Vegetarian MEAT skin-patch released. REALLY?!

We are living in interesting times, scary, but interesting.

100 yrs ago vegetarians/vegans would probably have been candidates for psychiatric treatment. Today every 2nd upcoming yuppy is on the bandwagon.

My food roots

Am I one of them? No, not a chance! I LOVE my meat. Call me a hardcore “boerseun” or like the Americans say, “I am from Texas”. Although, I probably look more hardcore than I actually am, I have never killed anything that I eat. Oh, half correct, did kill something the other day. Shot a dove that refused to get of our stoep. Wife called me a “murderer” and I nearly had to sleep on the coach. PS – I did feel bad for the poor thing. Apparently doves have partners for life like humans…

So, I must admit, this article is difficult for me to keep a straight face and not make a pun around every corner, because I still feel like the people from a 100 yrs ago. These Vegans/Vegetarians don’t make sense to me…something has to be wrong, maybe it is something in the water. Or maybe I’ll pull a Trump and say “the windmills might cause this vegetarian sensation”.

Don’t get me wrong, many vegetarians/vegans I know is friends of me, even family members. So, I still love them – lol! But boy, they can be a pain!

The temptation

The biggest temptation faced by vegans/vegetarians is the challenge to eventually give in to the meat cravings, especially bacon.  And it is really a BIG temptation for them. All jokes aside, EVERY vegan/vegetarian I’ve met in my life up till this point, eventually started eating meat somewhere down the road. They simply could not live without it. They tried, they tried very hard, but temptation was too great.

The new MEAT skin-patch

And this is where this new released product comes into play. To finally curb that temptation for the vegans/vegetarians.

Believe it or not, a Vegan company released a nicotine-like “meat patch” for vegetarians/vegans. This is to help them with meat cravings, especially bacon cravings.

I am sure many vegans/vegetarians is going to jump up and down over this otherwise the company would not have spent the money on R&D’ing it. Simply put, the meat craving is the number one reason for failure with the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle approach.

Now finally science has found an answer.

How does it work?

You put it on you like a nicotine patch. Nothing happens, but when you get the urge you simply scratch the patch and the incredible aroma of greasy bacon being grilled is filling the air around you. So, you just smell away as much as you want.

Like you never ever even missed bacon.0_Tommy-Fury-unveils-the-new-Meat-Patch

Here is a photo of the guy appointed to promote the product on social media, Tommy Fury the boxer with the patch on his arm.


Lets analyze temptation

So, this company say, to stop a temptation one must apply a temptation from a difference sense (touch, smell, see) of the exact same thing you crave, and that will then stop the temptation.

Now let me use this specific example about how I experienced temptation up to this point in my life. Being a guy, let’s say I am super horny (yeah, I know it happens even though I am married for 30 years plus!). Now, this company say, the way to make that urge or temptation to go away is for me to browse through sexy photos of my wife. Lol, now, I am sorry but that is NOT going to make the urge going away, In fact, she will be in trouble because that is going to dramatically increase my urge.

In my common-sense thinking, it is going to have the exact opposite effect.

There is simply no way that, by increasing a temptation, ever, is going to satisfy an urge or craving or help it go away.

The professor (in experimental psychology), Charles Spence  who was part of the R&D claims, “Our sense of smell is strongly connected to our ability to taste therefore experiencing food related cues such as smelling a bacon aroma, can lead us to imagine the act of eating that food,”

Now, professor, I respect your knowledge but when I have an urge for bacon, the smell has never, ever curbed the urge. It everytime increases the urge 10-fold.

I believe the company (Strong Roots – Irish vegetarian frozen food brand) is sincere in launching the product. I mean, even a professor from Oxford formed part of the design team.

But I do fail to comprehend how they could not have thought this through.

Maybe I simply cannot think like a vegetarian/vegan mind! So, here my vegetarian/vegan friends, give us your viewpoint on what you think about this product.

But – I love vegetarians/vegans…

Just a last note – vegans/vegetarians, I seriously got nothing against you guys. I am just having some fun with you a bit (sorry). We each have to live our life and make the choices we believe is the right choices. At least you are making choices and you are not just going with the flow! So, hats off to you for taking a stance in life. But, guys, you look a little nutty to me. But…I still love you!

Now don’t ask me where to order this thing – lol. Got no idea, but sure googling “meat patch Strong Roots” will get you somewhere.

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Happy bacon eating everyone but only after you trained very hard!

Gert Louw

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