A killer 6-pack in 90 days!

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How many times have you heard similar slogans and the only requirement was this or that supplement that will do the trick, or a simple exercise that is supposed to produce magic results.

In this article I will tell you how to get that coveted 6-pack in 90 days BUT one thing you need to understand, there is NO magic pill that will ever produce a 6-pack (not even anabolics can do it alone!) and there is no single exercise that on its’ own can give you a 6-pack.

You will see that I said, “90 days”. There is a very good reason why. 90 Days is a period in which the body can actually make a visible difference in muscle-building and fat loss with the necessary skill applied.

To get that coveted 6-pack you need to do two major things:

  1. Build the ab-muscles to increase in size (enlarge the peaks and valleys).
  2. Decrease the fat layer covering the abs while feeding the muscles for growth.


So let’s get down to business…

How do you build the muscle of the 6-pack in a 90 day period?

  • The abs (and calves) are of a different muscle fibre type that get stimulated for growth with more frequent training than the other muscles groups and also at a higher rep range per set.
  • For just about all the other muscles you will perform (for muscle growth) about 8 reps per set. For abs we are talking closer to 25 reps per set.
  • Other muscles will generally be trained once a week intensely. Abs can and for the purpose of this discussion must be trained up to 3 times a week intensely, typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Forget about fancy moves, stick to proven fundamental exercises that build muscles. One word here – CRUNCHES! There is NO other ab exercise that stimulates the 6-pack growth like the crunch. Various forms of crunches exist, ie: exercise ball crunches, legs in air crunches, crunch bench, etc…



The purpose of a crunch is to contract the muscles of the abs really intensely. When performing any type of crunch, you need to lift the shoulders and upper body just slightly and crunch with the abs. You need to focus the abs so hard at the crunch that you feel pain. If the abs do not start paining after a couple of reps you are NOT doing the crunch correctly. Very few exercises deliver the intense pain the crunch delivers and 99% of people do it wrong because they don’t like the pain. A saying from one of my favorite movies is: “Life is pain princess. Anyone tells you differently, well they are lying.” So suck it up and do it. If you really want that 6-pack you will learn to LOVE that pain!

Here follows your plan of attack for growing the ab muscles:


upper-body-crunchesimagesimages (1)exercise ball ab crunches


[Here is my preferred choices on AMAZON for the bench and exercise ball in above pictures]

The above is all different versions of the crunch. The crunch focuses on the ab area but not the obliques.

To get the obliques to stand out it is usually just a matter of putting in a slight twist with the crunch, alternating between the two sides.

A dedicated oblique exercise is the following – RUSSIAN TWIST:


[Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON for the medicine ball.]

This can be done with a medicine ball or holding a weight. However when this move is performed your technique must be perfect or you can hurt your back. Keep the abs contracted and stop the move with your abs and core and not the back or other muscles.

The last ab exercise of note that works the ab to the core and WILL make the abs ache for at least two days is LEG THROWS, yep, good old-fashioned leg throws. Your training partner must throw the legs straight down with force and to either side without you knowing where he is going to throw it.You are not allowed to touch the ground. (If you don’t have training partner, try and find someone to help you with this, I consider it an important aspect of developing impressive abs.)

leg throws

[Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON for exercise mat]

These are the three types of ab exercises to stimulate growth.

Your training must be as follows – Monday, Wednesday and Friday you must do an ab session consisting of:

  • 4 sets of 25 reps of CRUNCHES (any form of crunch)
  • 4 sets of 50 reps LEG THROWS.
  • 3 sets of 25 reps RUSSIAN TWIST with weight.
  • 3 sets of 25 reps of CRUNCHES (different variation)


You doing this consistently for a 90-day period and you WILL stimulate the abs for growth. But now come the even bigger part of the trick!

No matter how good you train and stimulate the abs for growth, if you do not feed the body now correctly NO GROWTH WILL OCCUR!

The Diet is critical for 2 reasons

  • To feed the muscles to grow (after they were stimulated for growth by the exercises).
  • To cut down the fat layer on the tummy. If the fat layer on the tummy is more than 12%, no matter how good those abs are, they will be covered by an invisible cloak!


Now, how do you cover the above two points? Well, I can refer you to a serious diet structure specialized for this kind of deliverable, but instead I am going to make it easy for you.

Stick to these basic simple diet rules and you WILL see results:

  1. You must eat 7 small meals per day – evenly spread out from point of waking to point of going to bed.
  2. Each meal must contain clean protein, low GI (Glycemic Index) carb and some veggies – generally fist size portions.
  3. You must drink a BCAA and L-Glutamine shake during training to prevent muscles going catabolic. [Here is my preferred choices on AMAZON for the BCAA and L-Glutamine]
  4. You must drink a WHEY shake and L-glutamine with banana after training – immediately (replace one meal) [Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of a quality WHEY PROTEIN]
  5. You must get at least 3 tablespoons of salt free, sugar-free peanut butter in per day – this is critical to keep your hormone levels healthy!
  6. You must drink 4L (1.05 gallon) of water per day.
  7. Alcohol only once a week and not more than 500ml of wine (2/3 of a bottle). No carbs at meal when drinking alcohol.


As easy as that! 90 days later and that 6-pack will be rather impressive!

Regarding genetics – I’ve never met a person that was unable to increase muscle size by following growth principles (including right diet, etc…). The abs are like any muscle, when sufficiently stimulated they will grow if fed correctly!

Last point…

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Although the above plan will deliver 6-pack results, that body is going to look all the more impressive with not just a 6-pack but broad strong shoulders, deep chest, muscled biceps, strong legs and a v-back. Make this an opportunity not just to get that 6-pack in 90 days but an impressive body from head to toe!

With the focussed (Advanced System II) transformation system which has been developed specifically for the older guy, it is actually very possible now to reach your goals! Just click here to find out more or to signup - https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-secrets/


Wish you all happy training! Cheers

Gert Louw



10 thoughts on “A killer 6-pack in 90 days!

  1. Hi. Awesome program. Started today. Couldn’t get the full set of leg throws but got 2 of 25. I’m particularly interested in points 3 and four as to a recommendation of what to use. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you and showing of my abs in 90 days. Oh yeah, the 7 small meals prove difficult as I feel my stomach can’t make.

    1. Hey Tricia – Good brands out there are On Nutrition, EAS, HMT amongst others. Choosing from such quality brands and you should be fine. You buy the BCAA shake (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and L-Glutamine (White powder) separate and mix the two together. The same with the Whey Protein and L-Glutamine, buy separate and mix the two for after training.
      The 7 small meals are more important than you think. It raise the base metabolism, resulting in smaller tummy, keep the body flooded continuously with the right nutrients and prevent blood sugar from dropping too drastically thus preventing catabolic environments. Seven from experience seem to be the right amount but anything better than the traditional 3 meals a day will make a positive difference. However I strongly suggest a lifestyle change to 7 small meals daily.

  2. Have you got a 90 muscle building routine. One that might take 30-40 mins a day. Really pushed for time.. My diet is good just need the routine. Heard German volume is good

    1. Hi Trevor, the resistance training routine in my COACHING SYSTEMS (Check out this link: http://gertlouw.com/contact-me/) is a 40 minute session when training on your own. It is a hardcore training system focussed just on increasing size in an aesthetic balanced way.
      If you are interested to sign up let me know…

  3. Great Article…..For me the diet could be difficult due to budget, some of the recommendations cost more money than I can spare right now, but the plan is very doable and what I lack in money I make up in desire…

    Thank You Again Bruh….

    1. Thanx Chavel and great to hear from you. Yeah man, eating right and especially for growth is no cheap business! Stay strong and train hard buddy! G.

  4. Good points as always. Its making a meal plan that works for you and sticking to it that are difficult. The gym part and pain are the easy parts.

    1. Agree the major challenge is the diet part. But in my early days I just adhered to those 7 diet principle rules and really got very far with it. If you do not have what it takes for a calorie controlled diet and the effort that goes hand in hand with it, implimenting such basic rules guiding your eating regime can help a lot especially for someone who had no control whatsoever about what he eats. Anyway train hard and grow buddy! G.

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