Over 40 T-MANAGE plan to manage TESTOSTERONE levels

This is the “T-MANAGE plan” for the older guy to enable him to systematically increase his blood testosterone levels. However, this article only contains the different LEVELS and TIERS for the T-Manage Plan. The actual rules on how to implement it (correctly) can be found in link below. The guiding rules (HOW TO instructions) is critical if you want to reach success with the T-Manage Plan.

The RULES on how to implement this plan can be found here: CLICK HERE

T-Management PLAN

Here a solid science based approach whereby the over 40 guy can take charge of his testosterone levels and manage it for optimal effectiveness.

The actions discussed in this document has been proven by various science studies as effective tools for testosterone management. Many popular testosterone treatment options, for example like Tribulus Terrestris, will not be discussed here since they only deliver marginal results. Only actions/meds delivering statistically significant results are included in this action plan to manage testosterone for the over 40 guy.

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The testosterone management process will have two big steps

  • Knowing your testosterone results (get blood work).
  • Implement the plan according to specific RULES.

One cannot manage something if you do not know the exact specifics about what you must manage. Thus it is CRITICAL that you must know what your exact testosterone levels.

Blood work is critical for managing testosterone levels:

  • TOTAL testosterone
  • FREE testosterone (unbonded)

Just a note on testosterone. The only testosterone that the body can effectively use is unbonded FREE testosterone. Roughly 98% of your testosterone will bond with either SHBG or protein albumin and that renders it pretty much null and void! FREE testosterone usually makes up about 2% of your TOTAL testosterone and the good news is, it is actually possible to manipulate it. [Testosterone BONDED with SHBG – roughly 64-65%, Testosterone bonded to the protein albumin – roughly 34-35%]

Your focus will be on your TOTAL testosterone levels and later on your FREE testosterone levels. Initially however, you will only focus on TOTAL testosterone. At a later stage your focus will shift to FREE testosterone when you fine tune your testosterone levels.

The current min/max for male TOTAL testosterone levels are: 270 to 1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL(although this actually differs slightly from region to region) [Your target for TOTAL test levels should be 800 to 1070ng/dL.]

Your FREE test levels is normally between 0.1 to 0.3 percent of your total testosterone levels. [Thus your target for FREE test levels should be 14 to 19.8 ng/dL.]

NOTE, testosterone targets should always be in the upper half of normal levels, preferably within the top 20 percent (meaning above 800ng/dL). This is CIRITCAL for the older guy who want to embark on a body transformation. Without sufficient testosterone the older body will NOT respond to muscle growth (or fat loss).

Before we get to the actual game-plan on how to manage the testosterone levels, lets discuss how to obtain your testosterone values. Unfortunately there is only one way,  blood work. However with some new products on the market this became much easier.

Bloodwork options:

  1. Find a doctor who are open minded enough that will give you some lab forms and allow you to visit the labs do the necessary bloodwork as and when you want. Get an arrangement with him that when the lab send him the bloodwork levels, that he forward it electronically to you. This is not so difficult – I have such an understanding with my doctor. But alas, you must find an open minded one first! This will be your cheapest and most effective route.
  2. The 2nd best choice would be to make use of an exciting new product, LetsGetChecked (highly legit medical company). They have various bloodwork home testing kits which allow you to bypass doctors completely and do your bloodwork from the comfort of your home. You still need to send in the vial with the blood but all is pre-arranged with envelopes, vials and everything you need and all very discrete. The only reason this is 2nd choice and not 1st is simply because it is the slightly more expensive option than a, otherwise it is by far the better and most comfortable choice.
      • The LetsGetChecked products of choice here are the
        • TESTOSTERONE TEST (checking only TOTAL test) and the
        • MALE HORMONE TEST (checking TOTAL and FREE test).
      • To order these test kits, click here: https://trylgc.com/gert
      • For 20% discount just type in code “GERT20”. Another behind the screens deal I have organised for my followers. (but you must order it through above link.)
      • This company service areas North America, Europe and UK but just double check the areas they support before ordering.
  3. The 3rd, and most expensive and also inconvenient choice, is to visit a medical doctor everytime you need testing. If you follow this route you will need to pay the doctor’s consultation fee’s as well as the lab test fee’s. And usually the doctor wants a follow up visit to discuss the results with you. And expensive option. Plus with this route you will have to face potentially narrow minded doctors that will flatly refuse and even give you lip. I will not expand on how I feel about that! Best choices for doctors for this purpose is SPORTS doctors that works with athletes or Urologists whom regularly deal with this stuff.

So, the moment that you got your results (which should be less than 5 days) then you are ready to start with your T-MANAGE plan where each level (total of 5 levels) will be 90 days in total. As soon as your TOTAL blood testosterone levels are above 800 ng/dL you can discontinue with the rest of the levels and you stay at that level and only do bloodwork once a year to ensure TOTAL testosterone stay above 800 ng/dL. The moment that value fall below 800 ng/dL, review whether you still implement everything correctly and if you do, move on to the next level.

Just before we get to the detail. When one apply a change to your body then you need a controlled environment to determine the success of that change. Thus employing multiple changes from different angles at once will render the controlled environment null & void. It is thus critical that only very specific changes (within the same logical grouping) be done within the 90-day period otherwise you will have no clue what worked and what not.

The 5  levels of the T-MANAGE plan.
  • Level 1 – Implement Tier ONE A [Lifestyle changes group A]
  • Level 2 – Implement Tier ONE B [Lifestyle changes group B]
  • Level 3 – Implement Tier TWO A [Supplement changes group A]
  • Level 4 – Implement Tier TWO B [Supplement changes group B]
  • Level 5 – Implement Tier THREE [TRT]

Level 5 – is the final level with TRT, which obviously most guys hope to avoid. But in the end it is but a very low price to pay to avoid low testosterone symptoms like

    • Low energy
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Low sex drive
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Low muscle mass
    • Struggle to lose fat

Here are the detailed five levels

Level 1 [lifestyle changes, TIER 1A]

The following lifestyle changes has been proven by scientific studies to increase total testosterone levels in men of all age groups:

  1. Put in place a weightlifting training regime (4 to 5 days of the week). Weights especially plays a big role to increase testosterone levels.
  2. Taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate as supplements for training help boost testosterone levels. [Here is my preferred choices on AMAZON for caffeine and creatine monohydrate]
  3. Caloric controlled diet. Here is a sample CUTTING DIET to follow: https://gertlouw.com/2017/09/08/free-cutting-building-diets-for-a-ripped-muscled-physique/

Too little calories or too much calories can disrupt your testosterone levels and force them down.

Level 2 [lifestyle changes, TIER 1B]
  1. Apply Intermittent Fasting to the diet in Level ONE. Intermittent Fasting has been shown to have the ability to moderately increase overall testosterone levels.
  2. Put in place specific relaxation techniques to help you cope better with stress and thus lowering your Cortisol levels. Lower Cortisol = higher testosterone levels.
  3. Extra Vit D & sun to activate Vit D. Half the US population has a vit D deficiency. Optimal vit D levels can increase testosterone levels by 25%! [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON for Vitamin D]
  4. Plenty of restful high-quality sleep. For example just cutting sleeping from 8 to 5 hours a day result in a 15% reduction in testosterone levels.

Just a few notes on Tier One B

    1. Healthy sex life boost testosterone levels.
    2. High exposure to estrogen-like chemicals will decrease testosterone levels dramatically. We are talking about fuel vapor, BPA, parabens and other chemicals found in plastic (remember my Africa vs the rest of the world example?)
    3. Laughter and happiness boost testosterone levels.
Level 3 [supplement, TIER 2A]

But before we discuss the supplements, let’s look at the science again here. The supplements out there that claim to raise overall testosterone levels has been shown to be close to worthless or has such a small effect that it is really not worth the money. There is no supplement out there that can effectively raise overall testosterone levels naturally. But (!) it is not actually about the overall testosterone levels. What it is about, is the FREE (not bonded to any proteins or SHBG) testosterone levels.

There might not be supplements that effectively raise overall testosterone levels but there are plenty of scientifically proven supplements out there that can rather effectively raise the FREE test levels, thus making the testosterone in your system MUCH more potent. Most of your testosterone in your system binds with SHBG (the sex hormone) or the protein Albumin and then become pretty much worthless to you! All that matters are the FREE testosterone (that 2%) that is available in your blood. They way most of these supplements work is to encourage SHBG or Albumin to bond with something else before it bonds with testosterone thus leaving more, FREE (unbonded) testosterone available in your system…and that’s all you want! The science studies showed a FREE test increase of 25% and more with these supplements.

The following easy-to-come-by supplements has been proven scientifically to rather quite effectively increase FREE test levels:

  1. Boron at (10mg per day) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Boron]
  2. Vitamin D (as directed on container) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Vit D]
  3. ZMA – Zinc and Magnesium  (as directed on container) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of  ZMA]
  4. DHEA (as directed on container) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of DHEA]
  5. DIM (as directed on container) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON od DIM]

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Level 4 [supplement group, TIER 2B]

The following hard-to-come-by supplements has some interesting science studies on mice/rats that showed to be very effective in increasing FREE test in subjects:

  1. Avena Sativa (active ingredient Avenacosides must be higher than 5%). This is actually OATS! But you need the concentrated active ingredient for it to be effective. [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Avena Sativa]
  2. Urtica Dioica / Stinging Nettles – must be from the root of the plant. [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Urtica Doioca]
  3. Carao (from the Cassia Grandis Plant) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Carao]
  4. Muira Puama. [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Muira Puama]
Level 5 [TRT, TIER 3]

If your doctor prescribe you TRT and your testosterone does not exceed the max level then you are NOT on steroids. He is treating a serious medical condition to get you healthy again. However, if you use TRT treatment while already having healthy (high) testosterone levels then well, then you are just another juicer.

Typical TRT dosage is 100mg every 7 days. More than 125mg per 7 days and you are juicing.

  • TRT (Testosterone Enanthate or Testoterone Propionate) – CLICK HERE TO ORDER
    • You get 12% discount when using the following coupon code ‘gertfitness‘.
    • On the site, search Testosterone Enanthate‘ or “Testosterone Propionate”. Choose either the TEST E 250 or TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 10ML/250MG (both EU warehouse brand) 
    • TRT must not exceed 125mg per week.
    • Trustworthy and discrete site supplying internationally.
    • TRT are used at your own risk and should be under doctor supervision!

The medical experts dealing with this is either a sports doctor or Urologist. They also have more understanding and knowledge in the field of TRT treatment. Your normal house doctor usually has very little knowledge about the subject and will most probably be reluctant to prescribe treatment.

So, what are the risks you are taking by having a testosterone level slightly above the max level?

  1. You will be slightly more prone to blood clotting. This however is not a problem when you are an active person taking part in regular training/sports/activity. But if you are very sedentary person, then there might be a risk.
  2. Shrinking “ball” size. The testis are the testosterone factories and when they are not being used, then slowly cycle down. This is a very slow process with normal levels of TRT so do not be overly concerned.

These are about the only real world side effects from TRT treatment you will ever experience. Remember guys testosterone is as natural to your body than water! There are many scary fake news and uninformed people out there claiming all kinds of things about TRT treatment, but simply put, they are uneducated. TRT has been very well tested and researched. You cannot get any of the normal steroid side effects from TRT because your testosterone levels are NORMAL when on TRT!

So guys, there you have it. A science based approach cutting through all the 1000’s of worthless products out there.

My coaching system for the older guy including all of this, ADVANCED SYSTEM II, is a complete customised body transformation blueprint which incorporates all my teachings. Wanna sign up? Just CLICK here.

If you put in the necessary effort with the T-manage plan, it will make a HUGE difference. You will have a quality of life feeling 10 years plus younger.

Reminder, to order any of these products and home blood testing kits, visit my SUPPLEMENTS ORDER page for the links to order products from trusted suppliers online.

Wish you all healthy testosterone levels guys and please be safe during these scary times!

Gert Louw

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  1. Excellent information and very well structured easy to follow – I’m going to start this journey I’ve been thinking about it and procrastinating for long enough. I’m 48 and have weight trained in the past but I’ve had poor health and have had treatments in the past that have effected my T levels and also closely related thyroid levels, this confirms what I was thinking regarding low mood, low energy/motivation, harder and harder to loose fat etc I have approached my GP ref T levels and got the test but just scraped in with a result bordering on low and that was it no follow up, so will take matters into my own hands and get it tested for optimal levels with test kits at home – Thank you Gertlouw I have been following your YouTube channel for a good while – I will also donate to keep articles like this available – excellent research


    Steve G

      1. Hi Gertlouw – that would be great much appreciated – I’m booking an appointment today to get the bloods done – thanks for the email


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