Chasing DREAMS

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Something that really strikes me quite often is the fact how so many people just accept their current, unwanted situation in life. They just accept that they are overweight, unfit, unhealthy, unhappy with themselves or that their life is not what they want it to be. They just accept that their dreams will stay dreams. They just accept “a second rated life”, so easily. That bugs me. Why would you be happy with what you are of u are meant to be so much more?

I KNOW how much making a dream happen, can change your life. You will hardly recognise the old you and your life before you started this journey. Reaching your full potential will unlock the best of you on every level. Now if it is so great, why do people not run with everything in their power to get to their dreams and start this journey?

Let me tell you why. To make a dream come true = effort.

Whatever your dream is, effort is going to be the no.1 ingredient. 

Comfortable Habits

Right now your life is that of habits (you enjoy TV, watching sport, beer, sofa sitting, reading, socialising with friends, etc.).

To make a life goal or dream come true means you have to change habits. Changing habits is what is so difficult for us. We love our feel-good, comfortable habits.

But these feel-good habits is what is going to kill us sooner than later. The arteries can only take so much cholesterol, the heart can only takes so many beats and so much blood pressure. The kidneys and liver can take only so much junk food cleaning. Muscles not trained continue to weaken and the body can take only so much weakening in muscles. Remember your immune system fuel is stored in your muscles, muscle ratio going too low result in the immunes system fuel running on fumes and that resulted in many, many people’s deaths when an infection strike. Eventually the body will start to fail with these inputs. Where you could have died at 50, now, when embarking on an all-out quest to reach your dream you can simply have the best years in your life (!) after 50. Many of my peers has already died just living their life of comforting habits, never reaching for their dream.

Usually it takes something like a very close call with death for our foundations to be shaken to the point where we make an actual decision about these things.

Sadly, I was one of these people. I needed a very close call with death at 40 before I finally made the step to change my habits and get to my dream.

But since the age of 40 I have encountered MANY people that were able to make the choice of changing habits without a death or similar scare. Simply, because they just reached the point where they say enough is enough and they want to reach their dream.

And I have seen them pushing through and reaching much more in life than just realizing their dreams.

Let me tell you one thing…you would MUCH rather want to make this choice while still healthy than have to make this choice when your life depends on it and your back is against the wall fighting.

Defining the “point” where it starts

But how do we define this “point” which enables people to effectively start the journey towards their dreams?

This “point” is when you WANT to change and start the journey on every level of your being, mind, body and soul.

Mind – Because you know what is laying ahead and you know the effort and changes it will take and you are willing to make the required sacrifices because you know this is the only way to reach your dream.

Body- Because you know there will be pain and sweat. Lots of pain and sweat. You know there will be hunger pains. You know you can socialise less with friends now. You know this means MUCH less beer. You are prepared for these sacrifices and hardship. Because nothing worthwhile has ever been shaped outside of some form of hardship. Some form of hardship MUST be had to get success or changing your life around and reach your dreams.

Soul – Because you are not in this journey just for the skin deep benefits. You are in this journey to become the best version of you, especially on the inside. You need to look in the mirror and like the outside and inside of the person looking back at you. As I mentioned many times, for me it was my faith journey in following Jesus Christ that unlocked everything for me and especially the inner character and soul transformation.

So, yesterday I had this teaching session with my 13 y/o son. Too teach him that, he has the ability in him, at any point in his life, to turn everything around and become all he is meant to be. Today I want to bring this point home to you, whoever you are. Maybe you are at the point where you hate nearly everything about what you have become and who you are…today I tell you this, you have in you the ability to change everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (your heart, your soul, your character, your body – no matter how fat, your future, your happiness, your life) and you can start that journey today, this instant.

All it requires is that you must want it with your mind, body and soul. EVERYTHING in you must want this to happen. Then my friend, I pray that God bless your journey.



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Gert Louw

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