At what point do any of us decide to throw our weight behind something to help other people?

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When we are young, we tend not to see or care so much about the suffering of others. But as we grow older and wiser, we start to realize that our lives are but a moment in eternity and that the bright light that burns for that moment can so easily be extinguished. Life is fragile, very fragile. 

It is sad when someone dies, it is even sadder when we see someone destroying their lives before our eyes. That kind of destruction is even worse than death for those that care for that person. They want to help, but they can’t because that person is only listening to one thing and caring for one thing, and that is the fix (drug) that will extinguish reality for him or her for the next few hours. And they will do anything and everything to get hold of that fix. In worst cases even kill. We can talk endless about the causes of addiction and how to stop it. But in the end, the people that are in the best position to help the severe cases, are those that have walked the path, survived and through faith now have a new life. New meaning and new goals. They know the intensity of the challenges, the urges, the pain. But they also know how to get out of it. How to get a new life. How to get meaning in life again. How to make a difference in people’s lives again.

A small donation is all it takes…

Now, this is where I want to do everything I can, to support this project – ONEWAY SOBERLIVING

Here is the link to ONEWAY SOBERLIVING website:

It is a small local project (here in Cape Town) run by people I know for many, many years. The guy running the project, Martin Anton Flor is a good friend of mine. A stunning guy.

A guy that has walked the path. He knows the pain, the destruction. But he also knows how to get out of it. And he knows just how wonderful life can be! 

Martin Anton Flor

His time and energy are going into helping those whose lives are destroyed through street drugs. Like me, he is a person of faith. Unashamedly we proclaim that we follow Jesus Christ and believe true healing through Him is not just possible, but it is happening daily. But NOTHING truly worth something in life EVER comes easy. It takes time and it takes hard work and a lot of prayers. And unfortunately, it also requires money. To get these people off the streets requires temporary accommodation with the right facilities and people to manage everything. The people involved with the project themselves needs food on the table. This is where I come in. This is my (GertFITNESS) official lifesaving project that I support and want to promote. Let’s help saving a life today! All ONEWAY SOBERLIVING needs to help saving someone, lying tonight in the cold somewhere alone on the streets under the destroying influence of drugs with no hope and facing death everytime he/she injects him/herself, is a contribution towards the project. These contributions will allow ONEWAY SOBERLIVING to have the funds required to continue to help these lost and frightened souls that have nowhere to turn but still got their whole life before them!


Help me helping these people. I urge you!

Contributions can done via the following two ways 
  2. South African bank account: FNB (BUSINESS ACCOUNT), acc name: ONEWAY SOBER LIVING HOME NPC, acc number: 62912325562, Br code: 203809

Let’s change a life today…

Gert Louw    

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