The fittest looking 55 y/o?

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My tradition is to do every year a photoshoot to celebrate my birthday. With my 53rdand 54thbirthday, things went completely south in a big way. Now, not wanting to repeat myself in every article, but my 53rdyear was the year I fought with everything I had, to hang on to dear life…literally. My 54thyear I started recovering slowly and now at 55, I am nearly fully back in the game and had 6 months of great training behind me.

So, this year did a big effort to get decent photos. This particular photoshoot was a big thing for me. I nearly thought it was game over and once again by the grace of God I am here again today to live my dream.

So, guys, those of you that thought 55 is too late, or you are too sick or just been through too much…it NEVER is too late. I know the plans God has for me is sooooo much more than my own dreams. In faith I steam forward and today I can once again say, I am truly blessed.

So here is some of the photos from the shoot and a couple of video clips from the morning just before the shoot…just as some proof that us 55 and over can still do it!

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So, everyone – wish you some great training!

Now…on to 56. As I said in some of my previous vids, I plan (if God’s will), to be the strongest 85 y/o one day. Let’s do this!

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    1. now that I like…Let’s make the following deal. When I hit 85 (and u hit then 90 I pressume?), we do a fitness photoshoot together to rock Youtube to it’s core!

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