The OB (older body) SUPER SET training program

transformation over 50

Redesigning the older body

The OB SUPER SET training program are for those that want to take their training to a new level. It is not recommended for beginners, and I usually suggest that you must be minimum of a year on the ADVANCED SYSTEM II foundation and training approach before you consider this training approach.

The OB SUPER SET training program is designed to:

  • Keep gym/training time as short as possible (30-40 min).
  • Keep the body in a close as possible fat burning zone while doing resistance training.
  • Allow intense resistance training with constant monthly training chances to keep the muscles in guessing mode for optimal response.
  • Result in less strain on muscles and tendons due to slightly lighter weights.
  • Enhance overall shape and aesthetic look.
  • Ideal to get bodyfat low without the need for steroids.

What is included:

  • 3 Different Cutting phase training programs (month 1, month 2 and month 3).
  • 3 Different Building phase training programs (month 4, month 5 and month 6).
  • Exercise execution photos.
  • Rules and guidelines of the system.
  • (Natural) Detailed Testosterone Management plan for the older guy.
  • 21 pages of hard earned profesional information.

The diet, 14-day body monitoring and supplement approach forms part of the foundation laid in the ADVANCED SYSTEM II which you should (preferably) first follow before adopting the OB SUPER SET training approach.

Where can I get it?

To Purchase the OB SUPER SET training program at price of $49.99 US, use the following link: ORDER HERE

Note: please allow 24 hours for time zone differences for response after payment. (No bots handling traffic, I personally manage and handle each query/client).

Further inquiries can be made at:

Wish you all Happy Training!

Gert Louw

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