Today, I am sad

There is a time and place for everything. Mostly, I will talk about fitness and health on my blog, but today it is a time for me to be sad. Although fitness and coaching is my passion, my bread and butter comes from me and my wife’s hospitality business ( we have now for more than 20 years. With the Covid-19 situation and the South African government rescue fund rule of “only helping black owned businesses”, this is a devastating time for us and many white owned business.

As a white South African, born, raised and living my whole life in Cape Town, this is my “poem” I wrote to put my sadness onto paper.

“Today, I am sad.

  • Sad, that the hospitality business me and wife has been building up for longer than 20 years had to lay-off so many people who will now be without any income and no hope to find a new job.
  • Sad that we now have to fear for our business survival.
  • Sad that our government is only willing to help business who is owned by black people.
  • Sad that racism and apartheid is used for every possible excuse of failure by our government.
  • Sad that our government is destroying the hospitality trade with it’s ridiculous lock-down rules (strictest and longest in the whole world).
  • Sad that people are dying of this virus.
  • Sad that we elevate the virus to more than it really is.
  • Sad that the virus is abused by our government for its own political agenda.
  • Sad that so many farmers are getting slaughtered and gruesomely attacked.
  • Sad that so many people hate each other.
  • Sad that key black political parties spread hate against white people unashamedly.
  • Sad that corruption is at the order of the day with little to no action.
  • Sad that the vision of Nelson Mandela is nearly dead.
  • Sad that police worldwide are made the enemy.
  • Sad that satanistic churches are now legal (first one opened at Century City)
  • Sad that good is becoming bad and that bad is becoming good.
  • Sad that our political leaders are lying bluntly.
  • Sad that the government gives no hope for the future to any white person in South Africa.
  • Sad because apartheid is worse than ever but this time only for people with a white skin.
  • Sad that so many innocent people are going hungry because of our government Covid rules.
  • Sad that so many black people have to suffer because the politicians in control live in ignorance like Kings.
  • Sad that the government don’t want to allow white people to help feed other hungry white people (permit is required).
  • Sad that the world has no idea what is really going on in South Africa.
  • Sad that the love of Christ is not shining through many Christians actions.
  • Sad that we do not spend more time on our knees in prayer.

Today I am sad…”


Me and wife has created a business rescue fund for our business. It is very difficult times for everyone. But if you have the financial ability and you feel for our cause, then you can help save many families income and jobs and even help save our business.

Help save our business

A plea for help to save our family business of 20 years ( With the Covid-19 destruction and the South Africa government refusing to help any white owned business we are facing huge lay-offs and possible closure affecting many peoples lives and families. Please help us prevent this. Any support will be most welcome and appreciated.


But you know what is the best remedy for my sadness, even if it is just temporary? It is when I hit the weights and train like crazy.  That is when I forget and recharge. And when I go on my knees at night, that is when I get new hope.

May you all be safe in these scary times

Gert Louw



15 thoughts on “Today, I am sad

  1. Hi there Gert,
    I came onto your site for tips on exercise. Buy then I saw your 55 families project. Sent you 50 bucks. I know its not much but I couldnt afford to send more even though Inwish I were able. I myself kinda sponsor some beggars on the street giving them what ever I can when ever I can. I can vwry well relate to.the yearning you have in your heart being a devout christian. I’m christian my self.
    But lastly I saw your poem and I could not.beleive my eyes. Really I couldnt I swear….. It was as if a guy in my own country had written about this land I live in.. Sri Lanka. The situation here is almost identical. Politicians making a mockery of governance, Religious.and ethical hatred and discrimimation, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, no voice for truth and justice….. Man or man… we live thousands of miles apart. But its as if though you and I were of the same land…
    And your last words were so precious. “You hit the gym like a madman to make the hurt go away and get back on your feet. And you kneel before God to recieve hope…” Well ill go through your stuff and then hit the gym myself. And at night you, your family your business and your associates, your beautiful.Cape Town and your country wipl be in my prayers. Take care brother…. God bless you….
    Dr. Nishantha Fonseka.

    1. Dr. Nishantha Fonseka

      Thank you for such a kind email and message. The employees of CapeCuisine.COM thank you my friend for your generous contribution. It is very hard times and I know this is more than you can give. It makes a difference my friend…from the bottom of my heart thank you.
      The world is going crazy and need more caring good people like you.
      Keep the faith…stay safe and God bless you and your family!

      Wish you a blessed day!
      Gert Louw

  2. Hi Gert,

    Peace be with you, my brother in Christ!

    I have been researching your work for a while now, and was going to reach out before the end of June to take you up on your A.S. II special…then I saw your post. And I hear you. And I do understand!

    I know about the South African farmers and how they are being killed just for being white. I know that this virus isn’t as bad as they claim it is, and I say this as a friend of mine died from it (and relatives of mine were very sick). It’s being used as a control mechanism by the Powers That Be and to implement new laws that threaten our freedoms.

    In all of this lockdown nonsense, it’s “interesting” that they closed the churches, but people could still go shopping at select stores (major outlets like Walmart). Shopping is more important than worshiping?? Meanwhile the “Mom & Pop” groceries will be lucky to survive. And now with police “protests” there was no talk of the dangerous virus…all of that went away. But now the “protests” have calmed down quite a bit, so Coronavirus is being ramped up again to scare people.

    These are trying times and they can sometimes be unnerving. And it’s okay to be sad. We’re all allowed to express different emotions, but we shouldn’t wallow for too long in that sadness, for this can be detrimental to our mental health. And that can be Satan and other demons trying to use that fear or depressed state against us.

    I know that you are experiencing financial issues, but I am concerned about your future safety. Perhaps everything that you wrote are signs from Him for you to make an exit? There is no business (food or otherwise) that is worth having if you or your wife & family, are to be threatened with violence. You have a definitive right to live in Peace and not have to look over your shoulders!

    I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I certainly believe that GOD is still leading us. And yes, you are very correct, in that, we need to spend more time on our knees in prayer. (The ONLY one that I kneel is for GOD. Period.) Take all of this to prayer. Pray for safety, wisdom, and guidance!

    I will add your family to my daily prayers. And I will be in touch with you this week to discuss my body training.

    Hang in there, Gert….GOD loves you!! Blessings to you and yours!

    In Christ,


    1. Matt thanks for that hugely encouraging message. It is truly appreciated. One thing I am with you and that is that we must not dwell on sadness. I had to get that off my chest, but I am a fighter! Due to my age it is very difficult to relocate and get new residency status. Most countries see my age group as a drain on their resources. The most viable options are to gain permanent residency from countries with certain programs, like Portugal and Maurituis. You have to buy a property of +$500 000 US then you get permanent residency which is a great way of moving. However it is a long road to save up the money and thus why I am working so hard with my internet ventures. So I hear you and I am definately consider and exit plan. I also wholeheartedly agree that this whole Covid-19 thing has been blatantly abused by nearly every goverment out there and especially here in South Africa as it seems it is being used to wiped out most white business before the goverment only help black business to survive and new ones to startup. The answer and power is on our knees. Stay safe brother and God bless!

  3. Hi Gert ek voel jou pyn. Meeste van ons kliente het lodges en die toerisme bedryf hier is dood, mense het al in my winkel gestaan en huil en hulle betaal my met groente en kos, baie se dat hulle slegs petrol in hul voertuie het en as dit klaar is weet hulle nie meer wat om te doen nie…. In so ‘n klein gemeenskap soos die breek dit my om die ellende te sien.

    Persoonlik is ek nou oor die hele Covid storie. Ek is bang om siek te word maar hoe kan ons dit keer?

    Ek put inspirasie uit Andy Frisella se podcasts, hier is ‘n goeie ene

    PASOP! Hy vloek baie so as dit jou pla moet asb nie luister nie, maar hy is ‘n opregte ou (glo dit of nie, ‘n groot Christen ook!)

    Jy is in my gebede en denke en hou aan met jou goeie werk, jy gaan sterker en beter hier uitkom. HOU MOED!


    1. Terrible maat! Hierdie ding lyk al meer vir my soos ‘n plan van die ANC om wit besighede te ekstermineer. Ek bid vir julle daai kant ook maat. Die krag en antwoord vir alles le maar net op ons kniee…

  4. Gert, thanks for sharing from your soul! The virus is aweful, but it also is serving to show just how wicked and selfish the human heart is that lacks the transforming grace of God! I will pray for your situation there. But if you ever get to the point where you decide you must move, please consider coming to Panama! We’re not a perfect country, but we have many good things going on here. The Lord bless you and your family, Gert! Keep persevering in Him! Your light is shining bright!

    1. The world is changing fast Jay and not for the good. Thanks for the encouragement! May the peace of Christ be with you brother!

  5. Gert my brother:

    There is so much inequality, racism and prejudices that life is unfair. COVID 19 has shown the ugly and true faces of people, governments, religions and institutions. I am sorry that your are losing valuable and loyal persons to your business. In a time of struggle it is time to reinvent yourself and your business to survive and to spread your good word and work. We are here to do good, and therefore, surround yourself with good people. Onward! I was let go today from my position but I see it as a new, positive change during these trying times, for a great new direction in my life and career.


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