My 5 guiding principles for success in life for the fitness minded older guy


I have done quite a few videos about my top 10 life points and 12 points to a successful  transformation but in this video I am going to give you my top 5 guiding rules that I have in place to guide me to success in my life. 

Without these guiding rules I would not be even close to where I am today.

Guiding rule 1 – my faith

I know, many will lift an eyebrow here and see it as not politically correct to even mention faith or religion in this type of videos. But the bottom line is, I am quite a bastard at the core of things. If it was not for my faith, I would be a very different man to what I am today. My connecting with Jesus Christ every day, keep me on the road of bettering myself. It is what helps me every day to face life with renewed hope.

Without this no.1 guiding principle I most definitely would not be where I am today and would be a completely different person. So those of you that want to snub, go ahead. But if you want to know what makes the biggest difference in my life, then let me be politically incorrect as possible…it is my faith in Jesus Christ.

Guiding rule 2 – Training is at the same priority as my job.

I do not (!) skip a workout unless I have a sick certificate. It is not about if I am in the mood or pains and aches or whether I feel like it. The priority is elevated above all else. I get my ass to gym no matter what! This allowed me to keep on track and to grow constantly. This is probably the no.1 reason why most guys fail, because they are inconsistent with there training.

Guiding rule 3 – I limit alcohol intake. 

By drinking alcohol regularly, you destroy all your efforts, in fact it has severe negative impact on most aspects of your life. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my glass of red wine, but key to my success is in curbing my alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol destroys life and derail dreams! My target is once a week not more than 500ml of red wine equivalent.

Guiding rule 4 – BALANCE!

I apply wisdom to my training. I cannot train like crazy non-stop. The body will break. I train not more than 3 months hitting the body hard to muscle failure. After that it is one week rest and then 3 months of significant lighter training allowing the body (muscles/tendons/joints) to strengthen and recover. After that, another week rest and then repeat. But this balance goes further. When it is time for a holiday break, I give holiday priority and put working out in the background (not stopping completely but downgrading it to when I am in the mood).

Whatever I loose on holiday, I will recover within the first 2 months of being back at my routine. That balance keeps me sane and allow me consistency year after year.

Guiding rule 5 – NEVER stuff myself.

Off course I deviate now and then from my diet. It is inevitable. But the golden rule above all is I never ever eat big meals and never go for seconds. I never eat to the point where I feel uncomfortable and always eat less than I want to.  I always choose the lowest fat protein options and always make sure there is at least one healthy veg/salad on my plate. I eat a very small portion of carbs. I eat small regular meals rather than fewer large meals, keeping my blood sugar levels constant and thus preventing cravings.

And yes, although there are many other points worth mentioning, these are my personal 5 life rules that has brought me to this point where I have the best shape in my life at 55 and I like both the inside and outside of the guy looking back at me in the mirror. I got respect for myself.

And when you have respect for yourself, that is when you move forward and closer to your goals in life.

I do not say this is a template for success or happiness for everyone, but take from it what you can and make your own journey and success.

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May God bless your journey (Proverbs 16:3)

Gert Louw

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  1. Gert; Thank you so much for sharing your Faith and principles! May God Bless and protect you and your family today and ALWAYS! Sincerely, Brian F. Nelson Hathaway, Philadelphia, Pa

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