Nasty people – this one is for YOU!

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This one is NOT for my followers/friends but for those, well, that simply does not like me. So friends and followers…skip this one! But you, yes you (!), read/watch this…

Now  why would I even bother talking to my haters?

Well, it is not about what they say (that is water of my back), it is about the intensity of hate they show that bugs me.

I find it difficult to comprehend just how dark a person’s heart must be to utter such intense hate to someone they know nothing about. Call me naïve but for me one must always act with the same moral and integrity rules which you apply in life, whether you are on internet or whether you physically talk to a person standing next to you.

My blocked list on youtube is challenging my subscribers list.

If you look at every article I wrote, every comment I made, every video I’ve made then you would very quickly see I adhere to 3 things:

  • I show every person the same respect I want them to show me
  • Integrity is extremely important to me
  • My moral conduct is guided by the one I follow – Jesus Christ.

So the fact that so many people have a distinct dislike in me, well, I reckon that is a sad sign of the times. It seems this is the way the world is today…hate is increasing for those that show respectful behaviour and integrity. The bad is becoming good in the eyes of the world and the good is becoming bad…

Now my rule is simple – If you don’t show basic common decency with your comments, sorry, you will be blocked. I never waste my time in responding to negative or destructive comments. I focus on the positive and uplifting in life.

The surest sign of a man with a lack of integrity is how he/she interacts in the faceless environment of internet. Thinking you can say what and how you want without any accountability or consequences tells me everything I want to know about you and it shows your heart in all it’s not-so-beautiful colours.

The moment a swear word exit’s your mouth it shows exactly what is in your heart. Because, what is in the heart, always (!) comes out the mouth…especially when it is in a faceless environment.

You have no idea who I am, what I’ve been through, how hard I’ve worked for what I have, whether I am a man of integrity, my path I walked with God, the challenges I am facing in my life and how many times I was at death’s door and how it changed me. You watch one minute of a  video of me, know nothing and then you want to wash out your mouth?

Don’t get me wrong, I have MUCH respect for any person saying anything, as long as he/she shows basic respect and common decency towards me. You can disagree with me 100% but as long as you are prepared to treat me with the same respect that I am treating you with, then we can talk like grown-ups and have a decent conversation.

But, you don’t care what you say, who you say it to and what effect it has on people. All you want to see is that you have made an impact with your nasty comment. An impact of hurting someone…it takes a dark heart my friend. And you know what? The worst of all is, you love that darkness.

If you want to know what I stand for, stop coming to conclusions before you have not read my blog only then do you have an idea of who and what I am. And even then, when you speak to me it must be in a decent manner applying the same level of respect that you want me to apply to you no matter how much you dislike me.

Now, just to annoy you even further. Yes, I will keep on mentioning my relationship with Jesus Christ when I think it is applicable. This is my channel, whether you like it or not, He is and always will be my rock in life. I don’t care for political correctness, I care for what is right and what is wrong. I have many incredible faith experiences and many things to tell you but the fact is you are not interested and neither would you believe anything I say. But that is all fine as long as you respect my beliefs the way I respect yours.

Why is our society in this moral declining abyss? Simple – Jesus Christ is banned out of schools. With no moral anchor to guide us, children are blasted with gruesome violent and horrifically chilling video games. Children can do nearly anything in school as long as it got nothing to do with Jesus Christ who, ironically (!), was the biggest mentor of selflessness, respect and love for your fellow human being and moral guide to ever walk this earth. Children and adults alike have easy and free porn access on internet. Sex shops are around the corner and drugs and booze are easy to come by. Parents are banned from shaping kids into respectful adults through the most effective discipline tool, a good hiding. The result of all of this is just one thing – broken families and a broken world with extreme disrespectful youth growing up into disrespecting and moral-less adults. But the flaps stays over our eyes…we cannot seem to realize what is happening. Now you my friend, are a product of this broken society falling down this dark abyss. Why do you continue to do it? Is this really what you want to be? Do you not yearn to better yourself inside and outside and becoming someone you are proud off?

Don’t get me wrong. I am FAR from perfect! I still struggle with many things in my life…but one thing I do, is to seek a path where I always better myself continuously. I want to look into that mirror and like the inside and outside of that person I see. To be a man of integrity brings much peace in one’s life…that (!) I can promise you.

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I have not invited you to watch my channel or visit my sites. So if you do, it is out of your own accord. You don’t like what you see, please leave and never come back. But stop leaving nasty comments that only show just how dark your heart is. I don’t visit your site and leave nasty comments, show me the same respect. The old saying goes “If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.”

You need to let in some light into that heart my friend. You are in serious need of it…

Just do not expect me to read any of your hateful comments. My time and energy is spent on positive and uplifting things and the last thing I have time for is to entertain your dark heart.

May the peace of Christ be with you always.

Gert Louw



8 thoughts on “Nasty people – this one is for YOU!

  1. Hey Gert,

    I think it is a case of “Jealousy makes you nasty”. Your site is and will always be inspirational. Guys like me that battle with serious health issues and cannot at this point int time train as hard and dedicated as you are very envious! I believe in karma….and you know what they about karma…lol! Rock on dude!

  2. I’m sorry to hear people have been mean to you. I understand the frustration of just wanting to do what you love and people wanting to stomp it out. The hate is intense because its all they have to hold on too for vindication of their wicked lives.

    I am a public figure as well and the bigger you climb the bigger the sticks they use to beat you with. If it helps any, once I studied Cluster B personality disorders (narcissistic, histrionic, borderline and antisocial) I saw what a deadly cocktail it was for empathic people as ourselves and how we can get addicted ourselves to thinking about their ugliness.

    It only took a couple of days to see all their agendas and strategies online are scary exactly the same and the details of what they were saying or doing just faded off because my addiction to even the tiniest people pleasing inside my brain was terminated. It’s weird I don’t even read or see it and I just scroll along.

    Maybe this is something you want to check out? Its all I can offer except that I love your stuff and it helped me alot going to the gym and restore my damaged confidence. Please don’t ever stop. I find you very inspirational and you give me hope.

    P.S The best videos on the subject I mentioned that are entertaining on the subject are ‘Inner Integration’ and ‘Spartan Life Coach’. They really freed me of the ‘haters’.

  3. Gert:
    Haters are gonna hate. I appreciate you posts and hope you continue them. You are defintely a positive person getting your message out there. The brief moment I met you at the movie theater at the Waterfront made me feel that you are a humble, kind-hearted person and we need more of that to set the example for our children. Your outlook and how you live your life is inspring.

    Thank you,
    Ken Turner

    1. Hi Ken,
      Wow man so nice to hear from you. I remember you well!
      Thanks for that kind comment brother…totally appreciate!
      Wish you a blessed and adventure filled weekend…

  4. Gert, sorry to hear the hate has become so intense! I cannot even imagine the discouragement and frustration that must cause you. I trust you can continue to focus on the positive feedback as much as possible. I know you are an inspiration to many, many people, especially middle age guys, even if most never mention anything personally or online. Additionally, always remember John 15:18, 1 John 3:13 and others! The amount, style, etc, of the hate may be surprising, but the ultimate source and reason is never a mystery. Keep pursuing the good, the true and the beautiful! Peace, brother!

    1. Hi Shack,
      Yeah as much as I try not to admit it…it really gets me when people are so absolutely hateful without no reason. I believe in the good, search for the good and treat my fellow human being with kindness and much love. I am not used to such behaviour. But alas venturing on internet means I have to learn to manage it and live with it. Soooo right about the ultimate source of that hate my friend! Thanks for the bible versus – you caring means a lot for me. Wish u the peace of Christ and a adventure filled weekend! Your friend from Cape Town – Gert

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