Let’s talk TRT – frankly

The subject of TRT is quite the dividing subject and guys generally have pre-conceived ideas about TRT. Some of these ideas are correct, some filled with half-truths and some just plain false.

The subject of TRT is probably my most skilled area as a transformation coach for older guys. So, let me do this in a Q&A fashion with the most frequent questions guys are asking me and clearing up some of the misconceptions, half-truths and truths.

Question 1 “Should I go on TRT”?

Now guys, before you can even ask this question you need to get the facts about your blood testosterone levels. Unless you know where you stand, no one can and should answer this question for you and if they do, then they have no clue what they are talking about. I even went so far as to list home blood-work testosterone kits on my SUPPLEMENTS ORDERS page. So, you don’t even have to visit a doctor. You can just order it from that page and in the comfort of your home do the test and a few days later after you’ve mailed the envelope get the results on your phone. Alternatively, you can visit a doctor, but alas so many of them these days are so “woke”, that they don’t even want to test your levels! Wokeness and male masculinity is not on the same train! PS: I ride the masculine train! I want to be a man he is supposed to be and designed to be.

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Bottom line, only after you have the proof in your hand about what your blood TOTAL TESTOSTERONE levels are, can you start making intelligent choices about whether you should go on TRT or not.

Question 2 “Why should I even have to worry about my blood T-levels, I am healthy?!”

Three reasons.

1. If you experience any of the following symptoms and you are over 40 you should get your T-levels verified: severe depressive states, low energy, lethargic, low sex drive, impotence and not interested in sex. All of that is symptoms of Low T levels.

2. You should be aware that every year the current average 20 – y/o’s Testosterone levels are statistically significantly lower than the 20 y/o’s from the previous year. Year after year the male testosterone levels is dropping significantly. Yip, you heard right! Various science studies have confirmed this, and I already posted videos and articles in the past about this. I am not a conspiracy theory guy but the fact that this does not raise MASSIVE alarm bells with the CDC and other medical communities is crazy! Something is going on and it is being kept hush-hush.

For this reason alone, you should make sure your T-levels are in the upper regions of what is considered normal. Men are not men anymore! 

3. Guys over 40 have lowered T-levels and from 40 onwards it is dropping fast. If you want a quality older life, you MUST ensure your T-levels are healthy. At 59 I have the body of a 30-y/o, why? Because I look very well after my T-levels!

Question 3 “But my dick will shrink!”

First that is a complete misconception and have zero truth to it. No matter how much testosterone or steroids for that matter one use, your dick cannot shrink, it is not medically possible! 

But what is possible after a long period (10 years plus) of TRT use is that one’s balls can start to shrink slightly. Simply because they do not have to work so hard to produce testosterone anymore because you supply it externally. However, there are ways to deal with this fairly effectively and through my coaching I can help you manage this potential problem.

Question 4 “But it is basically steroids and unhealthy!”

Wong on both accounts. Doctors prescribed TRT is treating a serious medical condition and got nothing to do with steroids. All that TRT does is bringing your Low T levels up to healthy levels. Total T-levels min and max levels for a normal guy is 400 ng/dL to 1070 ng/dL. You should aim to have it between 800 ng/dL to 1070 ng/dL.

But when you start exceeding your dosage that the doctor prescribed, then you move into juicing territory.

Sticking to the prescribed dosage is anything but unhealthy. In fact, it will help treating your depressive states, lifting your mood, give you more energy and a healthier sex drive and help prevent ED and it will even help protecting your heart. Remember guys, testosterone is as natural to a man’s body than water is. You NEED it to survive!

Question 5 “But what about all these wonder pills on the internet that can raise my T-levels?”

Dude, those are scams! NONE of that is working and they use skewed science and stolen before and after photos to try a proof an unprovable point. There is only one way to do this, via the T-MANAGEMENT planwhich is based in science. It gives you the step-by-step approach to try and resolve low T levels naturally.

Get YOUR question featured in the next “Let’s talk TRT” video

Drop any question you have related to TRT and I will do my best to include it in the next “Let’s talk TRT” video.

The coaching system I do for novice older guys (ADVANCED SYSTEM II) includes the full T-management system. Have a look here for more information:  https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-secrets/

Train wise guys but do not let misconceptions misguide you!Gert Louw from Cape Town…signing off

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  1. Hi Gert, great to have your regular updates, and especially the TRT issue, I’ve been sitting on the fence for a while. As I understand it once you start using exogenous testosterone, your body shuts down the natural production, does this mean that you will have to use injections for the rest of your life? Some of the side effects require HCG and other blockers to maintain the correct T levels, so I assume would require continual monitoring and tweaking of the dosage and supplementary items? What happens if you stop or can’t get supply?

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