Following the INTELLIGENT approach to a body transformation as an older guy

Hi guys. 

New year, new hope and new dreams…

How many times have we set a goal and had to face defeat, waiting for another year, another hope?

Success are for those who do 2 things:

  1. Follow the right intelligent approach/path to make the goals reality.
  2. Those acquiring “mind over matter” mindset. Meaning, doing what needs to be done without letting anything influence you otherwise (things like: just not feeling like it, not in the mood, too exhausted, throat sore, headache, too busy, no time, too much work, etc.)

This article/video will deal with the first point – FOLLOWING THE RIGHT INTELLIGENT APPROACH AS AN OLDER GUY.

Watch out for a future article/video about the MIND OVER MATTER MINDSET. Let me just take the time to say thanks to LetsGetChecked for sponsoring this article.

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Ok, on to the topic of this article.

Designing the older body intelligently

When it comes to older body transformations (over 50, but even applicable to over 40 guys), it is not that simple any more. Just following a great workout is NOT going get you even close to your goal. A great diet and training is still going to fall far short. Even adding the best supplements is going to still fall short massively. 

The older body is like an old car. You cannot just take it out and think you can drive it hard. You either going to run into engine problems driving it hard or you might even seize the engine. Why? Because being older means many things needs attention before your body can again function optimally for growth and fat loss. Nine out of ten older guys fail with body transformations journeys and THIS is why. Do this intelligently and you WILL reach the top. 

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So how do you do this INTELLIGENTLY to ensure success (in order of importance)?

  1. Prep work.
  2. Diet.
  3. Training.
  4. 14 day monitoring/managing cycle with logbook.
  5. Building and cutting phases.
  6. Regular cycle of bloodwork on certain health factors critical for the older guy.
  7. Supplements.

Simply put – any of the legs of this process missing and you throw a spanner in the works and chances are you will fail.

Let’s quickly go through this list…


If you do not do this PREP WORK it can literally cause your death while on your journey and if you are lucky it will just completely derail all your efforts. I am not exaggerating here…this (!) is how important this is.

Why is this prep work so necessary?

Let me explain it like this. If a car wheel’s need balancing, you cannot drive fast and the more out of balance the wheel is the slower you are able to drive. This is exactly how it works for the older body. Each of these critical medical/health aspects will result in the “bodies wheel” being more “unbalanced”, which in turn means the lower your chance becomes of achieving your transformation success. Only when the wheel is fully balanced (meaning all critical medical/health parameters is within normal/healthy ranges), ONLY THEN does the older body achieve the ability to train/lose fat/build muscles at optimal and effective rates. Only then, can the vehicle be driven safely at optimal speed for optimal results.

But why must and older guy go through this “PREP” process and not younger guys? Well, because our bodies are not designed to live indefinitely and each year we age, a lot of the internal functions/joints/tendons/organs in the body simply works every so slightly less effective and less optimal. That coupled with the lifestyle many guys between age 30-50 face (sedentary lifestyles and wrong eating/smoking/drinking habits) is a clear recipe for disaster for the older body. Our vehicles maintenance plan has long been expired! This “PREP” makes sure you know the status of your body and can apply the necessary actions. Not taking actions and not knowing your status, guys, I don’t know how else to say it, but you can literally die. You cannot go all out with an old car without making sure all aspects of that old car (wheels, bearings, brakes, engine, gearbox, oil, spark plugs, filters, etc…) is in tip top condition for it to face aggressive optimal driving. If you do not do this, well, that old car is either going to break down or crash. This is pretty obvious. But so many of us fail to see this basic logic when it comes to our older bodies.

THIS is the reason why it is so easy for young guys. For young guys, everything is still pretty much functioning optimally (new car), and they are in peak health and as such, the muscle growth and fat loss will be optimal, but alas, declining every year as they age beyond 30. They don’t feel it and neither see it but usually when one hits mid 40’s to 50’s it become suddenly very apparent as they struggle severely to do even a slight body transformation.

What are these PREP actions?


  • BLOOD PRESSURE – 50% of men over 50 have high BP. Blood Pressure must be within normal parameters. Lower than 140/90. A high first value can drastically increase your risk for stroke and a high second value can damage kidneys, arteries, eyesight, etc. Get yourself a home blood pressure monitor and test it at night before bedtime. When it is regularly high, you must take the necessary action (like in visiting your doctor). Resistance training and high blood pressure can be a very bad mix for obvious reasons! The BP monitor also helps you to track your resting heart rate which allows you to see how your level of fitness increases (lower heart rate)
  • TESTING Frequency: Once a week when under control, otherwise every evening. 
  • Suggested machine for home use: CLICK HERE


  • CHOLESTEROL – 16.5% of men over 50 have elevated cholesterol levels. Cholesterol must be within normal parameters. Total cholesterol below 239 (mg/dl) with a healthy bad/good (LDL/HDL) cholesterol ratio. Do not underestimate how bad a high cholesterol reading is. It drastically increases your risk for a heart attack. Training heavy with high cholesterol can be a very bad mix! Significantly high cholesterol must be medicated. Just a good diet and training is not enough, especially if it is genetically/hereditary. 
  • TESTING Frequency: When raised, check every 6 months. When under control, check once a year.
  • CHOLESTEROL BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)


  • PSA (prostate) test. You do NOT want to be caught off guard with a high PSA value or inflamed prostate. Believe me, it is very bad news for an older guy and will derail and wipe out even the most committed transformer. Keep a close eye on your PSA value and test it regularly (once a year). Just a note here, when you have elevated PSA levels, be very careful to consider TRT. The two does not mix well. 
  • TESTING Frequency: Once a year.
  • PSA BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)


  • Kidney function – your chance for low kidney function (kidney disease) is 33%. You will be surprised to learn how many older guys have decreased kidney functions. Too little water with too much creatine/protein or anti-inflammatories/other meds are nearly always to blame. And a diminished kidney function can never be repaired and result in the body functioning less effective. All you can do when kidney functions are diminished are to lighten the load “intelligently” on the kidneys. eGFR value should be at least above 80 (above 90 perfect) or within normal ranges (depending on the reference system your lab use). Starting a body transformation journey without your kidney facts, can well, at worst cause your life or at best make it very difficult to achieve optimal results! Low kidney function means, more water, less protein and no creatine or anti-inflammatories! As a reference point just to give you hope, my kidney function is below 60 since age 40 and I was able to do an impressive body transformation as an older guy. So, a lower kidney function is NOT the end of the road for your dreams. Thus, the importance why you must tackle this intelligently.
  • TESTING Frequency: Once every 6 months when kidney values are under pressure, but if levels are healthy, once a year test should be fine.
  • Kidney BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)


  • Liver function – about 10% of people have raised liver functions. ALT and Gamma GT are the 2 key liver markers that should be tested. A healthy liver is key for a successful body transformation. If the values are withing normal parameters, then the light is green! If not work together with your doctor to find the reason/problem. Many times, it is simply too much alcohol use or a specific medication that is the culprit! But a liver under pressure cannot produce optimal results for a body transformation.
  • TESTING Frequency: Once a year
  • Liver BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)


  • Stress/Cortisol – risk is more than 50%. Being an older guy means you most probably must deal with a lot of stress in your life (and the Covid pandemic did NOT help!). High stress levels release the stress hormone, Cortisol. Too much of that in your blood too regularly and you will struggle to lose fat and to build muscle. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, meaning it inhibits muscle growth! Cortisol levels is something you need to test at least once a year as an older guy and keep track of it. When high, you MUST introduce lifestyle changes or relaxation methods. A body transformation as and older guy is extremely difficult and challenging when high cortisol levels are prevalent for long periods ().  
  • TESTING Frequency: When cortisol levels are high, test should be done every 3 months, but if well under control once a year. 
  • Cortisol BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)


  • Testosterone levels – About 40% of men over 45 have low testosterone levels. NOTHING is going to happen if your blood testosterone values are low. Now here just falling within normal parameters is NOT good enough. For the past decades male average levels have been falling on a yearly basis at a shocking rate. Your levels should be withing the top 20% mark of what is considered normal if you want even a fighting chance for a decent body transformation as an older guy.
  • TESTING Frequency: Every 6 months while on the T-MANGEMENT plan. Once a year while on TRT. 
  • Testosterone BLOOD TESTING KIT FOR HOME: (Use code “GERT20” for 20% discount)
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[T-Manage plan video]

Let’s look at the rest of this INTELLIGENT approach


I have dealt with this in-depth in various videos and articles. So without re-inventing the wheel, have a look here for CUTTING and BUILDING diets templates and macro’s:


Various approaches can be followed. However, the older body functions optimally when a muscle is trained once a week too failure (younger bodies can train muscle more regular to failure). With the exception of calves and core/abs – these groups should be trained more frequently to failure than once a week. Suggest 2-3 times.

A solid approach for the older body is the OB Super Set training approach:

Alternatively, here is another (non-superset) training approach which is rock solid:


A weighing scale, tape measurement and body fat callipers is required. Every 14 days you will go through process taking body measurements and stats with the above tools and record it in a logbook. (An Excel logbook is part of my ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching program). Critical is that you keep exact track of your daily calories. Then, based on this 14 days monitoring results, you will up or down your daily calories for the next 14 days according to specific rules based upon your previous 14 days monitoring results.. I’ve touched on this process in various of my articles and videos but the detailed concept is discussed in my ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching system for older guys. This is the only scientific approach to force results for the older guy.


The older body cannot (like the younger body) just take punishment day in day out. Continuing on a path of max weights and muscle failure training WILL eventually break the older body. I’ve seen it MANY times! To counteract this risk and get back to this “INTELLIGENT” approach, you have to introduce a system of CUTTING PHASE (light training – higher reps and lower weights, no training to failure) followed by a week rest period followed by a BUILDING PHASE (training to failure, less reps and heavier weights) followed by a week rest and repeat. All of this again discussed in detail in the ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching.


Referring you back to the PREP ACTIONS section at the beginning of this article. You need to follow the FREQUENCY recommendations for each of the tests suggested. This will ensure you stay on top of your health (making sure the “car”/body is in tip-top condition to deliver optimal results.) When over 50 – this becomes very necessary.

Don’t forget to go for your colonoscopy every 2 years after age 50. The last thing you want to catch you off guard is a frequent older body sickness – colon cancer!


Those of you following me closely will know why supplements is right at the bottom of the list. Simply because they carry the least amount of weight to get you to your goal. 99% of Supplement marketing claims are lies and half-truths. I do not even mention or discuss a supplement unless it has real science studies to support it and it has effective results. Read the following article I’ve posted:

My (science backed) approve list of supplements can be view here (as well as links where you can order it from trusted websites internationally):


Any of you thinking that you can bypass above, well, then you are playing Russian Roulette with both your health and body transformation. Be wise and do this INTELLIGENTLY!

If in doubt, clear this with your doctor!

Off course you can start with your transformation venture while in the process of attending to above, but until you have concluded all the PREP tests, I suggest only light training and no Creatine, while using only moderate amounts of protein. The new lifestyle approach (training/dieting) will have a positive effect on all these medical markers. 

Believe me, it is a great kick to see how your health is increasing by monitoring it scientifically.

Note: I have not include things like checking you blood sugar and whether you are diabetic or might have a sleep APNEA problems, both which can have massive negative effects on a body transformation. If you have any doubt please talk to your doctor just to make sure!

When these prep actions have been done and the body functions optimally, then nothing stands in your way of making your dream come true (your “engine” has been “serviced” and is running optimally)…with the right diet, training and supplement attack plan, and off course with the right amount of dedication!

Regarding all the PREP blood-work tests:You can either visit the doctor for every test.

Or, if you are the type of person like me that wants to take charge yourself (not having to visit the doctor for every blood work test) then I got good news. I’ve made some effort to organise for all my followers access and discount (20% discount – remember to use that at checkout!) to a company that provides kits for you to be able to do your bloodwork at your home. Scared of needles, lol, well, just a simple prick on the finger, filling a small vial with a sample of blood and send it off in pre-marked envelope in post to labs getting your results a couple of days later via your phone. ONLY AVAILABLE IN UK/Ireland, EUROPE and USA – rest of us, sorry dudes, off to the doctor we go!

Offcourse there are other medical companies out there who also deal with home tests. The one above is just one of a few but they are solid and discrete and was prepared to offer my followers a discount. Win-win for everyone.

If you want a ready-made plan for your body, goal and age and guiding you on all of above, then my older body coaching system (The ADVANCED SYSTEM II) is the perfect fit: CLICK HERE

Remember guys, for us older folk, we do not have the young healthy bodies anymore, but we have something even more valuable, wisdom. So, let’s use that wisdom and do this INTELLIGENTLY and kick some young butts!

Wishing you all much wisdom and happy training!

Gert Louw

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