A new lease on life!

Is it genuinely conceivable to create a system – a harmonious blend of diet, supplements, and training – capable of emancipating the aging body from the clutches of pain and discomfort? A system that stands as a formidable bastion against cancer, an unwavering guardian of stable blood sugar levels, a mender of the gut, all while sculpting a striking, athletic physique?

The answer lies in science

A mere decade ago, I would have met such a notion with skepticism. But the tides have turned, and a torrent of groundbreaking scientific studies has surged forth, offering proof that this ambitious vision is, in fact, achievable. The science is no longer a matter of debate; it is irrefutable. Yet, the journey towards its acceptance by doctors, mainstream fitness professionals, and coaches has been agonizingly sluggish.

For the past few years, I’ve undertaken a singular mission. I’ve delved deep into the annals of cutting-edge scientific research, engaging with an array of sports doctors, rehabilitation specialists, and industry experts. The fruit of this labor is what I proudly christen the PLUS+ system.

PLUS+ is not merely adept at addressing joint discomfort, arthritis, and the relentless grip of fibromyalgia; it possesses the power to eliminate these afflictions entirely. True, other factors may play a role, such as genetic predisposition and advanced joint or arthritis damage, but the key lies in early intervention. Even when permanent damage has occurred, the torment of pain can be dramatically lessened. And all of this can be achieved without the crutch of pain pills; it hinges on resolute lifestyle choices and an unwavering commitment to a meticulously designed regimen of diet, training, and supplements – all grounded in scientific rigor. I’ve taken the extra step to provide references to these scientific studies at every juncture of the system, offering you the reassurance of evidence-based solutions.

We CAN prevent cancer!

But my mission doesn’t stop at pain relief; it embarks on a deeper journey – the reparation of the gut. It’s a journey that acknowledges the gut as the cradle of 90% of our troubles. The loss of my sister to colon cancer last year was the catalyst that drove this mission home. I often wonder, if I had imparted this knowledge to her in time, would she still be with us today, sharing laughter and camaraderie? Since then, I’ve witnessed more dear ones succumbing to the dreaded grip of colon cancer. This is a pivotal aspect of PLUS+. It orchestrates the healing of the gut, nurturing the growth of beneficial flora and providing the essential sustenance these microbes require. Moreover, it serves as a bulwark against the looming specter of cancer, significantly lowering your overall risk. Even for those genetically predisposed to this affliction, PLUS+ could be your lifeline, your shield against the ominous “C.” All of this, I assure you, is grounded in the realm of science.

Of course, embracing PLUS+ necessitates profound lifestyle changes – there’s no skirting that reality. But ponder this: everything of true value in life demands substantial sacrifices. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Do you wish to seize the opportunity to live your best life for as long as possible, or will you continue down your current path and confront the inevitable consequences? The science is unambiguous, the system is ready; the onus now rests squarely on your shoulders.

My personal testimony as a test subject

I became my own guinea pig in this grand experiment. Just two months into the PLUS+ system, I began to undergo a miraculous transformation. I stand before you at the age of 59, a man who, since his 50th year, had borne the excruciating burden of severe hip pain on both sides. There were days when even a simple walk felt like an insurmountable challenge, and sleep remained an elusive dream. I had even contemplated the prospect of hip replacement surgery. From the age of 40, fibromyalgia had ruthlessly tormented me, a consequence of a traumatic ordeal that nearly cost me my life. At 54, arthritis set its sights on my hands, particularly my thumbs, rendering even the simple act of writing an arduous task. However, after a mere two months on PLUS+, the relief from pain was nothing short of astounding. After four months, it had receded by 80%. Today, in month six, I stand on the brink of complete liberation from these incapacitating conditions. For me, it’s nothing short of life-altering, a transformation shared by the other test subjects who demonstrated unwavering commitment to the system.

What is in PLUS+ ?

PLUS+ comes bundled with highly specialized training, eschewing the traditional dichotomy of bulking and cutting phases in favor of an eight-week cycle featuring eight distinct training programs. These programs are designed to protect the aging body from overexertion while promoting a balanced approach. The supplements are equally pivotal and have undergone exhaustive research, free from any ties to supplement companies. When I endorse a product, you can trust that it’s rooted in genuine scientific studies, devoid of the distortions and marketing gimmicks that pervade the industry.

In essence, PLUS+ is a life-altering journey. It’s not just about achieving an enviable, athletic, and vigorous appearance; it’s about bidding farewell to those persistent aches and pains, particularly for those of us who have gathered a few more years in our life’s tapestry. With PLUS+, you’ll receive a comprehensive package comprising ten files, including an exhaustive tracking logbook and comprehensive diet and training guides.

What is the process?

PLUS+ embarked on its journey on October 1st, 2023. After you’ve secured your place in the system, I’ll request specific bloodwork, a questionnaire, and two photos – front and back – to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Be assured, all information is treated with utmost confidentiality. Once I’ve received your data, it will take me approximately one week to furnish you with the complete system.

Even after the initial one-month period of unlimited support, remember that your support remains just a single consultation away.

Where can I get it?

Choose option 3 HERE

This system has the potential to save lives. The losses of friends and family to colon cancer are both painful and avoidable. We possess the means to significantly diminish the specter of cancer. Science has laid the foundation, but the choice remains yours to make.

In a final note, I’m honored to share that in 2023, I received the international award for “Best Men’s Fitness & Lifestyle Coach” from GHP, recognizing my innovative approach as a coach. I’m no ordinary coach; my focus centers on bridging the gap between cutting-edge science and real solutions, especially for those of us who have accumulated a few more years on life’s journey.

May God bless your journey in life!

Gert Louw

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