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Staying Focused Even Though You Don’t See Results

Many beginners give up on their fitness goals because they do not seem to be making any progress. Although they are going to the gym and cleaning up their diet, they don’t look any different. Demotivated by the lack of results, they give up on turning their fitness fantasy into a reality. What they do not to realize is that reaching their fitness goals takes time, so staying motivated and consistent, especially at the beginning when there appears to be no progress, is critical.

 In fact, you are almost guaranteed to pass through a period of time at the beginning of your fitness journey when your hard work seems to produce little to no results. According to the website, most of the strength gains you make in the beginning of a weight training program are due to neurological adaptations rather than muscle growth. Thus, a significant increase in muscle growth usually does not occur until after you have been training consistently for 8-10 weeks. Although the time it takes to see fat loss results varies, many people report that it takes at least a few weeks to notice a visual difference in your body if you lose weight at the recommended pace of 1-2 pounds per week.

 Although the lack of immediate results can be discouraging, a look at people who have dramatically changed their physique reveals that reaching your fitness goals takes time. Arnold Schwarzenegger, arguably the most popular bodybuilder in history, is a prime example. According to, he lifted weights for the first time in 1960, but he did make his pro debut until 1968 when he won the NABBA Mr. Universe title. The following year he competed at the Olympia Weekend, the epitome of bodybuilding competitions, but he came in second to Sergio Oliva. However, his persistence paid off: he defeated Sergio Oliva the following year and won the 1970 Mr. Olympia title. He went on to win the Mr. Olympia title every year through 1975 and then again in 1980. Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is now a household name because of his bodybuilding and acting career, it took years of consistent dieting and training in order to develop an award-winning physique.

 Because it takes so long to see fat loss or muscle building results, many beginners get demotivated and quit; however, it is important to realize that just like mastering a foreign language or obtaining a college degree, there are few if any immediate results. Instead, you have to stay motivated enough to work hard for weeks, months, and sometimes even years, before you see any significant payoff. If you can make it through the initial stage of apparently little return on investment and you can continue dieting and training consistently, you are sure to reach your long-term fitness and physique goals.


Hope u enjoyed Parnell’s contribution. He himself had a awesome transformation.

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