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SOCIAL MEDIA photos Jan 2021

SOCIAL MEDIA photos last part of 2020


SOCIAL MEDIA photos 1st half 2020

Photos Jan 2020


Photos – Nov 2019 


Photoshoot in May 2019 (at 55 yrs)


Motivational photos – early 2017


 Just before 2017

July 2016 – Hitting age 52!


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Selfie’s 26 April 2016


Photoshoot – 1 April 2016 (age 51)

Gert Louw LEGSb

Gert Louw MOTIVATION 10c


Gert Louw Motivation 15 SMALLB

Photoshoot – Sept 2014 (age 50)

Gert Louw 1Gert Louw 2 Gert Louw 3 Gert Louw 4 Gert Louw 5 Gert Louw 6 Gert Louw 7 Gert Louw 8 Gert Louw 9


Photoshoot – Aug 2015 (Age 51)

GertLouw3small GertLouw9Small GertLouw10Small GertLouw11Small GertLouw12Small gertlouw13small GertLOuw15Small GertLouw16Small GertLouw16Small-1 GertLouw17Small GertLouw18small GertLouw20Small GertLouw21Small GertLouw22Small GertLouw23Smallb GertLouw25Small GertLouw31Small GertLouw33Small GertLouw36Small GertLouw39Small GertLouw40Small GertLouwSmall50



Gert Pool 2Gert06 Gert01-1 gert03-1 gert 01 gert facebook profile pic gert05-1 gert07bGert COVERGert03gert 0Gert Louw MUGG SHOT small.jogGertLouw9absgert30000gert0000gert avatargert flex whitecx EXTRA SMALLgert2gert smallgert smallgert3gert3gert000gert smallgert2smallgertxbgert0gert bicepgert3gert one arm flexgert 0gert beachgertLouw100GertLouw103GertLouw104GertLouw106gert 18gert cricketGert Louw 17Facebook Profile pic without text

Inspirational Photos:

Gert Louw100b GertLouw1 Small GertLouw2Small GertLouw3Small GertLouw4Small GertLouw5Small GertLouw6Small GertLouw7Small GertLouw8Small GertLouw9Small GertLouw10Small GertLouw11Small GertLouw12Small GertLouw13Small GertLouw14Small GertLouw15Small GertLouw17Small GertLouw18Small GertLouw19Small GertLouw20Small-1 GertLouw31Small GertLouw32Small GertLouw34Small GertLouw35Small GertLouw36Small GertLouw41Small GertLouw52Small GertLouw53Small GertLouw54Small GertLouw55Small GertLouw57Large GertLouw58Large