How much success can the older body achieve in 5 months?


This year I had an experiment and challenge that I had for my clients/followers and that was to see how much body change they can muster naturally within a limited time of just 5 months doing a body transformation.

No special tricks, just a rock solid natural approach on diet, supplements and training. The idea was to see how much change is possible in such a short period for the older body, given the fact that the older body’s healing time is longer, blood testosterone levels waay less than when we were young and also HGH levels much lower. And this is just to name a few hormones fighting against us as we age. Bottom line, it is NOT nearly as easy for us older guys. We have to do EVERYTHING right before the body respond in kind for growth and fat loss.

Another thing I also want to see with this challenge was which the percentage of guys that originally commit actually push through to the end to reach their goal.

And here I totally get it, life is NOT easy. For many 2021 had severe financial stress, some even had Covid-19 and many other issues (sad issues) I know off… Life is just very, very hard, especially in 2021.

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Percentage of guys that pushed through

So in June 2021 there where FOURTY guys over age 40 (only older than 40 could take part) that was very eager to do this.

Of those 40, only 20 did the actual effort to send in before pics and stats.

And of those 20 only 4 manage to push through and reached a target they’ve set for themselves by end Nov 2021. 

So, only 10% of people (of above example) had the ability to push through once they’ve committed to something. I know it is not easy, believe me I know. But ask yourself…DO YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THAT 10% OR ONE OF THE 90% THAT FAIL? Then let these 4 guys inspire you to MAKE IT HAPPEN in 2022.

Off course these guys are going to get some prizes for their effort.

1st place $200 US, 2nd place $100 US, 3rd place $50 US and 4th place $25 US.

You, the viewer, will vote for the one you believe must win (by simply enter his name in the comment section of the video or article). 7th Jan 2022 this voting will close and 7 days later the winners will be announced on on an update to this post and in the comment section of the video.

Who are these 4 special guys?

So let’s look at these four guys that are chasing their dreams. I use the word “chase” because this is ONLY the start. If they can muster the same success twice over in 2022 and twice over in 2023 the changes in bodyshape will result in absolute WOW transformations. They’ve done it in 5 months…all they have to do is duplicate that effort every 5 months.

The 4 guys were


And this is how each of them looked on June 2021

First up MICHAEL DE BEER – 59

For what you accomplished at 59 and in only 5 months, very impressive mate!

More than a 10% increase in biceps size with waist dropping nearly 10% indicated huge change in bodyfat. The increase in upper leg size (nearly 7%) means that you have learned the trick for us older guys about increasing the size of the legs to unlock whole body growth.

The visible change in your bodyshape is striking. Build on this mate and double up on your gains in 2023.

If you think MICHAEL DE BEER should win – then please put his name in the comment section of the video/article.

Second up is CHRIS CHILTON – 46

Even with you having Covid-19 during this 5 months you change is still impressive. 

I believe you have very good genetic potential to have a very strikng physique if you continue on this path and double up on your results over the next year and year after that.

Nearly 6% increase in bicep size is NOT shabby mate.

You also had the biggest chest size increase percentage wise of the lot.

More than 10% drop in waist size and overall more than 6% bodyweight drop is awesome man. It is NOT so easy to drop body fat and increase muscle size at the same time. It takes a very scientific approach to the diet. And you got it nailed brother! I am looking for a photo in 2yrs time that will blow me away!

If you think CHRIS CHILTON should win – then please put his name in the comment section of the video/article. 

Third up is RIK THIRSK – 42

Youngest here but one rock solid performer.

He has the biggest drop of all around the waist (nearly 14%) and the biggest bodyweight drop as well (nearly 13%). And on top of this huge body fat drop, he was still able to increase bicep size by more than 2%. 

Your bodyshape changed dramatically and you actually got rid of the love handles. THAT, is not easy. Congrats!

Doubling up in 2022 on these results and you going to be one strong looking ripped dude!

If you think RIK THIRSK should win – then please put his name in the comment section of the video/article. 

Fourth up is DEON CLOETE – 59

Same age as Michael but a very different bodyshape/type.

Deon is one that loves life and live it, which makes it challenging for a body transformation. So HATS OFF TO YOU Deon. You might not be the biggest scorer here but you have made solid progess. More than 7% biceps size increase and solid (nearly 2%) upper legs size increase. Body weight down more than 4% is solid earnings mate.

I believe with the right lighting and pose your actual progress will be much more visible to the eye. But the stats are clear.

If you think DEON CLOETE should win – then please put his name in the comment section of the video/article. 

And there you have it. Four guys out of 40 who have made a very positive change to their lives. Please vote for the one you want to win.

The RIGHT system can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And remember, you need the right training, supplement and diet approach and skill to manage the diet effectively. That is what my ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching is all about. Specifically designed for the older body and tailored for your body and goals on many levels. Just CLICK HERE to signup.


And a heads up about a very important page on my site – SUPPLEMENT ORDERS PAGE

A lot of work went into here. This is where I give you trusted (international) links on everything I discuss on my site on where to get it. Some good discounts on there for you guys. Everything from natural T-supplements to TRT to supplements that work to some focussed training equipment.


So guys, those of you reading this article or watching the video…if you think you want to take part in the 2022 run of this challenge for over 40 guys (June 2022 to Nov 2022) then please send me an email to

Names already submitted (will be regularly updated) for June 2022 – Nov 2022 transformation challenge (must be over 40 y/o guys):

  • Kevin Fansler – 58 y/o
  • Craig Bennett
  • Kelvin Griffin – 45 y/o
  • Athan Thompson – 42 y/o
  • Michael Fowler – 45 y/o
  • Rudi Maree – 43 y/o
  • Rik Thirsk – 43 y/o
  • Deon Cloete – 60 y/o (paid entry fee)
  • Chris Chilton – 47 y/o
  • David Washam – 50 y/o

Wish you all happy training guys and a Merry Christmas with a rocking and Covid free 2022!

Gert Louw

May God bless you and your families in 2022!


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  1. Michael De Beer for first place. I’m 51 years old and i hope i can have a body like that when I’m 59 yrs old.

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