Did science just proof walking don’t help for fat-loss?

The Science Study

Man, I just love these studies coming out, one after the other, that “seems” to derail age old thinking and just plain common sense. I really wonder who the sponsors of these studies are – lol.

Anyway, Brigham Young University released its findings on a recent study of whether 10000 to 15000 steps per day was enough to lose fat.

Three Groups were tested (10000 steps, 12500 steps and 15000 steps, all 6 days per week) over period of over 24 weeks.

Now, when I just looking at the company my wife work at, most of the staff is low income staff. Which means they walk, walk and walk more. They average easy 20k to 30k steps per day.

These same people eat slap chips, fatty carbs and everything sweet under the sun without stopping and never less than 6 large spoons of sugar in a single coffee cup. But all of them are basically slim in figure, why? Because they walk and walk and walk!

For all the past years, it was basically common sense that walking aid in fat loss or at least prevent weight gain. Lots of walking burn energy and a lot of energy burnt = eventual fat loss.

Now this study comes and try and turn everything on its head.

The Findings

Let’s look at their findings:

“In the end, the study’s authors observed that the increased step counts were not enough to prevent the students from gaining an average of 3.5 pounds over the 24-week period. (The researchers cited previous studies that suggested college students “commonly” gain between 2 and 9 pounds in their first year at school.)”


And off course one can easily see just how skew people are going to interpret this study. Every overweight person is now going to use this study as an excuse that walking does not help. This is just going to be another tool in the arsenal of the lazy as to why they should rather not walk or exercise for weight loss!

And this is my point. Why at all even do this type of studies? But slowly I guess we are educating our own stupidity.

The undisputed fact remains that for the human body to take just one step,  burns energy – full stop! Taking enough (?) steps and you will (!) burn enough energy to reflect on the scale. This is a science. Just look at a marathon runner. Have you ever seen a fat marathon runner? No, because they are waaay beyond the amounts of steps where they start losing fat.

Now, these youngsters in the study (it was apparently freshman – which makes me actually wonder if they did not tamper with the results committing a prank – lol) obviously did not reach the level of steps required for their age to enable them to start losing fat. For them it obviously was in excess of 15 000. Which, darn…is a LOT. In my recent adventures travelling Singapore, Thailand and Dubai, I averaged about 15 000 steps per day and for me it made a big difference of keeping the fat off on holiday. So where the 15 000 steps for a 20 y/o might not cut it, it definitely drops dramatically for 30, 40, 50, etc… year olds.

The study sounds very interesting but in fact, in all practical terms, it is pretty much worthless.

All this showed us (and simply confirmed for the upteenth time) is that the key to losing weight is and always will be daily caloric control, meaning diet. Exercising or steps is secondary to that. Although exercise burns calories, it is not nearly as much as we think and hardly ever enough to burn into your fat storage.

I myself transformed and lost my unwanted fat not via exercises but ONLY via dieting correctly. I did zero cardio (and very little steps) during my transformation, only heavy weight, low rep, exercises which traditionally burns much less calories than cardio related training.

Bottom line – you can never rely only on exercise or steps for weight-loss (unless you are a marathon runner), the key is and always will be diet control. In my and many other transformation coaches book, the diet counts for an 80% stake in reaching your fat-loss goals.

The Mortality “step” study

Another “step” study done at Harvard Medical School, actually proofed that mortality rates decreased among subjects walking roughly 7500 steps per day. Beyond the 7500 it did not make much of a difference.

Now, that (!) is an interesting study with interesting results. This means that our daily target should be 7500 steps.

Steps will nearly never truly assist you in weight-loss, unless you plan to walk Africa from North to South! Forget about it as a primary tool. It is simply a low-key additional tool to help your diet and too burn that extra bit of energy and keeping you healthy – aka NOT dying!

My standpoint as Transformation Coach

So this is where I stand as a transformation coach on “steps” and similar exercises. Exercise in any form should never be used as the primary tool for weight/fat-loss. Diet is your primary tool. You’re daily goals for steps is 7 500 and only when coupled to a very strict caloric controlled diet will you reap benefits with weight-loss.

Here is the link of the original article/news item: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/walking-10000-steps-wont-aid-weight-loss-study

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