The program I am following for my transformation over 40 is available now customized for you on many levels (both in a male or female version). Every little secret, every hard earned practical fact, every scientific study that actually support the (very) few supplements between all the thousand ridiculous advertisement claims have been filtered en incorporated into one system that MAKES A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE for the older guy, and well even have great advantages for the young guy!


It is a rather extensive system which is a complete blueprint from ALL ANGLES to transform the body in a systematic and healthy approach limiting injuries.

Widely considered as the most extensive and thorough system available.

Here is a bit more about the system (unfortunately money involved because significant time is spend on each system to adapt and design it for your bodytype, age, history, goals, etc…):


  1. PEP TALK!
  2. Overview of your lifestyle situation with guidance as to the lifestyle changes required.
  3. A photo analysis of your body, genetic transformation potential and expected medium to long-term progression path. 
  4. A photo analysis indicating your weak and strong areas/muscle development.
  5. Results of the body analysis incorporated in your Building and Cutting Training programs.
  6. Detailed plan on how to create the environment for muscle growth, especially for the older individual.
  7. One of the most advanced systems available for training specific to your goals, age and genetic potential.
  8. A detailed 4-day diet sample CUTTING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  9. A detailed 4-day diet sample BUILDING PHASE DIET provided with full breakdown in calories per meal regarding protein/fat/carbs including daily totals and weekly totals.
  10. A monitoring method is provided and also the means to adapt the diet specifically for your body to reach the sweet spot where muscles are build and fat coming off. A detailed discussion on what to do, how to do it – regarding the process to adjust diet to reach your bodies “sweet spot”.
  11. A method provided to exchange food within the diet to allow for your likes/dislikes.
  12. Advanced supplements usage (supported by science) to reach your goals (including coaching on “safe” anabolic steroid use if so required).
  13. A BUILDING PHASE TRAINING chart / CUTTING PHASE TRAINING chart provided for easy printout.
  14. Each exercise’s photo provided showing the beginning and end of exercise technique.
  15. A detailed discussion on training principles and how to incorporate it into your training to produce maximum results.
  16. For men only: A thorough and insightful action plan for the older guy to deal with any ED issues or problems.
  17. Unlimited follow-up/support emails allowed within first 6 months month.
  18. A questionnaire must be completed and 1 front photo (only shorts/boxers on – highly confidential) and 1 back photo must be provided.  (Questionnaire will be emailed within 24hrs after payment received)

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Those that want to talk to me face-to-face to find out more about the system, I am available on Skype. Please bear in mind that due to call volume, I can only take calls from clients serious about the system and please also consider the timezone differences – I am from Cape Town, South Africa (so if 2pm here then 8am in USA). Always best to email me first to try and coordinate call time:


What you can expect from the ADVANCED SYSTEM II?

  1. Identification of your weak areas (lacking muscle groups) – front and back
  2. Discussion on how to correct it. Also worked into the training system to focus on the weak areas.
  3. A similar genetic match to your body and the progress path you can expect over the next 3-6 years.
  4. A point by point answering section where I give you feedback on various answers you provided in the questionnaire.
  5. A large section discussing body-types and the diet aspects and also a method on how you can scientifically monitor the bodies reaction to the diet and fine tuning the diet to get to the sweet-spot (where u lose only fat and no muscles).
  6. A detailed discussion on what a building and what a cutting phase training regime looks like and also how to adapt your training for each phase.
  7. Addendum on caloric values of each food type item to allow you to change the menu so it does not become too boring!
  8. A addendum on training principles so that you can keep your training program changing.
  9. All in all just under 100 pages of the most advanced customised blue print to get that WOW physique!

Any questions, feel free to email me at:

Wish you all happy transforming

Gert Louw

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