else in this world. I am totally unprepared for how amazing and incredible His love, His holiness, His power and His kindness is.


So many people I talk to over the internet ask me “Why do God, if He is a good God, allow this pain and suffering in this world to continue?”

The world is a broken place. We have made our choices to abandon God and with it comes pain and suffering. God is the ultimate gentleman…He NEVER force His will on anyone. Bad things happen to even good people everyday…and you know what, it strengthens you to become a stronger person reaching greater heights. Look what happened to me…through it God strengthened me to reach heights I thought never possible in my life and I am touching many lives out there and helping people. I am a hard nut to crack and God knows it. He had plans for me…but left to my own devices that plan would never come into play. He allowed things to happened to me and come over my path. Bad things…like Job, but like God is, He turned everything around into blessings beyond believe. I still had to make the choices myself…but God gentlemanly lead me in the direction…

God wants so much the best for us, but when we abandon Him we are left alone in this broken world. The heart of God is such that He allowed that, which was most precious to Him, to be put through pain and mutilation and to die on a cross for us, just so that me and you would have direct access to God and the Holy Spirit.

My sins in this broken world prevents me from having a direct link with God, because before God nothing that has any sin or darkness can stand and live, nothing. God is pure and holy. Only through the sacrifice of Jesus, who was blameless, could He die in my place and through that allow me to talk to God and be saved. It had to be someone blameless, he had to had no sin because that is the only way He could die for ours.

God could have sent armies of angels to rescue Jesus, but this shows God’s heart…unmeasurable kindness and compassion. He did not have to do this for us…He is the Almighty God, rescuing us just by grace…which we do not deserve.


Now, many devoted believers don’t like it when they hear of someone like me who had such incredible experiences with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ (I had Christ holding His hand on my shoulder at one of my toughest moments in prayer and more…)

Why me, what makes me special?

Remember Maria?…remember that between all the disciples of Jesus, SHE was the one that quietly bent down with her tears falling on Jesus feet and rubbed very expensive oil/perfume over His feet, no words, just an act of utter compassion. His disciples were not impressed about the logic that such expensive perfume was wasted. But she had a relationship with God on another level, why?…because of the AMOUNT of grace she required to be saved. Be happy and joyful if you required little grace to follow God, then you are blessed indeed. People like me (and Maria) carried so much pain and darkness in our hearts that the grace we require, is massive. This amount of grace changes you on every level and your relationship with God, is extremely intense.


Last week on one of the biggest radio stations in Cape Town, they aired this young woman who had a vision where Jesus Christ appeared to her and told her: “Go and tell the world, I have finished preparing all your places in heaven. I am coming to fetch you. The time is up.”

The Holy Spirit confirmed this in my heart…

Now, I know God said, no one knows the date and time, but I am making sure me and my family is ready…I cannot wait to join my Lord and Saviour!

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I pray this article means something to you…it comes from deep within my soul.

Be blessed.

Gert Louw

Gert Louw staring

25 thoughts on “Walking by faith

  1. This was and is a very inspirational story. I have saved it to read often
    I too have a belief in the power of what Hod can donif asked or if one chooses to follow him
    I am proud to call you a friend Gert. I have followed your transformational journey for many years. I was never aware of the pain that went with it
    I will keep
    You in my prayers have a blessed day and a blessed life
    Your friend and brother on God

    1. Rick…I am honoured to have you as a friend! Hope we can meet oneday.
      Prayers are most welcome and i u need any PLEASE let me know.
      So often I find out people that I’ve been dealing with and know for so long have incredible heartbreaking backstories…we are so unaware of the pain and sorrow out there.
      Prayer is and will be always the most powerfull tool!
      Be blessed my friend

  2. Brother Gert,

    I too am 51 and having trouble building muscle. I saw your video about being over 40 and felt compelled to watch. I had no idea you were a man of faith. I was greatly pleased and blessed by this article containing your testimony. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I have no aspirations of being as BIG as you, brother. Rather, I aspire to just look muscular and athletic like the men I see on American Ninja Warrior. I know that some of them achieved their physiques with body weight only WO’s so I’ve been doing Freeletics for nearly 6 months and have only managed to lose more body fat. Muscle gains, if any, are minimal.
    Sadly, my work schedule precludes me from going to a gym. Well, that and money.
    My diet is mainly paleo style though I do eat 0% FAGE Greek yogurt and kefir and cheese, etc. I eat very little breads, if any, and that is not very often. I drink only water and lemon water. Occasionally pomegranate juice during longer Freeletics WO’s when I feel I’m getting light headed I’ll have a sip or two.
    I’ve yet to check out your diet links but do you think I could follow yours even though I’m not lifting more than my body weight?

    Help if you’re able, brother.

    Blessings to you 🙏🏻

    Kevin R
    Vallejo CA USA

    1. Thank for the feedback buddy…really appreciate! Yeah…Jesus is my rock!
      The problem with adding anything other than resistance training to the mix will make muscle building a challenge. Any form of cardio or related type exercises have a limitation effect on muscle growth. When one want to add a bit of size to get decent shape, cardio must be limited or completely stopped and the focus must be purely on resistance training until the point that one has reach the desired size. Then only should cardio be added…
      One can get far by training at home, but then you will need some basic equipment…which also costs money.
      I am rather against paleo, banting and other similar diets that limits carb intake drastically and increase fat intake to substitute. For the body to respond for muscle growth it needs a combination of low and high Gi carbs to stimulate an insulin response under certain condition to ignite growth. Insulin is the most imprtant muscle building hormone in the body and many of these type of diets bypass carbs to a great extent making insulin response very poor.
      Check out the diets on my blog…it is the type of diets best suited for muscle growth and fat loss.
      Hope this helps buddy?
      God Bless!

  3. Gert,
    This brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome testimony! God continues daily to take these lumps of coals (the believers) and through pressure and heat (trials and tribulations of this world) forms them into diamonds! We are sooo blessed to be transformed by the renewing of the mind and all that follows after. I’m sure it took courage to bare your heart and I salute for doing so. God bless you and your family my Brother!

    1. four4Christ – brother, I thank you for your comment…you do not know how much it means to me.
      Blessings to you and your family as well.
      God is awesome!

  4. Gert, me together with you and your family praise the One and Only Supreme God for who He is. Hebrews 11:6

  5. Amen, thank you being obedient to the spirit that lives in you and posting this message. All the way from Chicago Illinois united states, I stand with you my brother in Christ! Comtinue to remain steadfast in your pursuit to bring the gospel to the world. What you do is important. Its amazing how things that used to matter, no longer hold much weight when we realize a life doing the will of God is all that matters. Acts 20:24. My prayers are with you.herscheljc@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Herschel…thank you my friend. Greetings and hugs from Cape Town! May you an your family stand strong and close to the Lord in these challenging times. Be blessed my friend. I thank you for your prayers. Gert

      1. Wow it was good to hear those words I also was touched by the Holy Ghost and I walked away I need to find my path back to the Lord and put my life in goods hands homeless with my family I pray to the Lord to help me back to the path of goodness

      2. The Holy Spirit is among us and working. Awesome to hear about your journey. Be obedient brother and let’s together praise this Almighty God which has soooo much love! I will pray for you my friend…God is calling you…you are blessed indeed! Be strong and contact me anytime. Your friend from Cape Town. Gert

  6. Thank you for sharing this story. God is truly amazing. Praise Him, always!

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E

  7. Gert thank you for sharing this with me. I needed to see this story at the exact time that you sent it. The Lord works in very mysterious ways. Just know in your heart your story has changed my life and has made me realize my purpose.


    1. Steve….I say thank you for this comment…I can just say…”thank you God for your grace and wisdom that transcends all…”
      Wish you a blessed weekend.

  8. Gert,
    Thank you for sharing your story of God’s amazing grace. Just think where we would be if it wasn’t for Grace. These are the story’s of God’s love and faithfulness that need to be shared loudly and joyfully without abandon. I do not think we will ever fully realize how much God loves us. Peace to you my brother.
    Jeff Maners
    Texas, USA

    1. Jeff…the grace of God is far beyond our comprehension…we really cannot see the end or beginning of His love and grace for us…and why? We don’t deserve it? And this is all the more reason why I stand in awe. I thank you for your comment. May God be glorified. WIsh you a blessed day my friend. Gert

  9. Hi ,

    Good Read, respect to you for posting, as I guess you’ll get some flack from this …

    Forever may your focus remain …

    I have my own issues but as a devout atheist, I’ll just have to deal with them alone …

    Good Luck


    PS , Not looking for guidance 🙂

    1. Jim…really appreciate your feedback!
      Yip, flack their will be…but the time was right and at this point I give total obedience to the Holy Spirit.
      I had to share God’s amazing things He is doing in my life…
      Wish you awesome weekend.

  10. Gert

    Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes we are awakened and given a second chance and I do believe that you have seized the opportunity offered you.

    Also, I think it is outstanding that you a man clearly way successful in your bodybuilding definitely points out that there is a spiritual side to him. It sends a clear message that it is excellent and very compatible to be both a very serious manly athlete and a believer in Jesus Christ. Society does not often see that compatibility and it needs to.

    Thank you.


    Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 09:43:14 +0000 To: jlchester@msn.com

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