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Hi everyone, just want to give you a heads up about one of the latest major scam supplement products out there. It is marketed under ESPN (which is NOT the real ESPN) and in the advertisement, fake stories are made up to support ridiculous claims of it’s worth.


These two scam products are: HYPERTONE FORCE and HYPERTONE EXCEL.

Neither the gold medalist, Wayde van Niekerk or me (Gert Louw), both mentioned as “proof” in the article, has ever touched this product. Both our photos stolen and fake stories written.

Please stay clear, this is a well known trick to get hooks into your credit card for monthly deductions and you’re going to get a worthless product.

Never (!) believe marketing articles with fantastical claims over the internet. 99% of them are scams to get access to your credit cards.

Here is a link to another in-depth article on Supplement Critique about these 2 scam products: http://www.supplementcritique.com/hyper-tone-force-and-hyper-tone-excel-review-7-big-reasons-this-is-a-scam/

Here the actual scam advert:


xtreme no reviews


XTreme NO has been busted using stolen photos and fake “proof” stories in their high level international marketing campaigns.

They run two separate marketing campaigns and in both those campaigns stolen photos and fake stories are used.

Two different plastic bottles, the one a black and the other a white bottle, are distributed by this company for the same product. XTreme NO contains the following ingredients: L-arginine hydrochloride, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate along with L-arginine ketolsocaproate all in an attempt to increase the bodies Nitric Oxide levels.

It is simply not scientifically possible for these ingredients to result in a body transformation, and thus why this company have to steal photos and make up fake stories to prove an un-provable point.

Plus all the “proof” of people leaving comments to say how great this product is completely fake!

L-Arganine is used by bodybuilders but only for a short-lived effect:

  • ·         A temporary “pump” during workouts that let’s the muscles seem bigger for a short while
  • ·          A slight increase in veins visibility during exercise
  • ·         potentially quicker recover from exercise.

It does NOT have muscle-building properties or body transformation properties, full stop!

And yes, once again I am one of the main abused parties. They illegally use my transformation photo and make up a complete and utter fake story.

It is needless to say that you need to stay completely clear from this product, for various reasons, one of which also that many people have complained they are losing money ordering the product through these channels.

When it sounds “too good to be true”, it ALWAYS IS (!) too good to be true.

Here is the proof of the first SCAM marketing campaign:

 XTremeNO website BUSTEDXTremeNO website BUSTED(1)XTremeNO website BUSTED(2)

Here is the proof of the second SCAM marketing campaign:

 XTremeNO website BUSTED no2-1XTremeNO website BUSTED no2-2XTremeNO website BUSTED no2-3

Wish you happy training. Cheers…

Gert Louw


With my article in my blog exposing the Niwali scam products, https://gertlouw.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/niwali-testo-boost-a-scam/,  I created enough heat that forced Niwali to discontinue it’s marketing/advertising of the TestoBoost product (the product is still available on their website but all internet marketing seems to have been stopped…however on 19Nov2013 one of my contacts informed me that a new marketing for the product has appeared on Facebook, albeit excluding me…wonder who they are abusing this time?)

Their management team even contacted me in October 2013 and asked me if we cannot come to some sort of arrangement so that I take down my article on my blog and that we can sort out the misunderstanding.


So they mean, by stealing my pics, making up fake stories filled with lies (and let everyone believe I say it, thereby smearing my face and integrity internationally) and doing a major international marketing campaign, constitutes a “misunderstanding”….
Scary world we live in.

They even did a more ridiculous move and offer me $200 in cash and $200 worth free products to take down my article…all I could do was just laugh!

My blog article is hurting them because it is just below their main website in google rankings with search term: Niwali.

The hits on my blog, just for the Niwali article, is in excess of 300 people per day. This theoretically means that 300+ people per day will reconsider using the Niwali products and especially TestoBoost. That must make a HUGE dent in their profits!

Anyone searching for them on the web sees my exposing article/s and thus will think twice about ordering Niwali products. It might not scare of their old customers, but it is sure gonna let every new customer think twice.

Any attorney out there that want to make some money?
PLEASE contact me!

Gert Louw

Another interesting bit of info:

WWW.SCAMADVISOR.COM who provide detailed info on trustworthiness of websites rate Niwali.com a 0%! Yes, a zero percent!

See the following:

 Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.
Site is United States based

Trust Rating: 0%

Last refreshed August 5, 2013, 6:55 pm
Number times viewed :144
Est Website Value :48,391.96
High Risk! (0%)
Website: niwali.com
Title: Niwali Health Products – A New Life
Description: Niwali brings the latest advancements in health to the world: health and wellness products
Type: BeautyDomain Age: 1 Years, 208 Days
Website Speed: Very FastOwner: Andrew Fletcher
Owner Address: 20533 Biscayne Blvd. #759
Owner City: Aventura
Owner Postcode: 33180
Owner Country: United States 
Website Location: United States 
Read the comments on http://www.scamadvisor.com regarding Niwali, it is shocking. You WILL lose money if you give your credit card details to them. You cannot say you have not been warned: shady site, shady products, scamming people’s money, stealing people s photos with fake stories to promote fake products, zero percent trustworthiness rating, the list goes on and on…



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