“Process of elimination” to treat depression

Process of elimination to treat depression in older guys.

An easy approach to deal with your depressive states is to follow a process of elimination to make sure that all potential culprits are eliminated. 


Physical activity is a critical part of a healthy mind (and body). It does not have to be strenuous or taking a lot of time. Brisk walking for 20-30 min per day is very effective to provide the activity the body and mind need to be healthy.

Without physical activity one cannot expect to escape depression.


Healthy eating habits is critical for a healthy mind (and body). Not talking here about a diet. Simply focusing on less red meat and cutting out fat to a large extent. More white meats (fish/chicken) and curbing carbs drastically. Very small portions of rice/pasta/bread. Large portions of vegies and salads. One fruit min a day.

An unhealthy diet can easily result in a depressive state (for various reasons).

Vit b-12 and b-complex

Low B vitamin levels can result in various nervous system related problems. As a standard process of elimination ask your doc to give you B-12 and B-complex injections on a monthly basis. The b vitamin is badly absorbed and when one is also taking medication for stomach acid it further limits absorption. Thus why it is a wise move to inject these vitamins. One usually have to get these injections from your doctor unless you can get hold of the vials for self injection. Most countries require a prescription for them.


Water (filtered) – without sufficient water intake the body cannot effectively flush out toxins. More toxins = depressive states and other health concerns. A glass of filtered water every hour is enough.


Alcohol intake can numb the brain and easily enhance depressive states. Alcohol limited to 3 beers a week or 2 moderate size glasses of wine.


Low blood testosterone levels are a main culprit. Low T levels always result in depressive states. Get bloodwork done and make sure your T-levels are healthy. If TRT (Test Propionate @ 100mg per week) is needed, then it is a small price to pay for a healthy mind (and body).

First get your T-levels tested with a home testosterone testing kit.


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It might be wise to try some effective natural anti-depressants. Some known to be effective are:

Try the natural option before venturing the chemical route. Don’t expect the natural solution to work overnight. Natural medication takes longer to act, and one should at least allow 30 days to review effects.


Ensure that SLEEP APNEA is not present. Many older overweight guys have sleep apnea without knowing. Sleep Apnea is the stopping of breathing for a min or two at a time and depriving the body of oxygen which can lead to damage of heart and brain and high blood pressure over long term and can result in depression and feeling tired and eventually cause Dementia and or Alzheimer’s. If there is any doubt get a monitoring device like the O2 ring by Wellue that warns you when blood oxygen drops too low during sleep. Treating Sleep Apnea successfully can make a massive difference.

An O2 ring is a simplistic device you put on your finger that monitors your blood Oxygen levels and when dropping below a certain set level at night gives you a intense vibration warning that wakes you to prevent the O2 dropping to dangerous levels. This can identify and help prevent Sleep Apnea damage.

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Lastly, you must find a balance between work/stress/exercise/fun/sleep. When there is no balance and just hard work with intense stress for long hours and little sleep then depressive states is a very high probability.  


Constantly doing things outside your moral framework/beliefs you cling to in life, can and will eventually result in depressive states due to feelings of guilt and wrongdoing. For example, if you are married but continue to look for relationships outside your marriage, it will eventually affect you mentally and could easily result in severe depressive states. Live a life of integrity and be a person who you have respect for.  


Depressive states are the body telling you something is not OK. You need to find that something or the situation will not be corrected. Just throwing chemicals into the mix most of the times will increase the problem in the long run.

Lastly a thorough bloodwork screening must be done if you still have depressive states after you dealt with all the above. Make sure you get a second opinion and do a lot of self- research. Never put your life in the hands of just on doctor. Force effective solutions.

All that being said, there are some people who have an actual chemical imbalance in their brains due to genetic or other medical reasons. In such a scenario there may be no way out but to treat it via prescription chemicals.

Deal with this guys and do not allow depression to take away your happiness!


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Wish you all happiness and great training sessions!

Gert Louw

Be all you can be…live your dreams…be a man of integrity…be a strongman…be a person you respect.

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