Hi everyone!

It is time for the 2014 WEB BICEPS FLEX-OFF video.

This time it is divided into three separate videos:

Big Gunz (over 20″)

The first contestants photo has already been busted as a fake. Here is the original vs. the fake below it.



 Young Muscle


Here is the full nominations received for each of these categories:


Do you want to nominate someone for the 2015 BICEPS flex-off videos?

Please complete the form below:

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BIG GUNZ – over 20″

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Gert Louw


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5 thoughts on “WEB BICEPS FLEX-OFF 2014

  1. For the WEB BICEP FLEX-OFF contest 2014 I vote for contestant #4. Is there some official place on your site where votes should be cast? If so, I couldn’t find it.

      1. Should I go back and do that? The only problem with that method is you have to enroll in google+ and they want to make so much of your private data public. I tend to shy away from that.

        But, I will do it if that is what it takes to get my vote in for #4! He is amazing.

        Thanks, Don.

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