Technical training mistake that slows growth!

The technical mistake preventing muscle growth

I expect guys new to training to make this mistake, but the truth is, most guys out there make this mistake even after years of training and as a result they just really struggle to grow.

Even after someone has pointed the mistake out to them, the light still does not go on for them! And they always complain they train so hard but just can’t grow. The truth is the body WILL respond to the right impulses, always!

Let me discuss this classic training technique mistake.

The core training rule for growth is the isolation rule:

  • ONLY the target muscle should be involved in lifting a weight.
  • NO other parts of the body or joints in the body should move and never ever must a weight be thrown. The moment that other parts move is when the brakes is slammed on growth for the target muscle simply because it has to do significantly less now to lift the weight.


OK, now all that words is going to be pretty much worthless to us guys who’s brains work better with pictures (me included) – lol.

So, let me use a video clip I shot recently of me doing some bicep training. (check out above posted video)

The perfect exercise to explain is the Bicep Dumbbell concentration curl. The whole idea of this exercise is built on the idea of isolating and focus on just the target muscle. By stabilizing the elbow and sitting, you eliminate all other muscles to perform only basic supporting roles with virtually no movement. The only muscle doing the work is the target muscle. And this is why many wrongly think the concentration curl specifically helps developing peaks. Not that it’s not true, But, it is not the actual exercise that results in peak but the isolation of the target muscle that.

Now, when doing any other bicep exercise the same concept must be in place.

Let’s say you are doing EZ bar bicep curls. ONLY the target muscle must do the work. Hips, legs, upper body, shoulders and especially elbows must be 100% stationary through the whole move. Nothing must move except the front arms. See how all my other joints are complete stationary. No other muscle must help you to do the job. 99% of your power for the move must only come from the target muscle, the bicep.

No throwing. Slow and controlled moves with a mind muscle connection on target muscle throughout the move.

Now, this is the key for any exercise. NOTHING MOVES. Keep all joints completely stationary throughout movement. ONLY move the joint required to isolated the target muscle in a slow and controlled way with the same up and down speed.

If you get this technical rule right from the start your growth will be lightyears above the rest, simply because now you actually train the muscle you are suppose to be training.

The way many guys train is that they might thing they doing bicep curls but with all the throwing and all joints moving, they are actually performing whole body axercises!


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So guys and girls…train focused and train wise.

Gert Louw


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