How one can get the discipline for a body transformation?

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“Gert, I’d say your primary guiding principle is your discipline. Huge respect to you. Maybe you could do a video on that. Cheers from NZ.”

Now how does one acquire a mindset that are disciplined? Discipline is key to reaching your goal with anything in life.

Click HERE to watch video “How to get a disciplined mindset”.

We all know that nothing really worth it’s weight in life comes easy, it only comes with hard work, sometimes, very hard work. And although most of us are willing to do some hard work, we lack the discipline to do it in a consistent fashion. Our mood and feelings determine our actions and consistency. And the lack of consistency is what eventually kills our dream. Especially for a body transformation where consistency becomes critical.

We got the “will”, but we lack the discipline.

A disciplined mindset is one where you do what you need to do, no matter whether you feel like it, or whether you are in the mood or whether you have the energy or not. With a discipled mindset you will not let drinking or socializing with mates derail your training appointment with the gym or your girlfriend or anything else. Nothing will. This same disciplined mindset will be extended to your diet and every other aspect of your life.

Now the big question, “HOW do you get this disciplined mindset?”

I have touch on the subject in some of my other videos. But, let me get more specific here.

First, let me use myself as an example to explain the action plan. Before age 40 I tried for years to built muscle. More than 10 yrs. But alas nothing really happened simply because I had this very same problem of not having a disciplined mindset to apply consistency with diet and training. I had this dream of a great body and I really WANTED it, so the “will” was there. But a “will” without a disciplined mindset is but a whisper in the wind. I just always failed miserably.

So, age 40 came and there I had my first very close call with death and got some nasty prognosis for my future health expectations from the doctors. For the first time this made me wake up and really (!) smell the roses. It was literally a do-or-die situation for me. Which…was exactly what I needed. The problem up to age 40 was that my “will” to transform and build a great body was based simply a superficial dream. I just wanted to look good. There was nothing “deeper” than a mere skin-deep beauty quest that was driving me. And THAT was the reason of failure every time. The “will” to get to the goal post was a superficial will that lacked any substance. Such a “will”, will always be derailed when even the slightest problem or mood change hit. And THAT is what happens to 95% of guys out there.

The moment when I had to readjust my complete mindset to include a fight for dear life, was the moment that I acquired the discipline I lacked before. Why? Because now my will to get to the goalpost was not skin deep anymore. It had real substance and meaning. The driving force that resulted in my disciplined mindset was a fight that now had real meaning.

And this is why 95% of guys fail in their quest and lack any real discipline, because their quest is that of a skin-deep shallow ideal.   

But obviously, no one ever wants to go through a life and death ordeal to force a disciplined mindset. So, assuming you are a healthy guy and you want to get this mindset, what do you do?

Hold on, because this is not for the faint hearted and now it gets interesting. 

The key here is that your journey must not be just about a superficial skin-deep journey, but you need to make your journey a journey of changing the inside and the outside. Meaning you need to change yourself at the core. Your journey needs to have MEANING. Real meaning. A journey based on superficial reasons will always fail. A journey based on life changing stuff will give your whole journey so much more weight that you cannot afford not to get a disciplined mindset. Simply because there is too much riding on this. There is no room for failure. 

For me, my faith journey was the key to help me wanting to become a better man on all levels. It was an emotional and intense journey of self-discovery and change. Now, I am not saying a faith journey is what everyone needs, but you need to do what you need to do to get out of your comfort zone because by staying in there, NOTHING will happen . You need to WANT to be a better man, a man of integrity who has self-respect. A critical part of this journey is that you need to get respect for yourself. Without self-respect you will not (!) get a disciplined mindset. That respect, cannot be obtained when you live a life of casual sexual relationships, doing recreational drugs, regularly drink yourself in smithereens or living carelessly without considering your fellow human being. Getting self-respect means you have to seriously addressing above issues. Especially sex. Sex plays a key role in obtaining self-respect for a guy. You cannot have self-respect when you are sleeping around! You need to make right with God on every level or you need to find your own spiritual road, whatever that may be. 

What is your goal of this journey? 

You need to be a man of integrity, that, when you look into that mirror, you like both the inside and outside of that guy looking back at you. 

It is the spiritual journey is what makes you WANT to change. That is what ignites the fire. By just sitting on the coach staying in your comfort zone cannot ever make you to WANT to change. You need to find something to ignite the fire…for me that was my faith journey. Remember in my previous video I mention that I am but a bastard at the core? Well, before 40 that was me. I had no self-respect and I definitely hated the guy looking back at me in the mirror, especially the inside of that guy. The only reason I am what I am today is because of this journey I did. 

What will be the end result of this journey? 

You will be a man with integrity, a kind man that have control over his thoughts and actions, a man that continuously strive to be a better man. Transforming the body is simply a natural outflow in such an environment. Such a journey automatically establishes a disciplined mindset, for life or at least for as long as you are on the journey.

But maybe some of you have started this journey in the past to better yourself but somewhere along the lines you have pressed the “pause” button on this whole journey. Well, then it is time now to ignite the flames again and continue an unfinished journey.

Change NEVER comes easy. If you undertake this journey, you are going to be an awesome person that many will look up to. Simply put, you will be a hero in many people’s eyes. But…alas, this is not for the fainthearted. This is where the MEN are separated from the boys.

And THIS is how you obtain a forced disciplined mindset and exceed every dream you ever had for yourself. 

Now, you don’t just become a better-looking jerk doing a body transformation, but you become a real man, a kind person that lead and to whom people look up to as a role model.

Deep stuff! Off course it is. Everything good in life comes with great effort.


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