Award received – “Best mens lifestyle and fitness coach – 2023” by GHP International for innovation and expertise as a coach.

Introducing version 2.0

Gert Louw at age 59, the creator of the ADVANCED SYSTEM II v2.0

Ignite Your Transformation: Advanced System II Version 2.0 for Men

Experience an extraordinary body transformation with Advanced System II Version 2.0. Designed for distinguished gentlemen, this cutting-edge coaching system unlocks your strength, vitality, and confidence.

Led by expert coaches, including Gert Louw, embark on a tailored journey of rejuvenation. Targeted workouts, personalized nutrition, and scientific strategies sculpt your physique and optimize your health.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to renewed energy and resilience. Embrace a lifestyle integrating fitness, nutrition, and well-being. Discover secrets to sustainable weight management, muscle toning, and enhanced vitality.

Join esteemed men embracing their potential with Advanced System II Version 2.0. Redefine aging gracefully and radiate confidence.

Contact us at to ignite your transformation. Unleash your strength with Advanced System II Version 2.0.

Secure your spot now and unleash your best self.

Total System price: $195 US. To signup – CLICK HERE


More about the ADVANCED SYSTEM II v2.0 (gym edition)

  • This system is specifically designed for men over the age of 40, offering exceptional results.
  • It is tailored to your body and goals, providing customization on multiple levels.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive package of 11 files, covering everything you need.
  • We’ll provide an in-depth overview of your lifestyle, along with guidance on necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Through a photo analysis, we’ll evaluate your body, genetic transformation potential, and expected progression over the medium to long term.
  • The photo analysis will also highlight your weak and strong areas of muscle development.
  • The results of the body analysis will be integrated into your Building and Cutting Training programs.
  • You’ll receive a detailed plan on how to create an optimal environment for muscle growth, taking into account the unique needs of the older individual.
  • This system is one of the most advanced available, specifically designed to address your goals, age, and genetic potential.
  • Included is a complete 45FCC (45-day Focused Cutting cycle) plan, focused on rapid fat loss.
  • We’ll provide you with a detailed stretching routine to enhance flexibility and prevent injuries.
  • You’ll receive a 4-day sample diet plan for both the Cutting and Building phases, complete with calorie breakdowns for protein, fat, and carbs, including daily and weekly totals.
  • We’ll guide you on monitoring and adapting the diet to reach the ideal “sweet spot” where muscle is built and fat is shed, addressing the specific needs of your body.
  • You’ll also have the flexibility to exchange foods within the diet to accommodate your personal preferences.
  • Advanced supplements, supported by scientific research, will be recommended to help you achieve your goals.
  • Customized training charts for the Building and Cutting phases will be provided for easy reference and printing.
  • Each exercise will be visually demonstrated with photos, illustrating the proper technique from start to finish.
  • We’ll provide a detailed discussion on training principles and how to incorporate them effectively to maximize your results.
  • Included in the program is a comprehensive T-Management plan to naturally boost your testosterone levels.
  • You’ll have the benefit of unlimited follow-up emails within the signup month for ongoing support.
  • Upon payment, we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete, along with a request for one confidential front photo (wearing only shorts/boxers) and one back photo. The questionnaire will be emailed to you once payment is received.

Payment options – $195 US

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Note: After purchase please send a courtesy email to with payment proof of signup.

Any questions, feel free to email me at:

Wish you all happy transforming

Gert Louw

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64 thoughts on “ADVANCED SYSTEM II

  1. Hi Gert,

    Awesome “getting started” video/advice. Thank you for all you DO! Advanced System II sounds awesome BUT do you have a program for beginners that can be purchased?

    -Gary 57, (Dallas TX USA)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Nah man, the ADVANCED SYSTEM II has been designed to take you from zero to hero. All is explained in excruciating detail. The system is comprehensive and covers all angles for the older body to transform and lose fat. I even look at some bloodwork to ensure everything (including T levels is optimal). For example all training show detailed photos of the beginning and end of each move with links to videos for execution. It is the final system you will ever need…that I can promise you…but (!) it does take hard work.

  2. Hello Gert, i was wondering if the Advance System 2 price of $165.00 is a one time fee or a monthly fee. I tryed to find it on the site but no luck. I would very much appreciate if you would please let me know. I am 51yrs old and i need to start loosing fat and working on my belly fat. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hi Alfred the $165 (Advanced System II) price is a once off prize and with that I give 6 months support for queries and questions and also help to interpret bloodwork lab reports for you.

  3. Cost of monthly supplements? I am 64 years old playing tennis 5-6 days/week. I had my hip replaced 7 months ago and that’s not keeping me down. I’m having laminectomy at 3 levels in my back in 2 months but still want to be able to play tennis 5-6 days/week

    1. Larry, supplments can cost an arm and leg! Impoprtant is to always see it in the right light. Diet = 80%, Training =15%, Supplements = less than 5%. That (!) is the weight you need to give to each aspect. Thus, due to the impact supplements have it most of the time does not make sense to pay so much money. If the diet is sharp and healthy, that is 80% won!

  4. Hey Gert Bart from Brooklyn Ny
    I’m 54 and train total body 3 days a week I’ve progressed very well but feel like I’ve plateaued my sessions last 1 and 1/2 hr to 2 hours am I overtraining

  5. Hi Gert…Francois here from South Africa but living in abu you have any videos on how many reps and exercises should you do per week per muscle doing the push pull legs routine…just wondering if there is such a thing of over training. Thank you

    1. Hmmm, Francois – good idea for future video! But absolutely…overtraining is one of the biggest enemies for the over 40 guy. Due to less testosterone and HGH in our blood it means recuperation and muscle/joint repair time takes significantly longer than a 20 y/o. And then we still need to allow time for growth! So 4-5 days training a week not longer than 60 min in gym. 3-4 sets per exercise. 2-3 Exercises per muscle group. Usually two muscle groups per day with abs or calves after that. Watch out for future video. All of this is discussed in detail in my ADVANCED SYSTEM II.
      Lekker dag maat.

  6. Hey Gert! It may sound funny to some of the people reading this but I believe that God led me to this site. I have been praying for the Lord to lead me on this path to better health and I have been patiently waiting for this moment. The second you started speaking in your inspirational video (that I just watched) I knew that he had set you in my path. It was like you were talking directly to me. My name is Josh and I’m an Acute dialysis nurse. I am 41 and have spent much of the last 10 years caring for others and have really let myself go. I have had it brother. It’s time to change. I was very athletic prior to that and enjoyed life to the fullest. I want desperately to bring that guy back to life for myself and for my wife and children. I’m going to discuss it with my wife in the morning and we’ll go from there. For the first time in years I am motivated to make this TRANSFORMATION! Thanks brother and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    1. No Josh it does not sound funny at all. I’ve walk this road now for 14 years and found time on time when I place my trust in faith in the Lord things start falling into plan. Maybe not the plan I had but the plan God had for me and this plan is always waay better than my wildest dreams. So may God bless your journey brother. LOTS of info on my site to help you on your journey. Spend time there and MAKE IT HAPPEN. The peace of Christ be with you…

  7. Does this program include any one on one comsultation with you? Or is only the workbook? I am looking forward to learning more! Tony

    1. Tony it is a blueprint workbook from this point forward customised for your body. But for 6 months you have unlimited access for support to me via email. Skype is not completely out but always very difficult to find timeslots due to my location (South Africa) and my business and family obligations.

  8. Hello name is Jay I’m very interested in your program because I have lawn care business and I’m very out of shape sometimes I’m just to tired to go to work so if u could email me more information I would really appreciate it……thanks

    1. Just emailed you Jose –
      Thanks for inquiring.
      The quick description and signup link here:

      The main aspect of the system is that it is designed for the older guy and take everything into account when one is over 40 and even over 50.
      It is unlike other systems and not just a training and diet program but a complete blueprint ensuring EVERYTHING is correctly in place.
      It is extensive and about 75 pages of customised detailed information in a step by step fashion to get you to your goalpost and beyond. It is by far the most comprehensive of it’s kind out there.
      It is off-course also the system I am using myself.

      If you still have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
      Wish you an awesome day!
      Gert Louw

  9. I am interested in your system. I’m healing from a ahold injury. I’m hope the beginning of next month I can start lifting on it again. That will be when I want to get started.

    1. Hi Shawn, awesome buddy! Just take it slow and make sure you heal well. When ready let me know and we can get the ball rolling. Wish u awesome day and quick healing! Gert

  10. Hello sir, my name is Warren Voliton and I’m interested in your program, currently I’m working at UPS in my area and my day is long and hard sometimes which makes lifting heavy very difficult, can you still help me with my goal?

  11. Hello my name is samuel, 46 years old, i suffered a stroke last year, and looking at your videos i found a motivation, to start doing something this year,, i thought everything was finishes for me but, i think is just is starting, thanks for the videos and motivation.

    1. Samuel…my friend so glad to hear your positivity. 2019 – MAKE IT HAPPEN buddy! LOTS of free info in my site to help you and let me know if u ever want to sign up for the ADVANCED SYSTEM II. God bless you my friend. How do they say…”What does not kill you makes you stronger”. That I can testify too!

  12. Hello Gertlow, is there a price difference between the basic transformation program and the my secrets II, programs

    1. Hey buddy. The ADVANCED SYSTEM II is designed for the natural guy (steroid free). I myself follow it and I myself do not use anabolic steroids. But I do provide coaching for the guys who WANT to use steroids…rather help them making safe decisions and effective than destroying their health.
      Wish u a great day. G.

    1. Hey buddy. The ADVANCED SYSTEM II is designed for the natural guy (steroid free). I myself follow it and I myself do not use anabolic steroids. But I do provide coaching for the guys who WANT to use steroids…rather help them making safe decisions and effective than destroying their health.
      Wish u a great day. G.

  13. Hi Gert,

    Great, great stuff – thank you for so freely sharing all that you have learned through your videos and website! I think I can piece enough together to make a go (as signing up is not thr ol’ budget) but can you please share the macro ratio you favor or is it more complex than a fixed ratio for all body types and/or fitness levels?

    Also, what have you seen regarding reduction of the dreaded double chin? I’m 57 and have had good success losing weight & building muscle at a slow but satisfactory rate (although what I’ve learned from you already is going to help me dial things in much better) but I’m curious if as my bodyfat level drops, if this area of my body (chin/neck that is) will recover a more youthful look (as my abs and love handle areas have)?

    Lastly, love and completely agree with your minimal use of supplements but curious your take on melatonin (as it relates to helping one get rest)?

    Thanks and blessings on ALL you set your hands to do,


    1. Hi Will – thanks for the kind words brother! The macro ratio I support for best result in health and building a fit muscled body is 40/30/30 protein/carbs/fat. It can go down to 30/30/40 but not lower than that.
      Double chin…eish feel for you brother…just one of the things many of us have to face as we get older. Although I do not see it as a solution, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps keeping the skin firm and young looking. Enough filtered water (glass every hour) will also help a lot for good skin. But in the end it is all about loosing unnecessary fat. When loose skin is the problem, then small surgery might be the only solution.
      Melatonin – an absolute YES from me. A underrated hormone that helps the body on many levels including sleep. Older people especially can benefit by bedtime regular use.
      Blessings for you and your loved ones Will!

  14. Wou al laas jaar vir jou Kom kuier maar my tyd was beperk. Stel belang. Was in tussen motorongeluk en Wil weer in shape Kom. Dankie!!

    1. August, ja jong die lewe gooi maar curveballe na ons jong. Net bly jy is beter en goed deur alles gekom. Fit kon altyd sooo anders gewees het! Sal awesome wees om jou te ontmoet…laat weet as jy hier onder in Kaap is ( dan kan ons dinge aan die gang kry. Ek het darem spesiale prys vir locals – R1700 vir die volledige customised system. Geseende dag maat!

  15. Hi Gert .
    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and must say that you are very inspiring !
    I’ve spent most my life being very active in sports and my body being tone decently (not big, but strong for sport I would play((basketball , track n field)) ). I started a business in 2004 and had a child , ive focused so much with business. I just didn’t have time to exercise. Now with my daughter being older and I’m making myself have time to do things. I decided to get back into eating healthy and into weight lifting. This time around I want to get big. And was worried about age if was possible. But seeing you , I know it’s possible.
    So saying all that. In your program , are you able to work with diabetics ? I’m type 1 diabetic (I take insulin shots). My shots are based around carb counts of foods.

    1. Hey Mat thanks man! Dorry for the delayed response….had a inbox meltdown the past 3 weeks due to just too many (!) incoming messages! But all under control now. I absolutely understand your situation. Me and wife also got medium size business and when my son was born 11 years ago, my gym time and focus took a dive for nearly 3 years! It is just inevitable. But as soon as they hit round 3 things slowly start getting back to normal again. It helped a lot during that time that I had a “gymroom” at house. You did not say how old you are? but if anything below 80 (yes 80!) then there is much hope! I’ve seen 77 y/o kicking 20 y/o gym guys asses! If the blood testosterone levels are healthy there is absolutely nothing standing in your way to build a great body. The system is very diabetic friendly especially the diet section. Off course you will have to get your doctor to sign off on the diet and system just to be on the safe side but I have many clients who is diabetics and following the system with much success. The only (?) problem might be the banana after training? But that is a small problem to overcome. So Mat let me know if you want to get the ball rolling! Wish you awesome day. G.

  16. With this program do you also offer meal plans? I’ve been lifting for almost two years and I just can’t lose the stubborn body fat around the love handle area and chest. I can’t get my chest to develop the way I’d like it to look. There’s so many gimmicks and blown up hyping sites and yours seems to me to be legit.
    I train hard but I’m just not seeing the gains and trimming I’m wanting. I do drink occasionally which I know may be contributing to the stubborn fat loss process but I do diet pretty well. I start intermittent fasting a month ago, but I’ve lost no weight at all. I’m 6’4 and 235lbs. I lost a total of 85lbs back in 2015 put some back on but accompanied with muscle. I’m hoping to look better at 44 years old, I am ready for the next phase.

    1. Hi Tico,
      Yes the ADVANCED SYSTEM II comes with detailed meal plans and also a system on how to manipulate and change them. The problem older guys is facing is that EVERYTHING must be 100% in place to allow there body to respond optimally. They do not have the test and HGH blood levels they had in their youth so for the body to respond effectively not even one thing must be missing. And this is where the ADVANCED SYSTEM II comes in. It actually ensures that everything is correctly in place and it is then when the body starts respond optimally. So if you want to move forward just signup at: – then we can get the ball rolling.

  17. Hi Gert, I have contacted you before but never moved forward, though I need to really consider coaching from someone closer to my age.
    Quick question, do you provide macros to work with foods we enjoy or do your plans tell us to eat specific foods??

    1. Hi Kevin – Anytime brother! In the system there is a detailed breakdown of the food plan with meal suggestions and with each meal the breakdown in calories and which percentage is protein/carbs/fat of the meal content. So you can easily exchange food items within those constraints or just choose to follow the simple sample menu plans. What is critical though is that you MUST adjust the food plan as per instructions in the system to align it correctly for your unique metabolism. This is when the magic starts to happen. Hoep this answers your question? If you want to move forward you can just signup at:

  18. Hey Brother Gert greetings from Los Angeles Ca. USA , I’m a subscriber to your youtube channel and i must say very inspiring 👍… I’m 45 & train 4-5 times a week & doing intermittent fasting but i can’t hit my goal in getting the WOW physique & that 6pk that us 40yrs plus guys soo often covet , can you help me my brother ? Stay Blessed my brother 👍

    1. Hey Hollywood! Truly thank you for your kind feedback brother. Hmmm…lot of potential issues that needs addressing. Although some are getting great results with IF it simply is just NOT for everyone…you might be one that benefit from a more traditional and focussed approach specific to your goals. Plus one need certain supplements to get to the goal. Also the training program need to have a very specific approach to stimulate the body correctly for growth. When all is in place the body always responds in kind. Lastly just make sure your blood testosterone levels are healthy. If not it will have major implications. Truly wish you success buddy! G.

  19. Hi Gert
    May GOD Bless you and your family, and thank you for putting this program together, I’ve just learned of your program thru a friend. I’m 58 yoa and I see that you have the advanced system ll, question is there an advanced system l. Also I drive a truck for a living and I’m home very often and I’m able to get to a gym, however when not home are there exercises in your system that can be done with out the use of actual weights.

    1. Hi Ed,
      Thanks for the blessings brother and back at you and your loved ones!
      58…well only 5 more than me.
      This is WELL within the scope of still being able to make grand changes to your body. I have worked with guys deep into their 70’s that have made incredible changes.
      As long as it is not the norm but the exception, one can do a set of exercises away from home that is bodyweight based with minimal equipment (easy enough to take in truck – rubbermat, exercise ball and medicine ball) that can be done for 20 min per day to maintain.
      When you order the system just please mention this again so I can include it in the system.
      To get the ball rolling just signup at:
      Wish u an awesome day!
      Gert Louw

  20. Hi Gert

    First and foremost God Bless and stay blessed, i have been following you on your youtube channel and i am impressed. I am 43 and have been training on and off for some years now and have followed various training programs but have never quite had the best outcome especially with defining my body i would like to try your advanced training system…Mike frm Zimbabwe

    1. Hi MIchael, Thanks for the blessings brother and always awesome to meet fellow Africans. 43 = perfect age for great transformation. yip before 40 I had the same problem, training on and off but never got anywhere until after 40 I seriously got my act together and made it a total attack on every level…thus my system. Then things start changing. To take the next step, just signup at

  21. Hey Gert,

    Are you still offering transformation training? I’m 42 years old and pretty active. I do Crossfit on a regular basis but have a desk job during the day. I have decent definition but I’m struggling to get that lean muscle look and that 10% body fat goal. Just want to know if this system can help me get there.


    1. Hi Steve – yes absolutely! WHat the system is about is to make sure you sidestep all the errors people are making in the quest for muscles and to create the environment for the body to grow and lose fat. Obviously your dedication will play a big part but this is the system I am using and which has produce the results for me and many, many others. Let me know if you want to move forward…

      1. Hey Gert, yes, very much interested. Can you give me some advice on how to get started? I know how to exercise, but I really struggle with getting my diet/exercise routine in check to make muscle gains while keeping fat down.

  22. Hi Gert,

    Would love to try your system at age 44. However, I have this viewpoint (and I will be happy to change it – that’s why I am writing to you) that these things only work for you if you had good build as a youth, and therefore are now merely ‘catching up’ with where you were 20 or 30 years ago. But if you never had a good physique and muscular build, it won’t work.

    Can this be true?

    I am willing to do whatever it takes to get to the point you are. But I have to get my mindset and expectation right, first.



    1. Jesse, about myself. Although I was never overweight I also never had a great body or muscles. That only started happening after 40 when I started to get my act together. I was never even close to be considered one of the jocks in school/college. But to answer your questions: Although there is a definate thing like “muscle memory” that play a role in someone who had great shape in some point in his life, MANY guys have shown that it IS possible to obtain incredible shape even if you had none in the past or when you were young. It is the same with many star athletes. They are less genetically gifted than other athletes but simply put in more effort and thus rise above those who had all the gifts. The crown belong to those that work hard to get it and do not rely on their genetic makeup or gifts. I have seen this over and over…Wish you a blessed weekend! G.

  23. Gert I have been following you on YouTube for guidance and inspiration and not only do I feel like I know you but I am very impressed by your humbleness and sincerity I finally decided to order your advanced system II and I can’t wait to make a transformation similar to yours and I think it would be great to meet you one day. I just want to say Thank You and I’m excited for what lies ahead . Charles “Mike” Cody oh and by the way I am 63

    1. Hi Charles…thank you for the kind words my friend!
      Got your signup thanks and just emailed you the questionnaire to get the ball rolling.
      63…man ripe young age…much have been achieved by guys deep into their 70’s with transforming the body!
      As long as your recipe avoids all the mistakes and is geared to growth and fatloss with wisdom built into it for the older guy, then nothing stops you!
      Have a blessed week my friend.
      Gert Louw

  24. Love the video, and the way you explain your knowledge and your understanding., I am 67, very active, I workout 3 times a week. I use a juicer, you gave little more to think in . Do you think your program fit my age? What is your bio- sterio you recommend.

    1. Thanks for the comment Cornelius. I’ve seen guys close to 80 who have gone through a incredible transformation. The body is and awesome machine which WILL respond with the right stimulus and input. Yes my system would still be very (!) usefull at your age. One of the very few systems specifically developed for the older individual.

  25. I only have minimal equipment, bench, barbell and Dumbells. I have a lot of weights, including kettlebells but no machines at all. I don’t want a program that will ask me to use machines I do not have. Another thing I want to ask, most of us don’t have the luxury to eat every 3 hours, we only get half an hour for lunch at our jobs, will your diet plan work for us? Are meals easy to make? I want chep and easy lol!! Can I still do it without machines? I appreciate all the information you give us on your videos. I’m really thinking about the investment but only if it’s going to work for me.
    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Ray,
      Frequent meals plays an important role in preventing hunger pains and keeping the base metabolic rate high amongst just some of the benefits. Meals can easily be replaced with a protein shake which takes 2 min or less to make and drink.
      Regarding the equipment. No machines required but must have’s are: squat rack, bench press (flat and incline), appropriate benches (seated, flat and incline), standing calve raise with weights, barbell’s and dumbbells, wide grip pull up, leg press.
      If the above criteria is met then the ADVANCED SYSTEM II is the way to go. Wish u a blessed day. G.

  26. Thanks for the way u really explain the workout. u buildup u er self Wich I really admire with u er onest explanation. I am 50 years old who train 6days a week with heavyweight lifting Wich I really enjoyed but my problem is I don’t have any coaching system Wich I can use to become like u and I don’t have that fasilaty like u have becouse I am African who leaves in kenya and I don’t have like anyone I can go to. But I have moral to become healthy and fit I hope u can Atleast consider to help me with plan I can use to become like u thanks.

    1. Yes it most certainly will. However the vegan/vegetarian diet template I currently have available was originally designed for a male. But the same apply to a woman. I provide a detailed explanation how the diet must be manipulated through 14 day monitoring to ensure that it is correctly aligned for your body. With this 14 day alignment process the diet should work perfectly for you. I have coached many women in the past.

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