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One of my followers on youtube asked me [Bora Ecer] – “Gert what do you use today at 55? Is there any change in your thoughts about supplements? Thanks in advance.”

Most of my supplement videos I posted, especially those going viral was of my supplement regime before the age of 50.

So, Bora got a very legitimate question.

Ok, now what has changed after 50 regarding my daily supplement stack?

My focus changed to accommodate the following:

  • Muscle repair and pain management (a critical issue for the over 50 bodybuilder)
  • Promoting gut health (another issue most older people struggle with and after ending on Morphine in hospital this year with extreme gut pain – no laughing matter!)
  • Less strain on especially kidneys (but also liver).
  • Cancer fighting supplements (also no joke – my colonoscopy had 2 pre-cancerous pollups removed this year…so I had to up my game with cancer fighting supps)


Here is a typical day in my supplement regime

Waking up

  • RSO oil – 2 drops (cancer protection and training recovery & pain management). Very interesting stuff and in a month or so will be doing an extensive video about this, so don’t wanna spoil everything now. What is RSO oil? Simply put, the full spectrum Cannabis extract in an oil base. Yip – kid u not! Also very effective is the CBD oil which is the same as RSO without the “trippy” aspects.
  • Iberogast – 20 drops (for gut health) [I order my IBEROGAST from AMAZON]

Gert Louw fresh air

After morning meal

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 1 tablet / 250mg (skin health, strong anti-oxidant, liver protection) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Alpha Lipoic Acid]
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 – 1 tablet / 250mg (heart health, gum health, energy, strong anti-oxidant) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Co-Enzyme Q10]
  • Potent Multi Vit – 1 sachet [My preferred choice on Amazon of  Potent Multi Vit]
  • Vitamin C – 1 tablet / 1000mg slow release (anti-oxidant protection against viral infections) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Vitamin C]
  • Cranberry Extract – tablets as directed on container (artery health / urinary tract health / protect against kidney infection) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Cranberry Extract]
  • Metformin – 1 tablet / 500mg (protection against certain cancers prostate/colon/pancreas) ONLY AVAILABLE ON PRESCRIPTION.
  • Ecotrin (baby aspirin) – tablets as directed on container (heart health / blood thinning) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Ecotrin]
  • Joint Support – tablets as directed on contrainer (Glucosamine/MSM/Collagen Blend/Grape Seed Extract – all for joint health) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Joint Support]
  • Omega 3 – 1 capsule / 1000mg (hormonal health and many other benefits) [My preferred choice on Amazon of Omega 3]

Before & During Training (I train 12am to 1pm)

  • Cafeiene – max allowable strength tablets / powder [10 min before training]
    • Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Cafeine
  • L-Glutamine – 5g (muscle recovery) [during training]

After training

  • Whey protein – 20g (mixed in water – fast protein absorption after training)
  • L-Glutamine – 5g (muscle recovery)
  • RSO oil – 2 drops

After evening food

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 1 tablet / 250mg (skin health, strong anti-oxidant, liver protection)
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 – 1 tablet / 250mg (heart health, gum health, energy, strong anti-oxidant)
  • Joint Support – tablets as directed (Glucosamine/MSM/Collagen Blend – all for joint health)
  • Omega 3 – 1 capsule / 1000mg (hormonal health and many other benefits)
    • Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Omega 3


  • CBD or RSO oil – 2 drops (sleep / anti-cancer / recovery / pain management)
  • Iberogast – 20 drops (gut health)
    • Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Iberogast
  • ZMA – tablets as directed (sleep aid and many other health benefits)
    • Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of ZMA

Sunset flex

Skin health

One of the questions I get asked very often is how do I get my skin to look so healthy and young? This is where the Alpha Lipoic acid plays a very big role. Key obviously is also lots of filtered water everyday (2 glasses after waking up then a tall glass every hour) and be weary of too much sun. Off course I also use a good skin moisturizer for the face and then bio-oil for the rest of the body after shower, every-day.

Each of the supplements I use got extensive science studies behind them.

I do not use anything that does not have some solid positive clinical trials behind it even if it was just on mouse or rats at the very least. But it must have PROOF that it works.

Well, guys, there you have it!

Those interested, my coaching is specifically for the older 
guy. It is unlike other coaching systems out there and a rather 
comprehensive blueprint system helping you to get everything 
CORRECTLY into place. Customised for your body and goals. 
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Lastly, you can order any of the supplements/training gear/TRT/Peptides/Sarm’s/etc. that I discussed in all my articles through my SUPPLEMENTS ORDER page. Specifically created for my clients but now also available for my followers. Some good discounts also on that page. Only supplements that WORK listed and with the necessary science studies to back it up.

Wish you all happy training!

Gert Louw

Showing abs

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