How long will your body transformation take?

Hi guys – this is the 5th article/video in the “100” series article/videos on mission critical body transformation concepts for the older guy.

In THIS article I am going to discuss the time it takes for a real-world body transformation for the young and especially the OLDER guy.

There is a BIG difference between young and old here. 

These timeframes are from my experiences and that of many other transformation coaches.

Off course I am talking only about guys who are very committed, doing everything right and keeping the body in optimal growth and fat loss environments – it is only them that will reach the success.


There is very little chance that an older guy can do a real-world WOW body transformation under 9 months, with maybe just a few exceptions. Even for the most gifted and blessed it is simply too short a time. After 40 it becomes progressively slower to lose fat and built muscles due to the lower hormonal levels (HGH and testosterone).

The typical transformation time for an older guy:

  • When completely natural, for the over 40, 1-3 years for a “WOW transformation. 
  • For over 50; it becomes 2-4 yrs. 
  • For the over 60; you should expect 3-5 yrs transformation time.

You’ve heard the following a lot, “The body has grown into its current shape of many years and it cannot be corrected in just a few months”. And this unfortunately is very, very true. The body needs time to adapt and change. The only way to bypass this is to force it chemically with all the risks it brings. Forcing it by overtraining and very low daily calories will eventually crash your whole system. Your immune system will drop. You will become sick and you most probably will injure yourself with tendon and joint problems. And worst of all you WILL lose most of your muscle mass, even more than the fat you lost. That is simply putting your health in great risk.

Many times, you cannot see the changes…simply, because even though the muscles are growing, it is hiding under a lot of fat. But as the months progress the body fat is dropping constantly and the muscle mass is increasing all the time…so, changes on a monthly basis will add to significant changes on a yearly basis, and that is how real transformations start!

Many people that start this journey are overweight and expect a huge 2-5kg fat drop a week with their diet.

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Expected weekly fat loss guidelines

Let me give you some realistic guidelines what fat loss you should aim for (very little difference between the young and older guy with the exception that if the older guy’s blood testosterone levels are low then he will struggle severely to loose fat):

  • Weekly fat loss: <0.4kg sorry you just not doing it right!
  • Weekly fat loss: 0.4kg to 1kg is perfect! It adds up to significant fat loss on a monthly basis and leaves enough time for the body to adapt to the weight-loss perfectly. Perfect long-term approach.
  • Weekly fat loss: >1kg Not good. The body does not have enough time to adapt and loosing too much weight quickly increase your chances dramatically to crash and burn. Chances are you are losing more muscle than fat and thus why your weekly scale change is so high. Loosing muscle weight is never good. Not for your look (because only muscles give shape) and NOT for your health. Your body re-acts this way due to too low daily calories. It thinks it is in a starvation environment.

So, there you have it muscle warriors, have realistic expectations about the timeframe it will take and what fat loss to expect.

Unrealistic expectations brings disappointment which demotivates and eventually completely derails your journey! Now, go forth and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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Wish you all happy transforming and training!

Gert Louw

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