What makes me different from all the other coaches/trainers?

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Between all the 1000’s of coaches and trainers out there, the key to your body transformation success will be in deciding which trainer or coach to choose or to follow. Here I give you a rundown as to who and what I am and what makes me different.

Who am I and why is my story different?

Four reasons

  1. My unique story
  2. My Affiliations
  3. My free information
  4. My life coaching

First – my unique story.

If you are just after the glitzy and flashy and want to attrack more girls with your muscles, well then I might not be the right choice. My story is of someone who walk a hard path in life and had to face death on multiple occasions. That allowed me too developed a special skill set to deal with life on many different levels and at the same time reach success with a body transformation.

Some background – At age 40 I went through a life altering experience (not a good one) – my first ordeal facing death.


Here is a video documenting what happened: https://youtu.be/p0vPYn_KANE

Prognosis was bad and it became a matter of life and death for me. Not taking things lying down or listening to the doomsday doctor’s advice, I started my journey of changing myself inside and outside for the better and to become the best version of me and subsequently “re-inventing” my health. It was not just a journey of the body, but a journey in my faith as well. I am not shy to say I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and must admit that without Him I would not be here today.

As a result, I underwent a significant transformation and my health increased drastically.

At age 52 I had my best shape ever and look and felt like I was on top of the world.


But the sun was not about to keep shining for me. At 52 while on holiday, I drank dirty water and contracted a life threating virus that very nearly destroyed my liver. So, with my already fragile health, it was extremely bad news for me and I came very, very close to death. For the whole of 2017 I could not gym and was extremely weak and had to watch all my previous 12 years hard work slowly going down the drain week after week, month after month, for 12 months!


Only by early 2018 could I slowly start getting back to working out again.

Few people believed I could ever recover the body I once had. Being over 50 mean a body transformation is even more difficult than being over 40. Many believe that once you lost shape when over 50, it is gone for good! But it was not the first time I was knocked down. This time around it was a bit different. This time I got the system and skills well sorted. For the past 14 years I’ve been designing the ADVANCED SYSTEM II and it is my legacy and life’s work for the older guy to MAKE A GRAND WHOLE-PERSON TRANSFORMATION HAPPEN. So I got the tools and applied them systematically.

So, here I am today, 17 months after the disasterous 2017, going on 55 and getting ready for a photoshoot. I’ve recovered 95% of everything I lost and am very close to my best shape of 52. Reality does not shape what we become, our imagination, faith and dreams does (and off course hard work!).


Second – my affiliations.

Unlike most other coaches and trainers out there I am not affiliated with any brand or company. No supplement brand, no exercise equipment brand or any other bodybuilding related brand has any say or influence over me. This gives you a certain, very important, peace of mind that what I say is not controlled or tinted. I am not scared to speak the truth about supplements and I have made various exposing videos of this shady business. My before and after photos have now been used more than 100 times by supplement companies to promote their products falsely. And it is not just me, they stole many, many guys photos out there and use it falsely to promote a worthless product. No product that has to be marketed by stolen photos can ever be worth anything!

So, if you ever see any of the my photos out there to market a product, then stay far away from that product!

Very, very few supplements are making a real-world difference and this is where I speak the truth. My truth is based upon the latest science studies and not bro-science or hollow half-truth marketing claims.


Thirdly – my free information.

Unlike other coaches and trainers out there I provide just about everything for free. I usually only charge when I have to spend significant personal time to customize a system for a client.

If you want a focused cutting diet for a body transformation, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/2014/08/16/cutting-diet-challenges/

If you want a focused building phase diet, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/2014/10/27/muscle-building-phase-sample-diets/

If you want to know how to align the diet to your body, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/2019/04/22/over-40-transformation-workout-cutting-diet/

If you want the best supplement stack, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/2016/01/20/what-supplement-to-choose-between-all-the-1000s/

If you want to know how to get your testosterone boosted step by step, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/2018/12/04/over-40-counteracting-declining-testosterone-levels/

If you want a basic body transformation system, it’s free: https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-program/


Fourthly – my life coaching

Being through all I went through provided me with certain life skills to help others who find themselves in a dark place. I am helping many people out there and do not ask money for it. This is what I feel God has called me to do. To make a difference out there in some people’s lives.


So, all of the above should give the peace of mind that I am not here just to make a quick buck. I’ve walked the path and I am sharing nearly everything freely and helping people.

Of-course I have to make a living. And that is why I ask for donations from those that can afford it. Otherwise I cannot do what I am doing and have to go and find a regular job!

One of the few things I actually do charge for, is my ADVANCED SYSTEM II. This system is my life’s work and my legacy I want to leave behind. A system specifically designed for the older guy. A system that DELIVER RESULTS! I spend significant time to customize it on many levels for every person. It is a near 100-page focused blueprint step-by-step system for your body and goals to get you to your goalpost and even beyond that. It helps you avoiding all the common mistakes, pitfalls and problems that comes with getting older.

It is a system helping you to, not just transform your body, but becoming a better person on all levels.

I don’t believe in creating just better-looking jerks. I believe in creating people with integrity who are respectful whole human beings.


So, for those that want to enjoy and use my free information, please do so. All I ask is a small donation: https://www.paypal.me/GERTFITNESS

Those that want to sign up for my ADVANCED SYSTEM II (or just want more info), here is the link to get the ball rolling: https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-secrets/


NEVER take life lying down. Never accept your fate or prognosis. God is much bigger than any health problem or life issue weighing you down. Take life by the horns and rise to be the best version of you. Exceed all your wildest dreams. My fellow over 40’s…it IS possible. I have walked the path and can testify to it. It’s your turn…MAKE IT HAPPEN.

May God bless your journey!

Gert Louw


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