Intermittent Fasting – think before you leap!

intermittent Fasting – think before you try!


The following quote from one of the my clients about his experience with intermittent fasting summarize my whole point about the Intermittent Fasting craze that is currently sweeping the muscle-building fraternity: “My belief, and my naturapath’s belief is that intermittent fasting downgraded my metabolism and thus now going back to normal eating, my body thinks I’m getting too many calories for it’s new low need.”

The bottom line is,  it cannot be denied that some competing athletes had great success to get shredded by using Intermittent Fasting as a tool in their arsenal.

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What 99% of the people seem to forget is that the people who apply intermittent Fasting are experts in their field who know exactly what they are doing. When someone who is a casual bodybuilder applies IF, the results are most of the time less than desirable. However, there are always the exceptions, I’ll admit that.

But few casual bodybuilders (meaning non-competitive athletes) go to the extreme levels of measuring, monitoring and analyzing everything. These competing guys do regular fat caliper, weighing scale, tape measurements and body water content checks to see (sometimes on a daily basis) the effect their past 24 hours diet approach had on their body. Those are the people who usually get success, because they are to the extreme in touch with every aspect of their body and manage everything in the finest detail.

But the casual lifter just want to look better and do what he does for enjoyment. The dedication is not NEARLY on the level that is required for one to apply something like Intermittent Fasting successfully.

I am not saying IF does not work, not at all, I am saying don’t expect to use a tool an expert use and apply it in a casual fashion and think it will work as effectively as it work for them.

For the non-competitive athlete using IF, it usually spells disaster = less muscles + more body fat, simply because when not applying correctly IF will very easily result the body to enter a “famine mode” whereby it thinks it is in a famine environment. And this means the body will do everything to ensure it can survive as long, thus lowering the metabolism drastically. It will also prefer to use energy from muscles (Glutamine, Glycogen) which usually result in smaller muscles while the body will protect it’s bodyfat storage at all costs to ensure it has what it takes to outlive the famine period it thinks it ‘s detected. With end result loosing muscles and very little bodyfat. This is the last thing you want to happen!

Let’s look at some of the negatives of intermittent Fasting

  1. interference with the SOCIAL aspect of eating
  2. Getting hungry, low energy and unproductive
  3. Fasting = binge
  4. Digestion Issues
  5. Unclear impact on heart
  6. Is is NOT for everyone
  7. Potential long-term health consequences (especially women)
  8. Potential weight gain
  9. Lowered metabolism

Off course there are some really interesting benefits to IF (like cognitive and body rejuvenation aspects) but with the risks especially when you do not have the dedication and time to perform the necessary body monitoring, my advice to you is to rather stick to a tried and tested lifestyle approach and nutrition to reach your success with a standard 14 day body monitoring approach to keep the diet calories aligned to your unique metabolism and leave the tricks of the trade like intermittent Fasting to those that are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to make it work, like the competing athletes as a short-term trick to get shredded..

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As you can recall in my previous video I made a specific point that the truth to reaching success is not held by a single method or person but that many road leads to success because of our diversity with regards to genetics, lifestyle and beliefs systems. But what I am preaching is specific to the guy over 40 who have a job, family and many obligations to fulfill. He is not a competing athlete and never will be. He wants the safest quickest and healthiest road to success. For such people, intermittent Fasting is a risky tool better left alone. And this is where my ADVANCED SYSTEM II comes in to provide you with that total, safe and healthy approach to reach success:

Wish you all happy training!

Gert Louw


4 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting – think before you leap!

  1. Hi Gert,

    Its Domenic, I contacted you last year and got a program from you, thank you. Just thought I would update you on my progress. if you recall I had a left rotator injury. I stuck to your routine for about three months, I gained weight from 83kg to 92kg, but increased my fat levels from 16% to 21% so really had little additional muscle mass. I also aggravated the rotator to the point that I had to stop training altogether and could not sleep because of the pain. I did a Testosterone test which came back as low average.

    I recessed my training program and diet 5 months ago, after my shoulder felt better, and changed my routine and diet completely. (I am a food tech just to remember) I used Intermittent fasting for years when I was doing competitive Karate, some 30 years ago, so I am familiar with the concept and it’s not a new fad. I went on a strict ketogenic diet, did the worrier diet 20hrs fasting 4hr eating window. I changed my routine to strong lift 5×5 (3 days week)with isolation exercise on the fourth day. I dropped my fat from 22% to 12% and increased my test stone by 58% blood test.

    I am squatting 110kg 5×5, 145kg dead lift and 50kg overhead press, bench 75kg 5×5 I haven’t done a I rep max but I suspect it would be 20% above these weights. I train fasted at the 18-20 hour stage prior to eating. My macros are 78% fat, 19-20% protein and 2-5% carbs. Lots of avocado, greens and homemade bone broth I feel great. my weight has gone down to 83kgs but I am much stronger with a defined six pack. initially as the fat was coming off I reduced chest size from 43 – 42″ but it has now gone back up to 44″ the squat has been a major eye opener for me, battled with 65kg now I can’t even feel that weight. I do ATG on squats now problem. I only use WPI in my fast break, 4 raw eggs, 40g kale, 30g wpi, 265g heavy cream, 5g creatin, 5g glutamine. I also use your amino blend every day. The only negative is the amount of bench and overhead press weight, I was stronger on a standard diet on these two compound movements. but it’s still early days. I have just increased my calories from 2200 to 2800 to increase muscle growth. Will keep you posted.

    Keep posting brother I appreciate all your efforts

    God Bless, Kind regards, Domenic

    1. Domenic – good to hear from you brother!
      Yeah I remember and know that rotator cuffs can be bad news…I had my fair shair of them.
      But wow buddy…I am so proud of your progress…you are really putting an effort into this and you take action on every stumbling block to get it out of the way and that is what I love about you. THAT is how one get success. Because there are ALWAYS many stumbling blocks and we as humans so love to use that as the excuse why we cannot get success. You say “mo wayz” and you FIND a way of MAKING IT HAPPEN. Keep doing it brother and keep me posted.
      Be blessed.

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