What does a year of NO TRAINING do to a muscle physique?

The sad reality of “life”.

Here I will give you a glimpse of just how quickly the body fades when no training is done. So, gamers and couch potatoes, take note!

Let me give you some background…2017 was a bummer year in my fitness quest. Nearly a month in hospital and strikken by doctor from gym for a twelve month period…even brisk walking was not permitted.

1st Jan 2018 I was cleared by the doctor to enter the gym again! MAN I was SO glad.

I’ve done a short documentary type video showing you my shape at 52, then the lowest point off my shape after 12 months of complete training absence and lastly my current shape 1 month after I returned to gym.

To watch the video, click here “12-months no training effect on a muscled body”

I was very positive after the progress of the 1st month, that reaching a level close to my best at age 52 should take much less time than my original quest. Now at 55 (1.5 yrs later I have recovered more than 95% of that which was lost. Check some of my recent videos on my channel to see more of my journey: CLICK HERE FOR GertFITNESS youtube channel

Here is how I look now at 55 after roughly 18 months of recovery training:


The important thing during such a recovery training period is to control one’s eagerness to raise the weight size too quickly. Going too heavy, too quickly can very easily result in tendon issues which is NOT what I anyone is looking for during recovery. Tendons and joints needs significant time to heal and repair and strengthen for heavier weights lifted. So, absolute wisdom and control is needed to raise weights only every 2 weeks and with smallest increments possible.


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Wish you all happy training and stay safe people!



20 thoughts on “What does a year of NO TRAINING do to a muscle physique?

  1. All the best, Gert, on your mission to regain your health and fitness this year! I too have experienced the challenges of getting back into shape after injuring myself lifting, playing football, etc. Keep persevering, for you are an inspiration to many! May Christ richly bless you this year! Regards, Shack

      1. Gert, I’m almost recovered from injuring my ribs! I should be back in the gym in about a week or two! Like you I have blogged about my progress after injury/illness with the hopes of encouraging others! Thanks for being honest about your strengths and weaknesses, your ups and downs. Your integrity is a breath of fresh air! Blessings! Shack

  2. Gert,

    The progress you have made in one months training is fantastic, you can see in the video that is all on its way back. Fantastic motivation for all!



    1. I’ve already told you that I am with you in this journey.
      Today is the first day of my trip.
      Looking at your pictures I believe , now we have very similar physiques.
      I have followed you for years and seen you make tremendous gains. So let’s go on this journey together Gert.
      You know I am with you.

      Sent from my iPad
      Mr. Eric M. McCulla
      Social Studies Teacher
      Tacony Charter Academy

      1. Wow Rick after all these years we’ve been friends…to hear you commit yourself like this…I am proud of you!
        There are a serious amount of free info on my site to help you but gonna try and do a video for you about resuming training after a serious /long layoff…Let’s do this buddy!

    1. Awesome Mark…let’s do this. Send me before the end of the year your before and after photo and I will post it on my site for you if you want! Let’s make u famous lol! But serious let’s get it done…

  3. Dear Gert,
    I have admired your sucess over the years but for many difficult reasons in my personal life I never wanted to contact you because I felt it would never be somthing I could achieve at age 55… even saying my age upsets me for the time I lost and thrown away… I don’t drink or smoke…never have, but food and diet have been difficult to manage while dealing with emotional issues in my life.
    I have had sucess over the years and at one time in my 30s i was in good shape

    I think seeing you as a ordinary guy just getting over a difficult medical situation in your life and then being Gert and doing your extraordinary stuff to be in great shape again has inspired me to write to you with a message of support and respect…and in some way hope for myself being part of your journey.

    Dublin Ireland

    1. Hi Sean – I felt like that over loosing my hair and spend many, many dollars on hair creams and stuff trying to save and grow what was not there…eventually I accept my fate and now well, I love my bald head. Such with our age…yeah getting old sucks on the body but I will never exchange the benefits of achieving older age wisdom! Plus we still CAN manipulate this body to a GREAT extent…and as with anything good in life it just takes some serious effort.
      The fact that you was once in great shape count GREATLY in your favour. Your body will easier reach that shape again than a person who have never been a good shape.
      So from me…thanks doe that kind message and to you “LET’S DO THIS!” When you start seeing the benefits again it will fire you on to reach higher and as you journey you will find you will be able to deal SO MUCH better with “life” Be blessed my brother…G.

  4. I have complete faith in you buddy
    You’ll be able to get through this minor setback.
    You are one tough mother!

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