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Countdown clock has hit zero guys…the challenge has officially started!

The Facebook group “GFIT 2022” has just been created (2nd June 2022) to enable the contestants to support each other…please join guys (sorry closed group – only guys in the challenge can join).


Calling all guys over 40! It is time for the launch of the 2022 BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE for all over 40 guys. [I will be referring to it as #GFIT2022]


The guys had some GREAT results in 2021 and most of the guys that ended in the top 5 wanted to take part in this years challenge again to climb the ladder even higher. I simply love that eagerness!

Do YOU want to join these guys in 2022? Well, now is your chance! This challenge is for us everyday guys. Us normal, hardworking, family loving guys. No special athletes or fitness professionals!

NO MATTER YOUR SHAPE, SIZE OR FITNESS LEVEL – ANYONE IS WELCOME (except girls of course – a OVER 40 women GFIT challenge will be launched soon).

Want to know how the 2021 finalists looked like – click here? https://gertlouw.com/2021/12/13/how-much-success-can-the-older-body-achieve-in-5-months/

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Entries for 2022

Entries so far for the 2022 over-40 transformation challenge (cut-off date has been extended to 30th May for entries due to many last minute requests to join):


  1. Deon Cloete – 60 y/o
  2. Craig Bennett – age 58
  3. Mike Palmer – 43 y/o
  4. John Thomas – 47 y/o
  5. Juan Odendal – 40 y/o
  6. Nigel Dams – 63 y/o
  7. Brad Watkins – age 51
  8. Chris Sapp – age 53
  9. Marc Bayley – age 47
  10. Robert Watson – age 40
  11. Travis Horton – age 46
  12. Edwin Pejoro – age 52
  13. Shawn Ayala – age 55
  14. Amro Altahlawi – age 41
  15. Gregory Sloan – age 50
  16. Steven Johnson – age 53
  17. Olivier Beghain – age 46
  18. Pierre Van Der Merwe – age 55
  19. James (Jim) Hockley – age 44
  20. Kevin Blight – age 51
  21. Warren Renaud – age 50
  22. Mark Wesley Kemp – age 43
  23. Randall Lovitt – age 50
  24. Tony Preston – age 58
  25. Kelvin Griffin – age 45
  26. Neil Sutton – age 61
  27. Fahd Habeeb – 44 y/o
  28. Ryan Clifford – 47 y/o
  29. Kevin Peterson – 64 y/o
  30. Ramon Britz – 50 y/o
  31. Angelo Feltrin – 49 y/o
  32. Rik (Richard) Thirsk – 43 y/o
  33. Dr Kamal Dholakia – 54 y/o
  34. Marcos Gomez – 48 y/o
  35. Rudi Maree – 43 y/o
  36. Chris Chilton – 47 y/o
  37. Sam Georgeson – 42 y/o
  38. Cristian Constantin – 40 y/o
  39. Bobby Gallegos – 41 y/o
  40. Rodney Peters – 40 y/o
  41. Julius Bythewood – 44 y/o
  42. Dean van Zyl – 45 y/o
  43. Kenneth Nuss – 50 y/o
  44. Rhys Chapman – 52 y/o
  45. Sean Materi – 39 y/o [disqualified from winning due to age, just partaking for possible honourably mention depending on results]
  46. Craig Hockley – 40 y/o


The official dates for the challenge will be from

1st June 2022 – 30 Nov 2022 (6 months).

The requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be a male and over 40 years of age.
  2. You must email me your stats & photos on the latest by 30thth May 2022.
    • My email: gertlouwljc@hotmail.com
    • Photos required – 2 photos in boxer shorts. One full frontal and one full back photo (showing from head to toe). Try your best to get quality photos. Believe me this is going to make a huge impact after you transformed!
  3. Entry fee of $25 must be paid. This is to help with the price money for the winners, but you also get some very nice “freebies” for the $25 US – check the next section. Entry fee’s can be paid here (sorry only PayPal accepted): GFIT ENTRY FEE 2022 (kindly send email with proof of payment to gertlouwljc@hotmail.com)
  4. Stats required (email: gertlouwljc@hotmail.com)
    • Your current Age
    • Your weight on the scale
    • Bicep size – across widest area (unflexed)
    • Chest size – across nipples (unflexed)
    • Tummy size – across navel (relaxed)
    • Upper leg size – across widest area (unflexed)
    • Calve size – across widest area (unflexed)
  5. By 7th Dec 2022 on the latest you need to email me the “AFTER” photos (again same format, in boxer shorts, full length, one from front and one from the back) and the “AFTER” stats.

Getting a jump start

You can use any diet or system of your choosing. But, for those interested, I’ve designed a 6-month transformation system specifically for the GFIT challenge. It incorporates a Building phase period and Cutting phase period to get your body ready for the after photos. Comprehensive and step-by-step and customized for your body, age and goals (diet/training/supplements) and I give you a tracking logbook where you can track your body changes every 14 days. Those that want to get a head start, you can sign-up through the following link ($110 US) SIX MONTH TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM FOR THE OLDER GUY

But off course not all of us have the finances available! So, for those of you that are currently struggle with finances, here is a link to a FREE starter system I’ve posted online: https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-program/ – LET NOTHING STOP YOU IN YOUR QUEST!

Each entrant will also receive a the following:

  • EXCEL logbook which they must use to track and evaluate their progress every 14 days during the 6 month period. This logbook must then be emailed back to gertlouwljc@hotmail.com with the 2 AFTER photos (front and back in boxer shorts) before 7th Dec 2022.
  • FREE Training program template
  • FREE Diet structure template
  • Regular check ins from me (roughly every 14 days) to motivate a little.
  • BELOW IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE LOGBOOK (containing the LOGBOOK, TRAINING and DIETING templates) – email me for password (gertlouwljc@hotmail.com)

PRIZE money

The prize money is just something small for all your hard work and to give you some recognition.


So, guys…grab this opportunity and reach for that dream that has been so elusive up till now. YOU, can be the one that inspire people in future! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

A Youtube video will be made in Dec 2022 of the top 15 guys who achieved the best results and people would be allowed to vote to determine the winner. So get ready to show yourself to the world!

Happy transformations everyone…

Gert Louw

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    1. lol – Kamal, to remain undefeated you will have to prove it and join brother! Don’t let the guys kick dust in your eyes! You can still join until 30th May – the very last day!

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