What changes can you make in 45 days to the body?

The difference 45 days can make.

Just how much of a difference can one makes in 45 days to the body (even for me at age 59) when one sticks 100% to the game plan?

With my FCC 45-day gameplan I applied two major rules
  1. Nothing (!) goes over these lips that does not benefit my end goal.
  2. A gym session is only missed when I have a doctor’s sick certificate. No matter how I feel, how exhausted I am, what headache I have, or what time constraint I have, I get my ass to the gym, and I train, effectively and intensely!

With the above two rules in mind, I embarked, after my “dirty bulking” of December, on a 45-day journey with a FOCUSSED CUTTING CYCLE.

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What is the FCC all about?

An FCC’s main purpose is a tool used after a dirty bulk or to quickly lose unwanted fat.

  • I used specific natural (non-banned substances) injections to limit my muscle loss and to divert my bodies energy requirements to rather come from the fat storage and not to tap into the muscles for energy. This helped me tremendously to protect my muscles and force fat loss.
  • I followed a very specific fixed diet of 1500 calories to 1800 calories per day.
  • I used no alcohol, no carbonated drinks, no sugar, and little carbs.
  • I ate no processed food but everything as natural and organic as possible.
  • I drink 3L water per day.
  • I trained diligently every week for 4-5 days of the week.
  • Each training session was intense, and I made use of super setting.
  • I incorporated a stretching routine after training and did a double sauna/cold shower routine after the stretching and a once-to-twice-a-week ice bath.

So, what was the FCC end-result?

Let me show you.

This was on day zero of the 45 days. Lots of muscle but alas, lots of bodyfat. Nothing impressive. 

After 45 days, this is how the end-result look. Total bodyweight lost, 7kg (shift of nearly 8% total bodyweight). 

  • Biceps – Decreased from 40cm to 39cm (mainly bodyfat lost on tricep)
  • Tummy – Decreased from 99cm to 90cm (fat loss!)
  • Chest – Increased from 108cm to 110cm (muscle added and fat loss = much better chest definition)
  • Tummy flat and 6-pack and muscle shape nicely visible.

Is the FCC easy?

Easier than you think. It all is about that focused mindset and applying the above two rules with absolute zero space for error!

After this I am sticking to a slightly less strict Cutting Phase and plan to keep current levels of bodyfat while slowly adding muscles in key places.

How do I get the detailed FCC plan?

The FCC (Focused Cutting Cycle approach) forms part of the updated ADVANCED SYSTEM II, which I just released. Note: ADVANCED, does not refer to advanced athletes, the system is designed for beginners who start from scratch, ADVANCED refer the level of approach which incorporates everything for the older person. 

FCC is one of two diet tricks embedded in the ADVANCED SYSTEM II for a guy to get fat off quickly or to help with fat loss in stubborn fat areas (love handles, etc.).

So, if you want the detailed FCC approach, you will have to sign up for the ADVANCED SYSTEM II.

The bottom line

The key is guys, if you want real change, in your face change, it ONLY comes with serious dedication and hard work and absolute consistency. There is no room for excuses and NO room for not following those 2 rules!

Go forth and MAKIE IT HAPPEN. May God bless your journey…

Gert Louw

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