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SOCIAL MEDIA photos Aug 2021 to Jan 2022

SOCIAL MEDIA photos Feb 2021 to July 2021


SOCIAL MEDIA photos Jan 2021

SOCIAL MEDIA photos last part of 2020


SOCIAL MEDIA photos 1st half 2020

Photos Jan 2020


Photos – Nov 2019 


Photoshoot in May 2019 (at 55 yrs)


Motivational photos – early 2017


 Just before 2017

July 2016 – Hitting age 52!


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Selfie’s 26 April 2016


Photoshoot – 1 April 2016 (age 51)

Gert Louw LEGSb

Gert Louw MOTIVATION 10c


Gert Louw Motivation 15 SMALLB

Photoshoot – Sept 2014 (age 50)

Gert Louw 1Gert Louw 2 Gert Louw 3 Gert Louw 4 Gert Louw 5 Gert Louw 6 Gert Louw 7 Gert Louw 8 Gert Louw 9


Photoshoot – Aug 2015 (Age 51)

GertLouw3small GertLouw9Small GertLouw10Small GertLouw11Small GertLouw12Small gertlouw13small GertLOuw15Small GertLouw16Small GertLouw16Small-1 GertLouw17Small GertLouw18small GertLouw20Small GertLouw21Small GertLouw22Small GertLouw23Smallb GertLouw25Small GertLouw31Small GertLouw33Small GertLouw36Small GertLouw39Small GertLouw40Small GertLouwSmall50



Gert Pool 2Gert06 Gert01-1 gert03-1 gert 01 gert facebook profile pic gert05-1 gert07bGert COVERGert03gert 0Gert Louw MUGG SHOT small.jogGertLouw9absgert30000gert0000gert avatargert flex whitecx EXTRA SMALLgert2gert smallgert smallgert3gert3gert000gert smallgert2smallgertxbgert0gert bicepgert3gert one arm flexgert 0gert beachgertLouw100GertLouw103GertLouw104GertLouw106gert 18gert cricketGert Louw 17Facebook Profile pic without text

Inspirational Photos:

Gert Louw100b GertLouw1 Small GertLouw2Small GertLouw3Small GertLouw4Small GertLouw5Small GertLouw6Small GertLouw7Small GertLouw8Small GertLouw9Small GertLouw10Small GertLouw11Small GertLouw12Small GertLouw13Small GertLouw14Small GertLouw15Small GertLouw17Small GertLouw18Small GertLouw19Small GertLouw20Small-1 GertLouw31Small GertLouw32Small GertLouw34Small GertLouw35Small GertLouw36Small GertLouw41Small GertLouw52Small GertLouw53Small GertLouw54Small GertLouw55Small GertLouw57Large GertLouw58Large