Carnivore diet – yes or no?

One of my followers ask me to do a quick video about the Carnivore diet’s applicability for us older muscle seekers.

What is the Carnivore diet?

Before we start, let’s look at the definition:  The Carnivore Diet excludes all foods except meat, eggs, and small amounts of low-lactose dairy products (butter and hard cheeses). Thus no carbs, no bread, no pizza (!), no fruits, no vegetables, lumes, grains, nuts or seeds. Even coffee and tea is discouraged. Meat, meat and more meat, only meat!

The name sounds “lekker” as we would say in Afrikaans. Just the diets name alone makes one hungry. Apart vegans and vegetarians in this world, who would will not like a diet which basically only your favourite food group with all other food groups banned.

Meat, meat and more meat…sounds like heaven.

But is it?

The benefits and claims

Well there has been quite a few people who absolutely believe in this approach and their claims about its benefits are certainly interesting.

The claims amongst others are that (apart from the obvious fatloss and muscle gain) the carnivore diet can treat depression, anxiety, arthritis, obesity, diabetes…and the list continue.

Anything with such excessive claims always (!) let me always lift an eyebrow! The main problem with the Carnivore diet at this stage is the fact that there is absolutely NO SCIENCE that backs any of its claims. Nadda, niks, zero! So, all one can do is listen to people’s experiences and opinions.

Now that out of the way, the original requests stand in what I as a transformation coach think of the Carnivore diet.

I am a science guy and with no science behind it, it is already a big negative.

But let me dissect it a bit more. With all the protein consumed (especially if you get a good variety in), it is definitely a potential bodybuilding diet. You will meet and exceed your daily muscle building protein requirement. And since Creatine is found in meat, you going to get a healthy dose of that in as well. Creatine is considered the most potent muscle building supplement this side of steroids.

The animal fat consumed with this diet is high. Much higher than what any dietician would recommend. So, there should be no problem about getting enough calories in.

So definitely it has positives.

What about the negatives?

But now, the negatives:

  1. Testimonials from people are untested from a science point of view. It is just opinions until it can be verified by science. However, this does not mean none of the claims are true.
  2. The diet contains no fibre and a shocking shortage of vitamins and minerals. This shortcoming has a magnitude of problems coming with it.
  3. Cholesterol problems will be a high concern.
  4. And there are more, but let’s stick with that for now.

My conclusion?

For a guy between 20-40, it might actually be a intersting idea to follow this diet for short term periods. A possible idea might be to follow a healthy bodybuilding diet (here is sample’s of such a diet structure: (CLICK HERE FOR CUTTING DIET) during your 3 months cutting phase and then consider (with your doctor’s approval) the Carnivore diet for the 3 month Building Phase obviously with a Potent Multi Vitamin. It will be interesting to see how the body responds on an all meat diet during a building phase. So, if some of you are willing to do this experiment it will be great if you can give us some feedback.

If I were waaaay younger with no kidney issues, I might have just consider to give it a try but only short periods of 3 months during the Building Phase.

But, for the 40-50 y/o guy I think it might be risky. Two major negatives come to mind:

  1. pressure on kidneys from excess protein and
  2. cholesterol problems.

For the guy over 50, I think is simply very unwise. After 50 the kidneys cannot work through such a lot of protein on a daily basis. Kidney function will definitely drop as a result. And off course at this age high cholesterol becomes death threatening.

So, there you have my opinion and insight as a transformation coach. Younger than 40, maybe a give it a try. Over 40 it may be wise to rather steer clear.

Obviously, we are waiting for some science studies to give us a clearer understanding of the Carnivore diet. But right now few health professionals support this diet and actually consider it a rather dangerous and risky diet approach.


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