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Presented here is my fundamental transformation program, which I personally followed during my initial five years of training (from age 40 to 45, now at 55). It encompasses training, dieting, and supplement details. While not as focused, comprehensive, and meticulous as the ADVANCED SYSTEM II, it offers a strong foundation for beginners seeking to transform their bodies.

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This is how I look at age 50:

Through this article, my intention is to ignite inspiration in those individuals who feel like they are letting life and opportunities slip away year after year. I reached a critical point where I made a choice and transformed my life, and I want you to recognize that you can do the same. Strive to be the best version of yourself and begin your journey today!

While this program served as the foundation of my own transformation, I have since made significant progress and fine-tuned various aspects of my training.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to understand that what worked for me may not necessarily yield the same results for you. Take what you find useful and adapt it to create your own effective solution based on the successful experiences of various trainers.

Before engaging in any aspect of this program, diet, or supplement regimen, it is IMPERATIVE that you consult with a physician. The writer cannot be held responsible for any injuries or harm that may arise as a result of participating in any mentioned activities in this document. The information provided in this document is to be used and followed entirely at your own risk.

This transformation was achieved using the ADVANCED SYSTEM II gym edition (version 2.0)



  1. My TRANSFORMATION program overview
  2. Training
    • Cutting Phase and Building Phase
    • Basics
    • Weekly training schedule
    • Points of Note
    • The diet
    • Points of note
    • Why two different protein powders?
    • Why so many shakes?
  4. How to grow as quickly as possible
  5. How to get cut
  6. Spirituality


A. The program overview

This program is about making yourself better on every level of your being. Maybe you say but, all I want is some decent muscles and a 6-pack. You need to sit down my friend and think about this carefully. 

WHY do you want that? – Is it to look better? To impress females? To impress your mates?

If it falls in any of the above categories or something similar, it is at best a very shallow aim and will be, unfortunately, of a very temporary timeframe (at least through my own and many others experiences). I have nothing against anyone who just want to increase muscles to look better, but I’ve been there many times and at last I am realizing the shallowness and short-lived motivation of such an aim.

Dont you rather want to look in that mirror and be able to say I like the guy I am seeing. I like who I am. I am no longer the selfish person I used to be. I am at peace with myself and God. Muscles and a great body should just be a normal outflow in this holistic process to become a better person and because of the weight your decision to change carries, it becomes much easier to stick religiously to your training and dieting regimen. Now, you don’t ‘just do it to look better, you do it to BECOME a better person and you realize it is just one of the steps you have taken.

I was given a 2nd chance to live. I used this 2nd chance to address my life on all levels by following this program. So you might not yet be at this point in your life, well, consider yourself lucky. Then you need to take some quiet time and think about life, your body and the person you are and be honest to yourself. Do you like what you see (not just your body, but the whole person)? Do others like what they see?

Make your muscle-building and dieting plans a starting point to change YOU and go on the biggest journey, life has to offer.

To be able to sit back and say I actually like the person I am will add immeasurable value and peace to your life.

So what do you need to address? Three things

  • Diet,
  • Training, and
  • the most important of them all, Spirituality.

Spirituality is the key to unlock everything. When you become a deeper spiritual person, then it is not just you in the battle to become a better person, but God is with you in this battle. And the strength He provides for you to change is real and amazing.

I don’t want to force any specific spiritual road upon anyone and this is not the aim of the program. Each of us has to make our own decisions. What I do try to achieve through this program, is to give you a glimpse into my spiritual journey to help you get on your way. My journey was and is real and I speak of experiences and factual happenings as they occurred to me. This is just to give you that little extra hope that it CAN be done!

Lastly, it is critical that you make sure you have healthy testosterone levels. Through the  following link you can now order a newly developed HOME TESTING TESTOSTERONE kit (no doctors visits or consultation fee’s and from a very legit medical company): CLICK HERE TO ORDER (Use discount code ‘GERT20″ for 20% discount). Make sure your blood TOTAL testosterone levels are in the upper region of what is considered normal, NOT the lower region.

B. Training


There are 2 parts to the training program, CUTTING Phase and BUILDING Phase. These two phases are alternated continuously. You will be doing a Cutting Phase for 3 months (12 weeks) and then switch to an intense Building Phase for the next 3 months (12 weeks) and then repeat cycle.

During the BUILDING phase you strain your body to the max with muscle failure applied on EACH set you do. This after a few months will result in tender joints and tendons and one cannot continue indefinitely punishing the body like this. This is why it is critical to alternate the Building phase with a Cutting phase. During the Cutting phase you do NOT train to failure – you decrease weight size by 20 – 30% and do 12 to 20 reps per set instead of 8. This allows the tendons to recover and strengthen. This is also the time you will eat fewer calories with the cutting diet and get that ripped or shredded look.

It is suggested that you start off with a Cutting Phase to ease you into lifting weights.

When you start out, it is critical that you decide the weight size at which your point of muscle failure occurs at the 8th repetition (lets call this weight size, your failure weight) for each exercise (excluding abdominal). This means the point where you fail to be able to make another repetition of the exercise.

Make note of this failure weight, because starting off with your Cutting Phase, you will be doing 12 reps with the failure weight minus 20 percent of the failure weight.

Hmm, OK that just sounds complicated, so lets look at an example.

Lets say you’ve determined that with Bicep Barbell Curls, you can lift 30kg and only complete 8 reps but fail on the 9th rep. Then in your Maintenance Phase you will lift 20% less of the weight (which equals to roughly 24kg) and do 12 reps in your each set.

With your Building Phase you will revert back to 8 reps per set. Starting with each Phase, you must again determine your failure weight since this will (and must!) increase with every Phase. The 8 reps must then be done with your new failure weight reaching muscle failure on your 8th rep.

IMPORTANT: When finished with a Building Phase, your lifted weight levels for the Cutting Phase will be the ones that you’ve ended on in your last Building Phase. Do NOT reset these values. They must continually increase with your phases or you will not grow. It is a good idea to re-determine these failure weight at the start of each Phase.

So typically a year period will look like the following:

  • Jan March (12 weeks) Cutting Phase
  • April – June (12 weeks) Building Phase
  • July September (12 weeks) Cutting Phase
  • October – December (12 weeks) Building Phase

Obviously you can shuffle your months around to suit your own target dates. Traditionally December is warm beach weather and holiday season here in South Africa, so I want to make sure that I look my best in December and thus make sure that the month of December falls on the last month of a Building Phase period.

A typical weight training session will look like this:

  • 5 min warm-up
  • 40 min weight training
  • 10-20 min cardio

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BASICS and important points

Cardio stays the same during both Phases. After your weight lifting session, the perfect cardio would be to swim laps for 30 minutes. But since most of us have no access to such facilities, we have to consider the stationary bike or treadmill.

Cardio must be done for 10 to 20 minutes. Preferably closer to 20 minutes. Do not make it much longer than 20 minutes even if you become very fit. Rather up the intensity to make sure you are most of the time in the fat-burning zone.

Again here, please take it slowly. Start out slow for 5 minutes (on low intensity) and slowly increase it week by week. Allow your body to adapt.

Please note: Too much cardio will slow your muscle growth drastically. Have you ever seen a muscled marathon athlete? Be carefull, if u wanna grow, keep the cardio intense but not much more than 20 minutes per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your main aim is to build muscle, you might consider staying completely clear from cardio. Cardio is a severe muscle limiting factor, even moderate cardio. The natural reaction the body has to cardio is to limit muscle growth.

If you are completely new to lifting, I suggest you do one of the following:

  • Buy a basic guide explaining the mentioned exercises.
  • By just hanging and talking to other guys in the gym, you can also learn a lot about the various exercises.
  • Do some research on bodybuilding sites. You should be able to find nearly all you need on these sites.

Very important thought, is that if you are completely new to lifting, you MUST start out slowly. Start for example, by doing one set per exercise for the first week. Bump it up to 2 sets per exercise in your 2nd week and to 3 sets per exercise in the 3rd week and finally to 4 sets per exercise in your 4th week. This will be accompanied by some rather severe muscle pain. Endure buddy, it is a good sign, it shows you your muscles are listening and reprogramming for growth. If the pain becomes unbearable or influences your workouts, take some anti-inflammatory pills (Dicoflam is a good one), it will deal with most of the pain.

During the Cutting Phase, as already stated above, you will lift slightly lighter weights (roughly 20%-30% lighter) with more reps (12-20 instead of 8). This means you will not train to muscle failure during the cutting phase. That happens in the building phase. The actual program stays exactly the same for both Cutting Phase and Building Phase.

As part of periodization it is also important to keep exchanging (preferably on a monthly basis) your exercises with new ones for the same muscle group. Again, this keep the muscles guessing and growing otherwise over the longer term they may stop responding.

During the Building Phase period, increase weight on all exercises on a weekly basis, forcing the muscles to respond and grow – kind off like a shock treatment. (Sure this will mean sore muscles, but soon you will learn to LOVE the feeling of sore muscles, because then you know that you had a good workout.)

So last week you failed on the 8th rep with 30kg. Put on 32 kg and go and punish the muscles this week. Increase the weight like this on every exercise. If a 2kg increase is too much to handle, make it 1kg or even 500g, but do NOT stop increasing the weights. Younger guys will grow like mushrooms doing this. Our older folk are like good red wine, it takes some time but our muscles will respond.

A set consists of 8 repetitions per exercise in the Building Phase (with muscle failure occurring on the 8th rep) and 12-20 reps with a 20-30% lighter weight for the Cutting Phase.

Typically rest for no longer than 2 minutes between sets. Actually the less you rest the better. But you must rest long enough for your muscles to recover to do your next set.

WARM-UP! Guys, the older you get, the more important is it to warm-up the muscles before training. You are warmed up when a light sweat appears on your forehead. This usually takes 5-10 minutes of light repetition lifting or aerobics. Be careful to consider stretching as warming up. A cold muscle may tear if you stretch it. Stretching is beneficial after a heavy-set, not for warming up purposes.

Another note here: Shoulders are very prone to lifting injuries. Make sure you warm them up double well, just to make sure.

Using caffeine pills (CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY PREFERRED CHOICE) or ECA type stack (lately banned in most countries) before your training may help you with energy levels while training. But since it is mostly outlawed, a good alternative is good old caffeine pills. There is also some fancy energy boosting and cell volumizing powders on the market, which you can take before training. It is an expensive route but some of the products might be beneficial in providing focus and energy during your workout, although I find the caffeine pills to work best.

Training at gym or home? During my first 5 years I did it at home. Sure you must have the right equipment and it could take some time to acquire it, but especially if you have serious family obligations (small kids/babies) it makes it much easier to work out at home. Home workouts only work if you are very focussed. If you struggle with motivation, then going to a gym or even getting a personal trainer might be a good idea.


My reps for each exercise are listed as what I performed for the Building Phase, followed by the Cutting Phase.

Day 1: Chest/Abs

With the ab routine, I must feel the PAIN, if there was no pain then I was simply NOT squeezing those abs hard enough! Abs are like any muscle group, they must be trained in low reps to the point of failure to grow. I was not going to grow deep rippling abdominals by doing 200 crunches in a row.




Day 2: Shoulders/Traps

Note: Some people prefer to switch the shoulders and leg routine around so that legs are on Tuesdays and shoulders on Wednesdays.

Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Back
Day 5: Biceps/Triceps

I did biceps and triceps exercises in supersetting mode. Supersetting means doing different exercises back-to-back without any resting in-between the sets which provides a great pump.

Day 6: Rest (feel free to do some cardio but just remember – cardio limits muscle growth)

Day 7: Rest (feel free to do some cardio but just remember – cardio limits muscle growth)

If you are completely new to training I urge you to read my article “Starting a muscle transformation from scratch – for the novice”


1. During training drink a BCAA shake with L-Glutamine (Caffeine might be added for focus and energy).

This helps to protect your muscles from being used as a source of energy during training, protecting your muscles. Yip you got it right, doing things the wrong way can actually result in your muscles shrinking!

2. Consider NAC and ALA on your supplement list.

If you can afford it, it is a GREAT idea to also include NAC (N-acetylcysteine, 200mg) and especially ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid, 200mg) in the morning and evening. Their benefits for muscle-building (and other health benefits) has been well documented (especially ALA) and many top bodybuilders use it this way. To read more about them, Just type NAC benefits and Alpha Lipoic Acid benefits on Google.

Both of them have positive effects on your immune system as well as protecting your liver. ALA also has a important and powerful effect on insulin blood levels, which in turn have a positive impact on your muscle-building efforts.

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Please help me keeping the site on air and free. Through many of the life uplifting posts I have helped many people facing and overcoming dark moments in their life. By sponsoring this site you help them too!


3. Other supplements?

FOR ALL SUPPLEMENTS – Click here to see which brands I recommend and to find trustworthy suppliers online.

Creatine one of the best supplements to take, although some people complain in makes no difference. Best is to take it with the whey shake directly after training. It is best absorbed when mixed with grape juice. Some products include everything needed for optimal uptake so be carefull to check packaging. Vitargo is generally assumed to be one of the better products. Omega 3 take in morning with breakfast and at night with evening meal. Benefits to many to mention but overall a great supplement to take for both fat loss and muscle-building. Finasteride or Proscar (prescription med – showed up to a 40% cancer risk reduction in trials) to protect the precious prostate, enough said. Take as prescribed. Click the following link to view video “Protect your manhood”

ZMA good product for healthy testosterone levels, but be sure to take it on an empty stomach at night, 45 minutes before your last bedtime shake.

Multi Vitamin. This is a very important part of your supplement regime. You need a potent combination. I suggest the following two: OPTI-MEN or Universal Animal Pak or LifePak for Nuskin.

4. Lots of water while training.

Do not rely on going to drink water while training. You must have your own bottle of water with you while training and continually sip from it. I cannot stress how important the water consumption is for muscle-building and dieting purposes.

Cola drinks and coffee/tea is NOT a substitute for water. They have the OPPOSITE effect and dehydrate your body because they are a mild diuretic.

To give you and idea, lets look what typically happens when you go on a muscle-building/dieting quest with very little water consumption:

  • You will experience frequent headaches.
  • You will struggle to lose fat!
  • You will struggle to build muscles!
  • You will experience a bad skin.
  • You stand a great change of kidney damage. Concentrated protein intake without enough water intake as well, place high stress on your kidneys. This high stress over a period will definitely cause harm to your kidneys.
  • Great stress will also be placed on your liver.

5. Immediately after training

Take whey isolate (40g) with water (not milk!) and a medium banana and 5g Glutamine. CLICK HERE FOR MY PREFERRED CHOICES

After training your body wants energy and fast absorbing protein. NO fat whatsoever must be taken, not even fat-free milk (which is also a slow release protein).

Do not leave out the banana since it is critical for your post workout nutrition. Although a banana is your first choice, you can also consume 200ml 300ml fruit juice (apple) instead.

C. Dieting

Lets get one thing straight. No matter how good or hard you train, you will NOT grow if you do not get your diet sorted correctly. Diet makes up easily 80% of your muscle Building Phase success.

If you don’t believe me, you WILL learn it the hard way.

This diet is designed for a male person who generally does not struggle to lose weight and are only mildly overweight (generally with a BF% of lower than 20%).

If you really struggle to lose weight, there is no getting away without weighing food. In such a case, I suggest joining a weight-loss organization to help you check your diet and fat loss.

They should have plans available for people who want to focus on muscle-building and if not, a dietician should be able to help you adapt your diet for muscle-building requirements.

The following two diets yields great results when applied correctly:





Be warned: This is not a diet to lose weight without training. This will work great to lose unwanted weight BUT ONLY with a dedicated and serious training routine.


Points of note:

  1. Try staying away from diet Carbonated drinks and too much coffee (only 2 cups allowed daily with fat-free milk and no sugar). Both these items act as a mild diuretic and means that you will have to drink even more water to replace the water lost as a result. Plus the sweeteners used in diet carbonated drinks is simply unhealthy!
  2. Do NOT skip a meal. This is the no. 1 enemy for Building Phase muscles.
  3. Do NOT eat more than the suggested amounts or you will gain fat.
  4. Do NOT eat less than the suggested amounts or you will struggle to build muscles.
  5. Eat your meals even if you feel full!
  6. Your meals must be spaced between 3-4 hours apart.
  7. Sorry, NO alcohol allowed during the week and weekends only one glass of wine or 1 beer per day. Alcohol is a big enemy of dieting and building muscles. Cutting it out completely is the best option.
  8. Smoking? You cannot be successful at building muscles and continue smoking; the two opposes each other. It’s a great habit to stop if you wanna better yourself.
  9. Sweets & chocolate. Sorry, but they are out.
  10. Cheat meal? Once a week (only one meal). Do not stuff yourself (important), but have a sit-down meal and eat whatever your taste buds feel like including your favorite dessert. Preferably leave this for the weekend.

What is the difference between WHEY and CASEIN protein?

Why so many shakes?

  • Well, simply to make your life easier. I do not have the time to stand for hours at night preparing the next day meals.
  • Shakes do make it so much easier to get your muscle goals.
  • But be careful; do not replace your existing solid meals with shakes. The human body has not been made to live on liquids alone; your body needs some solid meals.

GERT1 (1)


I get asked a lot by guys new to lifting, what to do to grow as quickly as big as possible. I am no guru on bodybuilding, but I have learned my fair share as time passed. So here follows some of the truths that I have learned:

My suggestions to guys new to bodybuilding are always the same. You will not grow, no matter how hard you lift if you do not get the train/eat/rest pattern sorted.

Do NOT overtrain. This is the easiest way for your muscles to shrink – literally!

The best growth usually occurs when you work a muscle group intensely only once a week. You have to rest about 2 days a week. Your body MUST have time to grow and recover.

Muscles do NOT grow in gym (they actually get torn down); they grow outside the gym while you are sleeping/recuperating/resting.

Overtraining is by far the biggest mistake people new to the sport makes.

No matter how hard you train, if you do not eat correctly, you will NOT grow.

Diet determines 80% of your bodybuilding success.

Eat 7 small meals a day. Each meal must have a good protein source.

First meal must be when u wake up (fast update protein shake like Whey) and last meal when u goes to bed (slow release protein shake like Casein).

LOTS of water & you must use a potent Multi Vitamin.

No less than 3L but preferably 4L water per day. Use clean water. Preferably filtered water.

Your body will need serious recuperating from all the training. If you want your body to function optimally for muscle growth, you MUST take a potent Multi Vitamin.

Examples: Universal Animal Pak and OPTI-MEN [Click here to buy my recommended Multi Vit]

The type of exercise you do is not that important.

What is important is that you do the exercise with a heavy enough weight so that you reach muscle failure by rep 8.

If you focus on slow controlled movements and forcing the muscle with intensity to failure at rep 8, you WILL grow (if you rest enough and eat right).

Follow the above rules; make sure you cover a muscle group once a week and train with highest intensity possible. Then the type of exercise does not matter so much anymore, because you will grow.


First I must state that I have never struggled to lose weight.

The main reason for my low bf% is that I eat VERY little carbs (like in VERY little!).

I try to eat a fair amount of good oils (flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, etc.) with every meal.

It not only help the cholesterol levels but also in truth HELP you to lose fat weight (obviously when consumed in the right quantities).

Again, lots and lots of water are critical for a fat-loss environment. High water consumption WILL speed up your fat-loss dramatically. Fat metabolizes easier in a high water consumption environment.

If you are new to consuming lots of water, then the following is suggested:

  • Start out slowly. Fade in your water consumption.
  • Expect a lot of toilet runs until such time that your body gets used to the higher water intake.
  • Headaches and bad skin could appear but will soon disappear. It is a sign of all the bad stuff being flushed and worked out by your body. You are on your way to become much healthier and your body realizes it.
  • NEVER drink water from a plastic bottle after it has stood in the sun or warm environment. Extremely harmful chemicals get released into the water when sun, etc heat up the plastic container

NO carbs after 6pm! Your last meal just before bed MUST be a casein slow release protein shake containing near zero carbs.

This rule applies irrespect of when you are training midday or evening.

Eating every 3 hrs (from waking up to going to bed) means your metabolism is firing continuously, which in turn mean you are burning a lot of energy. Do not underestimate these frequent meals for fat-loss environment.

You will also start seeing that your stomach literally shrinks and becomes flatter because it has to deal with less food at a single time.

Some people have done severe damage to their metabolisms through fad diets. For such people, it might take 1 – 3 months of frequent small meals just to correct their metabolism. U wont see any benefit until such time that you have aligned and corrected your metabolism.

Many guys ask me how I get the Adonis belt so pronounced.

I honestly think the biggest factor is your genetic make-up. But I do something that might help making it more pronounce. With EVERY rep, I contract from my abs/core to do the rep. It basically results in and abs/core workout with every lifting session.

gertlouw.wordpress.comPhoto taken in August 2013

This is me 5 months after my 50th birthday (beginning of 2015)


E. Spirituality

MY LIFE STORY – And Lastly, for those interest, this is my story about how I came to follow Jesus Christ.

My life story. The wrongful actions. My pain. My near-death experience. My death sentence. My new life. My new body.

Important: This is not meant to offend anyone, this is about my life and the experiences I had.

This is NOT meant to glorify me! All the glory goes to the almighty God, without whom I would not even be here today.

Hopefully this will help the reader to understand why Christ is so central to everything I do. There is no room in my heart that is closed for Christ. He stands in the middle of every room. No matter whether it is bodybuilding, work, sport, socializing, etc With everything, and in everything, I will give the glory to Jesus Christ my savior.

I do not believe or adhere to political correctness. I live my life with the focus completely on God almighty.

Before the age of 40 (now I am 57), I lived a life removed from God. Although I did not realize it then, my life was filled with all kinds of sin. I was following the call of the world. I was self-righteous and in my wisdom created a God to suite me. I followed the teaching of the world about God, i.e.: Anything is right, anything goes, as long as it is right or true for me. The God I made up was defined by my own rules. Basically I created my own God. How ignorant I realize I was. How can I tell God how and what He should be!

Today I realize that this is actually what most people do

But through all this, God was watching over me and was about to call me with a loud voice. Because he had plans for me, but I was not fulfilling those plans.

Let me take you 20+ years back. God, in his wisdom, led me and my wife to start a business. We both resigned from our secure jobs and went head over heel into creating this business. We knew nothing about running a business and less about the field of business we’ve entered. But God had a plan and He guided us through all the pitfalls and although we were far removed from Him, the business grew from strength to strength against all odds. [That is a miracle in itself. We started the business with $2 266, all the money we had. Today we use nearly a 100 people, most coming from a jobless background and our yearly turnover is in excess of $6 000 000 a lot of money in South African terms! And all this without taking out a single loan to help the business.]

The bigger the business grew the more self-righteous I became and the further removed from God.

I believed I was invincible becoming increasingly depressed and with all this success found no real reason worth living.

I could afford everything my heart want, do anything I want, but simply nothing satisfied me.

Then at age 40 (more than 15 years ago) God spoke to me in a very loud voice. I ended up in hospital fighting for my life…

Here  is my video on what happened to me:

I knew (unexplainable and with 100% certainty), the moment I hit the hospital bed, this was God working with me. I knew this was the moment in my life where I had to choose between life and death in more than one way.

Then the news came from the doctors: You’ve got about three years to live.

My battle with God was over. I surrendered. I can remember how I was lying in my gymroom flat on the ground on my stomach in front of Christ, crying for forgiveness. My sins I’ve done in the past against God just became crystal clear to me. Where I had no remorse in the past, my heart was just filled with painful remorse. My past life was in front of my eyes all my sins, all my self-righteousness and self-glorification. I literally felt the presence of God and His purity and holiness and this overwhelmed me. It made me realize really how impure I was and how much I’ve hurt Him through my past actions.

I laid everything before Him and pleaded forgiveness by the blood of Jesus. It was an extremely emotional period for me and I cried before God a lot.

There were a couple of times that Jesus lifted me up from this despair with and awesome peace and love. The joy I felt at moments like that was awesome amazing.

My life changed full stop. I repented my sins before Christ (each one of them), I accepted Christ as my savior and I accepted that He died for my sins on the cross and I turned from my ways

My depression disappeared. I wanted to follow Christ with all my heart and started living just for Him. Everything I did was focussed on Him and for His glory. I cut out everything that was part of this world from my life and brought Christ in the middle of everything.

I started doing weightlifting seriously and even with that, Christ was in the middle of it. There was no aspect or facet of my life where Christ was not part of it.

The emotional healing continued.

The business went further from strength to strength.

My health continued to increase.

We started with various gospel projects at work and then my eyes started opening and I saw what God had in plan for me all along and why He pulled me closer to Him when I did not listen to His calls. With our gospel projects at work, we reached more than 100 families most of who renewed their faith in God and drew closer to Him. Our company’s number one priority became to glorify Christ.

We started sponsoring missionaries (and some of our own people are now in missionary/outreach work)

We became involved in many gospel projects to spread the word and uplift disadvantaged communities.

Money was of less importance to me, but God blessed us so much that the more we give the more we had.

This is now just over more than 15 years since the doctors told me my fate. But God had other plans for me. I regained most of my health and the doctors were amazed. I looked physically the best I’ve ever looked in my life. I am at peace and every day is a joy for me. It is the most amazing path to follow Christ. Everything I entrust to Him (my life, health, big+small problems) and its incredible how He flattens the bumps in my road and bring peace to it.

I live very close to God now. Sometimes I can literally hear God speaking to me. I daily lay all my problems before Him and he gives me clarity each and every time. Every day I am so amazed by the wisdom and greatness of God.

A couple of months ago I had an amazing vision while praying. God took me from where I was kneeling and the next moment I was kneeling at the feet of Christ. It all was so vivid. The peace and love were so amazing. It was one of the most wonderful and powerful experiences of my life.

And lastly, after 17 years of marriage God blessed my wife and me with a child. Little Janu is now in his teens, perfect and preciously beautiful. His name Janu means, gift from God.

Janu at age 4 (now a taller than me at age 15)

My life before Christ was empty, painful and meaningless. I cannot in words express the amazing changes my life went through when I started following Christ. All I can do is pray that everyone receive the opportunity to experience the love, peace and fulfillment it brings when following Christ with ALL your heart.

When I see the pain and suffering people bring upon themselves, the self-glorification, the sexual perversion, the drug abuse, the gods we create for ourselves, the pain we are causing God, I just want to shout out from a mountain top Open your eyes people the real God is out there and you have no idea the love He has for you, Stop telling God how he should be and listen to what God says He is! [God almighty gave us a detailed account of His being in His word that stands forever: The Bible]

I wanna give u Proverbs 16:3. Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans…

Please let me know if this info has helped you.


Wish you much success!

Gert Louw

For those requiring some extra motivation…here is 2 short videos I did on my 50th birthday photoshoot:

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  1. You’re proof that ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus who gives US strength! You’re living life in abundance through Christ. Truely inspirational Gert, Thank You.

  2. Beautiful Testimony!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart. So True and full of Life!
    I’ve had this browser open for at least 1.5 months, read some exercises and diet tips and kept feeling drawn to watch more, but closed it and literally felt something say click ‘undo’ and read it now. So I did hahaha, I love that testimony! Great site too Donating now.

    1. Jason don’t think I’ve replied to this message of yours man! I really appreciate your feedback. Christ is my rock and my center in life.
      May your journey be blessed and thanks for donating…it help me reaching many people out there that has hit rock bottom…Be blessed buddy. G.

  3. Gert..n man na God se hart.
    People so often shy away from their testomonies..often to be politically correct and do not forget the “I don’t want to offend people” – excuses.
    I was there myself. But thank God those days are over.
    He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Thanks for sharing brother. May God bless you even more.

  4. Ive always considered myself a christian but i think i have created the God I am looking for. Thanks for your inspiration. Day 1 starts today.

    God bless

  5. Been going through a lot lately, a gambling issue of all things… Lead to my fiance and all my friends removing themselves from my life, even my church. I was homeless and had nothing but a car. I’ve been a Christian since January2017 but missed the mark somewhere. God humbled me. A couple of older gentlemen jumped in and helped me, all God’s grace. I know have an apartment again, a job I start Tuesday and the financial mentorship and accountability I need to be successful headed forward to glorify Him. I’ve been walking more and I felt God wanting me to get back into shape, I wrestled in college for a year and served in the military for 6 years but took an extended break from caring about my body. I changed my diet from all fast food to home cooked, it’s a start. And I wanted to start really lifting and treating my body as a gift from God finally. Googled and found you. Thanks for your story. Its amazing example of God’s love. I’m going to start your cutting program, without the supplements until pay back some debts and have a better foot under me. But thank you for making this free. Hard to find now a days. God bless look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    1. Jacob thanks for your story…I am sure this is going to help other people who faced the same situation you did. May God bless your journey my friend! LOTS of info to help you in my blog…just take a bit of reading. Now go and GROW!

  6. GREAT Testimony! Knew there was a reason I kept watching your video. Thinking of trying to get this program started, basically starting with meal planning which of course is the biggie. Also want to look at a slight bit more of the cardio as I am a longtime runner who needs to get back into the swing of things as well.

  7. I just watched one of your videos and read your testimony. I was athletic in H.S/College then as life continued I fell off the wagon. In the past year I went back into the gym and now am very fit. The reason I started looking at your site was I am at a plateau and want to move to the next level. I was impressed by your content and program.

    But …. I was really moved regarding how our great Lord has transformed your life. Your testimony and transformation is a powerful message about how God can do the extraordinary through ordinary people. You are an inspiration to us guys in our 50s (all guys for that matter.) God bless you and keep up the great work!

  8. Hey Gert i weighed 368 lbs in Jan 1st I’ve lost 16 lbs in 3 months I played in a bed for 7 maths and had to learn to walk all over again amongst everything else buddy so I’ve been following you on iTunes I’m interested in doing your transformations from the bottom up but I have to be patient with myself as I lost all my muscle mass and I’ve had to start all over again and I’m battling some nauroapathy from all the medication they had me on but I beat death I was only given a 10% chance of life and was told I would either need a kidney or lung transplant if I lived and so far everything is good without it so I’m serious about get rid of the fat and being healthy and lean as shit I now weigh 351.8 lbs as of 4/1/17 and I’m gonna be 50 yrs old June of this yr and I feel 38 but look Disgustingly Obese i dont know what to do theres too much out there so im wanting to start with your free transformation does it explain the dieting at all I’ve been told I gotta loose all the fat before I can build muscle is that true my email is

    1. Floyd – u are a true hero in the making. You have many odds against you but you want to rise above that…may God bless your journey!
      It is absolutely nonsense that you first need to lose fat before you can build muscle! But it will make it easier. Because severe excess fat make body movements more difficult. So what I suggest is to get going on a rock solid nutrition plan and do light exercises like rowing/cycling/treadmill for 30-40min per day while you get the body stronger, burn fat and slowly build muscle. Then when you less than 20% bodyfat I suggest you start with weight training and embark on either my free program or the ADVANCED SYSTEM II (fully customised for your body and goals):

  9. Your Truly inspirational I’m just starting on my journey at 63 and God willing he will let me reach my end goal I’m 5ft 9inches and 90kilos in weight.
    Struggling to find strip fat diet plan i have taken early retirement to achieve my goal .
    Once again well done and God bless you and your family

    1. Hey Robert – just wanna thank you for the kind comment and truly want to wish u success. Know quite a few guys well over 60 who had incredible transformations. If you ever interested in my blueprint system including a 4 day nutrition plan specifically designed for you by the same nutritionist I use, have a look here:
      God bless your journey buddy!

  10. Truly awesome words n video. Thanks for your testimony. It’s good to see another man of God stand up n put Christ at the center of his life. So as I said Im 6ft 6ins 42 years old 355 lbs. Have to lose this weight once n for all. Im 42 with difficulty walking getting up n just basically doing anything. Very frustrated with arthritis at such an early age. Blessing brother

    1. Hey thanks buddy – appreciated the feedback. Yeah Christ is my rock in my life and refuse to abide by political correctnes and cut Him out of everything! Sorry to hear about the arthritis! Two things you can maybe discuss with your doctor: As a last resort a treatment with Deca Durabolin is available as prescription for arthritus. It is a steroid that “oil joints” and relief pain drastically. As a steroid it will also help you build muscle with resistance training. The drawbacks is it will shut down your normal testosterone production completely and thus you will also have to supplement with testosterone to keep your levels healthy. I suggest Nebiro. It is a once a months prescribed injection that will keep your levels stable and healthy of testosterone. The secondly you might want to try and off the shelve supplement. For some it works amazing and for others not. It is a joint support supplement containing MSM and glusomine amongst other. Wish you a pain free future! In Christ, Gert Louw

  11. Man real inspiration I tell you. Im a Christian I at times suffer from depression but that’s because I don’t give him the glory he deserves n putting him in the forefront. You are truly a God sen. Bless you brother I have subscribed to your videos. Im 42 6ft 6ins 356 lbs. This is the year for me to get rid of this weight n pain in my knees. Again God bless you brother

  12. Hi Gert,

    Fantastic site and great information. I will read up and watch closely. Currently 48 and struggling with loosing stomach fat and gaining muscle. Always a hard gainer.

    Interested in the diet approach, different to others, there is no talk about macros and protein/carbs/fat measurements that I have come across yet. Is there a preference in setting up diet as to hitting these macros? Or just focus on calories?

    Great work mate! Wish you the best.


    1. Hey Greg! Thank for that kind feedback my friend – really appreciate!
      The split of the diet is roughly 40/30/30 – protein/carbs/fat in calories.
      If you want my nutritionist can work out a nutrition plan similar to mine and completely customized to your body, type and goal. She charges $39 US. Let me know if you are interested then I can set up the process. Wish you a great day!
      Gert Louw

  13. Hello there Sir..
    May i just say..WOW!. you are truly an inspiring man of God! and a wonderful roll model for many.

    Sorry..I may have missed it somewhere but I cant seem to see your diet and training programs for woman?
    GOD BLESS ^_^

    1. hey thanks Chantelle…and you are right…most info directed at guys…but (!) except for diet the training and supps is just about the same for both sexes to acquire a great looking body. The diet however has some significant differences. But here I would be carefull to give a plug and play solution since there is a lot of science involved. Men are easier because they have a natural fat burning hormone testosterone. With females it is close to the oppposite! Here I make use of a nutritionist to help design diets solutions. If interested let me know…she is not too expensive and if you are in Cape Town I can actually send you directly to her…

  14. Gert, for the cutting period, would you make more 12 rep range or would you rather go higher in the 20 rep range? 10-12 reps are still considered hyper trophy rep ranges while higher is more for conditioning.

    So what rep ranges do you prefer for your cutting phases?

    Thanks and best regards

    1. I do 15 rep range per set in cutting failure and stop just short of complete muscle failure on each set during the cutting phase. Wish you success buddy!

  15. Thank you so much for your time and encouragement. I pray that God’s hands continue to be upon you and your family. I pray that God Blesses you in your business and all of your endeavors in life. You have really blessed me to change my course in life and get back on the path that God designed for me. Thank you so much again. Be Blessed.

    1. I truly appreciated your feedback and blessings! May you have a great journey my friend…and always…walk the journey with God.
      Stay blessed.

  16. I have done keto diet for one month that help me alot to cut fat% 12.5% around before it was 27.5%.want to know exercise regime programm for aesthetic looks.thanks

  17. Dear Gert
    Thank you for all the info and words !!!
    I have a question about creatines and caffeine pills. Is it possible to have them together? I read that is not good to take caff pills and creatinte the same days.
    Can you explain?
    thank you….

    1. Creatine and caffeine are two performance-boosting supplements often used in sports settings. There is a lot of controversy, however, over the effectiveness of using these two substances together. A study published in the October 2001 “Journal of Applied Physiology” showed that caffeine blunted the effects of creatine; however, a 2002 study in the journal “Medicine in Science in Sports and Exercise” showed caffeine could be ergogenic, or performance enhancing, after creatine supplementation. After learning more about these two supplements and what they do, you will be able to see that taking creatine and caffeine together can be beneficial. In some cases this supplement combo may not be effective, however. Let me explain: In about 10% of people creatine have no effect whatsoever. For those individuals creatine is a waste. For example I am one of such people who do not benefit from creatine. But you will not know it before you have not tried it – also make sure that you always use something like grape juice or Vitargo to dring the creatine otherwise absorption will be extremely bad. Hope this helps…G.

    2. What an inspirational story! What is your view on the paleo diet? Would you argument be the same as your view on banting?

      1. Thanks Tania – much appreciate the feedback! The Paleo diet slightly better than the banting diet due to fruit allowed. But in the end cutting out any specific group to a large extent (dairy, grains, Starches – complex + simple) is never a healthy long term approach and the carbs is essential for a healthy insulin response. The fruits allowed can help produce a better insulin response than with the banting diet however. It is still not something I would suggest long term…but if you have to choose between paleo and banting…choose paleo.

  18. Gert,

    Came across your Youtube page when looking up Over 40 Bodybuilding. Thanks for the info! looking forward to reading all that I can and implementing it ASAP. I am currently 42 years old 5’7″ and weight 158 lbs. I work in a Sedentary Job. I seem to fit into Ectomorph/hardgainer body type, yet my belly collects fat quite well. Have been going to the gym for just over 2 years, Lifting weights more than I cardio, but I do enjoy the occasional 5k run. I am eating a Calorie Surplus at the moment (2500 Calories), but seems that most of my calories are going to my belly and not my muscles. For starting your program would you recommend starting a cut first to reduce the amount of Body fat I have or continue bulking?

    Thanks for any advice


    1. Eric – first of all if you are a hardgainer you should stay completely away from cardio. Cardio is a hardgainers biggest enemy to gain size. Usually the tummy is a result of lifestyle choices – eating wrong and too frequent alcohol. Especially with guys – the alcohol goes straight to the tummy. I would recommend a cutting phase indefinately to the point where you are happy with the bodyfat levels. Then you can start alternating between the cutting and building phases in the normal fashion. Also maybe check the following for a dedicated 6-pack routine to help you tighten and strengthen your core:
      Wish u success

      1. Gert,

        Thanks for the info. I look forward to compiling the info you have made available and implementing it. I did a 3 point self Caliper test this morning and according to two Calculator Apps I am at around 13.76% body fat. I try to eat as clean as possible from whole food sources. I actually do not drink alcohol, fortunately I never really acquired a taste for it. Can’t say I will miss doing Cardio….But I do love that occasional 5k run (maybe 2 times a month), so I will have to adjust calories to compensate.

        Thanks Again and Many Blessing

  19. Thank you for your ministry & testimony. You have truly Blessed me. I’m a believer & follower of Christ as well. I’m a 41 year old African American living in Arlington TN. I’ve had 3 strokes but God ain’t through with me yet. I’ve been in & out the gym since I was 14 years old. I’ve watched a lot of infomercials in my day. I love your methodology & approach. I’ve watched 15 videos & read numerous articles but I haven’t seen you sell one product. I’m trying to map out the meal plan. It’s a tad intimidating but I really want to go all the way to show others the Power of God through me. You have the plan in all of the videos but if there is one source that I can purchase please let me know.

    May our Heavenly Father continue to Bless you & yours


    1. Hi Eric – I thank you for you kind comment!
      I associate with what you are saying – as long as I can still breath I will be fighting the good fight!
      Through our hardships we are shaped into beautiful shining silver. All the impurities are removed.
      I am not selling or promoting supplements or brands on my site because I believe that is a critical factor giving my site unbiased opinions – opinions that are not influenced by money.
      I am working together with a top nutritionist in the field to work out diets suited to your specific situation. She charges me $29 US. If you are interested let me know then I can forward a questionnaire which you must complete. Payment can be made via PayPal account –
      Here is a link to the other systems available:
      Thank you for the blessings and I wish the same for you and your family.
      In Christ
      Gert Louw

  20. Hi Gert,

    I’m Mick and have read through your site. I am inspired man!
    I have been training since i was around 26 (weighing little more than 114lbs) and i am now 45 (weighing around 170-175lbs) and keep myself generally fit. I suffered a TIA (mini stroke) a couple of years ago, thankfully no lasting damage or effects but the past couple of years have been a little struggle to hit where i was before. However after reading your site and watching a few of your videos it might just be the thing i need to start to push it a little more and get my mindset back in it again.
    Its great to see guys like yourself of the older generation showing that it still can be done and maintained.



    1. Hey Mick – I really appreciate your feedback!
      There is a LOT of info on my site which can really help you stay focussed and transform, especially for the older guy.
      Wish u success my friend and contact me anytime for support!

  21. Hi Gert

    Thank you for a great site. I am 33 years old and have slowly getting my mind sorted to really tackle my body to become what I have always wanted it to be. I really appreciate your postings abour your faith as that was what really got me interested in how you approach this. At the same time it also sparked in me a renewed urgency to invest time in my relationship with Jesus Christ-thank you for that.

    I am very new to the whole world of ‘bodybuilding’ and in response to your facebook post about improving abs in 90 days went to Clicks to have a look at the supplements, but goodness, it is confusing. Do you have any suggestions what brand I should be looking at in terms of what you recommended on your video post? I was thinking of going the GNC route…


    1. Jurgens – thanx for the comment buddy. Always great when people take the time and effort to write! My faith has been a big help in getting to where I am where I am today. My road was hard and without Christ it would not have been possible.
      Since you are talking about Clicks, I pressume u are local.
      A local brand that is VERY good is HMT.
      But other good brands On Nutrition and EAS.
      GNC is one of the better ones albeit not the best.
      Hope this helps and wish u success on your journey, physically and spiritually!

  22. HI,
    This is the first time viewed your videos & read your diet plan & i can say i found the
    whole program very very informative. I am 66 years old & just recovered from a massive
    blood clot on both my lungs & have arthritis on my hands,knees & ankles but i exercise
    with weights every day but my diet is very bad & don,t drink one third of the water intake
    you say i should drink. I really do think Im reasonably fit & still quite muscular but I do
    have a lot of fat mostly on my stomach. i am going to start your diet routine but wonder
    if you have advice on what you use in your shakes & how much liquid you use in your
    whey shake…… I think your advice on how to set up a routine you can follow & stick to
    it is excellent………Many Thanks…..Bill.

    1. Hey Bill – first wanna wish u MUCH success and thank you for your feedback!
      300ml water min in shake but in total you must not get less than 4L in per day. Enough water literally makes you loose stubborn fat easier and keep your kidneys healthy.
      Train wise, educate yourself and be healthy!

  23. Fantastic blog….if you can call it that. This is life changing stuff. Hat off to you Gert. I have been training for many years on and off and my main discipline is cycling. I have had time out and want to get back into it. I am not looking to bulk up as extra weight on the bike is more i have to haul up the mountain. I do however want to get ripped and slightly muscular. I can bulk easily, never been my problem. Its the last fat that sits on the stomach i can never get rid of so will your program be any good for me or should i look at something else as cardio is a huge part of my requirement as a cyclist. cheers andrew

    1. Hi Andrew – thanx for your feedback my friend – truly appreciated!
      The fact that you do serious cardio – cycling, automatically means your body will limit muscle size. SO my program and diet should be well suited to give your muscles slightly bigger size and shape and dropping bodyfat to bring our shredded-ness. If it looks at all like you picking up too much muscle, just slightly lower the weights sizes, but I honestly think you will pick up just a little with the amount of cardio you do. So 3 months building and 3 months cutting and alternate and don’t forget the diets specific to the two phases. Diet determines 80% of your success so make sure you get this fully sorted! Wish u success. Gert

  24. Hi Gert
    MACHINE !! thank you for your story, effort and sharing your knowledge and experience. I’m 38 and have been lifting for about 15 yrs but back then access to knowledge (internet) wasn’t as easily available and thus just did what I thought was right – ate massive amounts of carbs etc and lifted heavy. My current predicament is my bodyfat sitting at around 15%. I want to obviously lose the fat but don’t want to get skinny, which seems to have happened to me in the past when I crash dieted – I tend to go to extremes and give it my all. So, would you recommend simply cutting first and then trying to build muscle thereafter? my fear as mentioned is losing the decent muscle I have and I am most certainly a hardgainer – my efforts are big to only see minimal results but I don’t know if my body can build muscle and then cut the fat to a single digit fat % without looking like a rake with no muscle….

    bless you

    1. Hey thanx Matt!
      It is a pleasure my friend…
      Yes in such situations I recommend cutting until u reached your desired bodyfat levels but follow the approach I outlines to ensure you do not loose muscle in the process. Then after that you do the building phase and from there onwards it is normal cycle of cutting/building phases. Wish you success my friend and keep growing!

  25. Hello brother
    Have a question to ask.I’m vegetarian,what I can replace chicken and beef with?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  26. Hi, my name is Shobhit im 27 yrs old boy, but im very slim my weight is 56kg height 5.7″.
    please suggest me the best workout for gaining weight.

  27. Hi Gert
    I am truly inspired by what you have achieved.i am 43 and am going to start you plan but the only problem I have is that I like to train in the morning at 7am. How can I fit in your diet plan to suit me. Would appreciate it if you could advise me on this.
    Well impressed with your achievements.
    I also have bad knees will take your advise on that.

    1. Hi Bash,
      Thanx man!
      There are ways getting around the weak knee’s (as I show in my videos) but that only helps so far. I just had left knee surgery 2 weeks ago. Just one week out of gym. Nut will probably see in about a month whether it really was worth it or not!
      I would go train on empty stomach and take a BCAA + Glutamine + caffeine shake that I will drink while training.
      This will help protect your body from going catabolic. And then IMMEDIATELY after training apple + Whey and very soon after that your meal 1 of the diet.
      Then just cut out one of the small meals during the day (because you have already done a meal right after training (whey and apple).
      Apart from that there should be no other changes.
      Wish u success bud!

    1. Hi Elna. I started at 40 and am now 50 and in the best shape of my life. So you pretty much can have the same or even better journey than me!
      Wish you success.

      1. Hi Gert,

        I am a women and I have been following you excersize regime religiously I know it is for men but you will not believe I have approached so many people to help me.
        I am so so determined to do something for myself.
        Question is can I follow your program

      2. Elna,
        That determination is golden. God has given us this incredible power to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and you can…
        Whether you can follow my program…it is a matter of what your goals are. If it is to have a strong looking fit physique then yes it is perfectly suited.
        What you must remember is that NO woman can built these massive muscles men have, with resistance training since they lack to a large degree the muscle building hormone – testosterone. So by following my program a woman will firm up her muscles, get her shape back and achieve a fit and strong looking female body, not a muscled female body.
        Muscled woman use anabolic steroids, that is the only way they can achieve sigificant muscle size.
        I would however not suggest the cutting and building diets in my videos, they are focussed on males. The whole process and monitoring still applies 100% though. I have posted a very good female diet for cutting in this article (just scroll down to bottom and you will find it):
        Hope this helps and truly wish u success!

  28. Gert, I am 48 and I have spent the last 10 years letting my body and spirt decline. Thru out my youth and into my 30s I not only remained very active I trained very hard. I fought professionally, (boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing) up in to my 30s. After I came to realize that I would not be able to fight anymore because it is a young mans sport, and years of injuries- I just allowed myself to move away from God and deeper in to depression and self pity. I have recently come to realize that although I had moved away from the Lord he has never left me. That said I am letting him guide me and have got myself back in the gym. My problem is I have a fighters minds set when I am in the gym and I spend a lot of time working the bags and all around fight training and sparring. I want to find a good and healthy balance between putting on bulk and keeping the speed and power that I get from fight training. I still like to get in the ring and show the young kids how an old man can put the tune on them. I am 6ft tall and have now got myself down to 210lbs my goal is 180lbs.

    Thanks for any advice you can give and God Bless you and your family.


    1. Hi Jim,
      Awesome story. I fully understand what you are going through and the fact that God is still there for you, man, it is so amazing…
      I’ve walked a similar path and also have returned to Christ, and with that started my fitness journey.
      The fact that you have a solid background in fitness will definately make it easier to recapture.
      One thing I can tell you the intense training have a massive effect on your depression levels. The feel good hormones can wipe out your despression state.
      And when God is in the mix, you also want to become a better person which further have massive positive impact on all levels of your life.

      Regarding the fighters mindset. You will have to decide what your fitness goals are. If it is increased muscle size, then you must be weary of cardio, including punchwork. Cardio is a muscle size killer. I would concentrate on the heavy lifting and not do more than 15 minutes bag punching afterwards.
      But if you want just a fit lean body then by all means split your training into 50% bag work and 50% resistance training but always first the resistance training.
      Hope this helps and wish u much success bud!
      Stay strong in faith.

  29. Hello Gert, i live in Brazil and we don’t have Wheetbix here, with what could i replace it? Plus, this workout/diet plan is for natural bodybuilders? (Would it work for a 18 years old male)? Thanks in advance.

  30. Gert, in the cutting phase, do you increase the weight at all or do you keep the weight the same throughout the phase ?



    1. Hi Chris – very good question and it shows me u starting to get insight into the training principles!
      During the cutting phase you do not aim to increase muscle size but just to keep the size u have.
      All your focus is to drop the bodyfat while prtecting the muscles.
      That is done primarily through the cutting diet and monitoring process.
      On the training front in the cutting phase you do about 80% of the max weights that you ended on in your building phase.
      Some even go as low as 70%.
      And no, you do not increase the weight again gradually like in the building phase but keep it at the same level throughout.
      You thus do not train to failure but nevertheless get a good workout.
      This help the body not be overtaxed by the exercises while in a slight calorie deficit environment.
      Wish you success!

  31. Gert,

    I’m inspired. I just finished losing about 80 pounds, and i think I’m ready to start this lifestyle change. Not for anyone but myself; I want to thrive and be healthy and experience a great physique for the first time in my life. I’m 28, so I feel like I missed out on my 20s, but you inspire me to change and not dwell on it. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at pics of me now and let me known if you think I can actually look good with hard work. I guess, for me, that’s the hardest part. I fear that being fat my entire life has put me in a position that regardless the work I won’t ever achieve an excellent physique. May sound stupid, but it’s, as you said, overwhelming.

    I look forward to hearing from you if you get the chance. And I hope that I can share my journey with you as you are truly inspiring.

    1. Jonathan,

      Thanx for the feedback my friend I really appreciate it!
      80 pounds – simply awesome.
      The fact that you are 20 means that you REALLY CAN (!) pull this through. At your age the hgh and testosterone levels are at it’s highest which means quick recovery times from excercising and great posibilities for adding muscles.
      Also the harder you train the more of these 2 hormones will be released making it even easier.
      I will with pleasure look at your pics and give my honest opinion but I tell you now it CAN BED DONE…just search on internet and you will find many amazing transformations. Most of them is true and just a very few are fake.
      My email address is :

  32. You are awesome Gert! Thank you for your knowledge and spirit of sharing…you’ve inspired me to become Better.

    God bless you always,

  33. Your story is amazing!! Truly inspiring. I have been trying to really get into fitness and improving myself for a while now. I feel like I’m stuck in one place and I pray I can find improvement in your program. However, I am a female, age 18, 135lbs. I go to the gym about 5 times a week and do cardio mixed with weight training. I eat good most of the time (this might be a problem and is something i need help with). What advice can you give me to hep tone my body up as well as grow muscle? I want to get to the point that I am in the best shape i can possibly get in. What do you suggest as a meal plan as well?

    1. Ashlee – thanx for your feedback, much appreciated!
      First you must focus your diet for fatloss and protecting/building a bit of muscle.
      This is the critical part whether you are a man or woman. Your diet determines 80% of your bodyshaping success, wehter it is muscle building, loosing fat or just toning.
      Have a look at my cutting diet. It is a very good starting point. CRITICAL to follow the 14 day monitor and adjusting of calories as I described in the video/document. and
      Since your are a woman I would lower the overall calories with 20% to start with.
      On the training front, I strongly suggest the circuit. It is a balanced whole body workout with some cardio thrown in.
      Just be carefull of doing too much other cardio – cardio always result in smaller muscles, that is the normal reaction of the body.
      Wish you success!

  34. Hi i am a 31 old male, ive been slaking the last 6 years to go to the gym again and your blog has inspired me to start again.

    One question though where do you stand on coffee? I do like my coffee and i wonder if its giving me diminishing results if i still drink it.

    1. Arnar – Awesome to hear u have taken up the journey again. 31 is such a great age for building up the body. Still young and lots of testosterone and HGH flowing through veins for max results! Don’t waste it – MAKE IT HAPPEN!
      Coffee – lol! I also LOVE my coffee. But alas, you will have to stick to max of 4 cups a day.
      You might consider AMERICANO type, more flavour and taste with slightly less caffeiene.
      Fat free milk or without milk.
      I am down to 1 cup a day now because I use strong caffeine pre-workout and too much caffeine raise my blood pressure.
      But moderate caffeine pretty much does more good than harm.
      Wish u MUCH success bud.

  35. Hi,I am Type 2 diabetic. Pls suggest me supplements. & diet & I am 45 years old
    & started building 5 months ago. Pls
    Guide me.

    1. I am a type 2 diabetic myself. I just completed the basic transformation program, used the diet recommended, and my type 2 diabetes is in very good control. So good, I am not using medication anymore, just exercise and diet. As you know, exercise and diet for a type 2 diabetic makes a big different. Gert’s recommended diet is very low on starches and sugars and it optimum for type 2 diabetics like us. Also, the amount of times you eat during the day on the diet helps a lot as we diabetics need food intake on a constant basis.

      Good Luck on achieving your bodybuilding goals and overcoming and controlling your diabeties…


  36. Hi Gert, I’ve just turned 54 & have been weight training on & off for the past 3 years. I slacked right off during the past winter & have just started back at the gym again. I’ve always chopped & changed routines, mostly full body 3 days a week but never really settled into one in particular. There are just so many different approaches & opinions around that it gets very confusing at times as to which one to stick with. Very encouraging to find your site as one written by an older guy like myself.
    Maybe I missed something but I just wanted to check with you about the a, b, c etc exercises. Chest day for example you have 3 different types of bench presses, regular, incline & decline all listed as (a) do I do all 3 or just choose one???
    Thanks in advance
    Kind regards, Tony
    Launceston, Tasmania

    1. Tony,
      Glad to hear u are back in the gym!
      The problem is that there really are MANY different ways to skin a cat when it comes to bodybuilding. And then u get these guys using anabolics but they lie about it and just tell u this and that approach works…but the truth is “this and that” approach would not work at all without those anabolics.
      Either way, the best is to find someone that has gone through the whole before and after thing and then listen carefully what he says. Because whatever he says will help a lot towards your success. In the end u have to use common sense to distinguish the better from the poorer approaches.
      Usually I string two muscle grouops together in a training session. For example biceps and triceps. I wil then do 3 biceps exercises and 3 triceps ones. But alternate, with one bicep, then one tricep and back to biceps and so on…
      I do back/biceps together
      Wish u success bud!

  37. My Dear Brother in Christ,
    thank you for sharing your journey. There’s much that I would like to share with you but for now know that God has an awesome plan for your life and I urge you to continue following the path God has for you. You have exemplified that all things are possible with God and given me hope in believing that I can accomplish my goal as well.

    Thanks and God bless you,

  38. Thank you very much for all this wonderful information. Your story is so amazing and inspiring. I first saw your article “Transformation of the month” in bodybulgn site many months ago, and I though of you as an example to follow. I am 46 year old, I have always exercised and watched my diet, but have never been able to achieve your level of definition, form and size. I have read all you blog and wanted to thank you for your advice. I will start right this moment, to change into the person I want to see in the mirror, outside, and inside.

    Thanks again !!!

    1. Thanx Ernest! I totally appreciate this feedback. I am not so active anymore on but still check in now and then. Keep fighting the good fight. Year by year we make significant progress! Gert

  39. I started following this program recently, but I can already feel the changes! My only regret is that I’ve been making excuses all this time, instead of pushing myself. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, this page was the catalyst that helped me start my own transformation!

    1. Awesome to hear that mate! The real changes come from week by week, month by month, year by year dedication and persistance…but it sounds like u are totally focussed. Keep it there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! G.

  40. Wow what an amazing story I’m in a similar situation and have been weight training for a few years and your right it helps a lot many thanks for your great inspiration steve camm

      1. hi gertlouw….mi name is vio im from romania……i whant to start a program like this…..what kind of supliments,what kind of proteine i should take in mi first step? is mi e-mail adress….

  41. Gret, I thank for your inspiring story on you body transformation. I’m 25 yes old and I’m going to start now, but when really got me thinking/inspired was that I can make this happen while not only relying on my own strength but also building a relationship with God, all of a sudden I have this hunger of building a very close relationship with him and working out! I will follow your advice and keep God in the middle of every thing (work,family,problems,gym) and see what changes come along!

    1. Hey Rolando – this made my heart felt very warm indeed. I hold dear my relationship with Christ and through my bodybuilding it has strengthened much.
      May your plans be blessed my friend. Gert

  42. Dear Gert Louw,
    I found your WordPress by searching the product that stole your photo, and I’m glad I did. Your transformation is remarkable and something I could only dream of now but hope to change that after seeing your motivational videos. I read Arnold’s book a few times but still didn’t commit. I am excited to follow your workout plan and transform myself from a 34 year old 6 foot three 330 pound fat guy with the bone structure that would have an endless amount of possibility. Do you have Twitter by chance? Would be great to have a way to follow your workout regime and tips throughout the day. I hope to be posting my before and after pictures to you very soon. Or in the next few years.
    Thanks for the motivation

    1. Josh thanx for the note bud. It sounds like you are quite motivated to make that change! I truly wish u success. Use my program only as starting point and change it slowly into a program that work best for you! Keep educating yourself and if u want support or motivation…look me up anytime!
      Sorry don’t have twitter – my email is if u need to contact me.
      Keep growing!

  43. Hi man, thanks for this article. My dad was recently sick, and after seeing this article he too wants to change his life around.
    We ordered the the online supplements, haven’t used them yet, but obviously its a scam. Does using it change anything? or does it make you sick?
    Please get back to me, because i spent money on it for my dad but now dont know whether he should take it or not before doing any sort of training, I bought NO2 maximus and HT-Rush..
    Any advice will be appreciated thanks so much 🙂

    1. Hey bud, both No2 maximus and Testosterone Rush falls within the fake/scam product category.
      The ingredients they contain is not verified. However, I just cannot believe that there will be harmfull ingredients in it…that would just take it too a whole new level of craziness. Plus I must admit, of all the complaints I’ve heard, none was of people getting sick from it. I have serious doubts that it contain the strength of the ingredients specified on the bottles. But in the end the risk is yours/your dad’s to decide to take or not. If u want my opinion, I don’t think it will harm you, the results from it will be close to non-existant. But you got it now so you can just as well used it. Just by the next supps from a Pharmacy or bodybuilding supps store. Then at least u know u getting decent quality. Hope this answers your question?

  44. You have motivated me to change my life!

    As men begin to age we forget that we can look our best and you are living proof of that.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thanx for the feedback bud. I truly wish u success. And yes, u are right…I’ve seen guys into their 70’s that trule look awesome. MAKE IT HAPPEN. G.

  45. Hello, I’m Daniel Hong . Korean…and 27 Years old.

    I saw your Youtube clips, It was pretty shocked, I respect your passion.

    I really want to have Iron body like you.

    One of my biggest concern is… I’m too skinny,,,,I think I tried to work hard even harder.

    but I feel always tired and my body weight is all the same… Nothing has changed…

    So, I was wondering If you could some help for me…?

    I’m willing to follow your dirention, Right now.


    1. Daniel – it IS possible!
      My transformation program on my blog is a very good start.
      But it sounds like you are a hard gainer which means that you will have to consume a fair amount more calories during the day for your muscles to repsond to the heavy training.
      Wish u success.

  46. Hey there Gert!

    What an incredible story. I have had 2 phases in my 31 years on this planet where I have been fit. Unfortunately I have let myself go since becoming a teacher and am now at 190lbs at only 5’5. I have never been as motivated to train as I am after reading your tips and story. I am literally starting today. I can loose weight pretty quickly and dieting is not incredibly difficult for me, I’m only curious about which supplements I should start out with. I’d like to start out with the very basics and then add on as I go. What would you suggest?

    Thank you and God Bless!

  47. Hey there, I’ve just read your tips about lagging chest and all tips are great. However, my concern is that , I have already tried most of the tips you mentioned however my right pec is really not growing. It’s so soft, doesn’t have definition and very small in comparison to my left. I am also having a hard time feeling the pump and the mind-muscle connection is very poor that I can’t really feel the contraction. On the other hand, when it comes to the left pec, I can easily feel the pump and it is very painful when it gets contracted. If you were just here, you can see for yourself and try to touch and compare my pecs. Can you help me,please??
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hey Serg!
      Sorry for taking so long to reply…just a bit crazy this side.
      If you look closely at my right bicep you will see that in comparison it is less rounded and softer than the shape of the left arm bicep. 2 Years ago I torn my right bicep and although fully healed it changed the shape of my bicep. No amount of training or rehab will correct that. I can still grow it with vigorous training but it will never reach the shape and size of my left bicep. Most of the times such a scenario is due to injury, maybe even when u were a kid but u now completely forgot about it. The good news is u CAN still grow with intense training, the bad news is it will ALWAYS lack in comparison to the other one. Some guys even go so far as pec implants when it is really a problem, u have to decide…
      Hope this helps bud?
      Wish u MUCH success.

  48. Hey Gert, my name is Ryan. I am now at a point in my life where I want and need to feel better. At the rate I’m going, I will be dead, or be hopelessly out of shape before I turn 35. I just turn 24 at the beginning of December 2013. I am a bit over weight, and as far as I know, I have a good bit of muscle mass, I just need to tone it. I can send pics via email of me to show that I do look over weight, but I don’t look my weight. I am 6’3″ 315lbs. It sounds like a lot (which it is). I don’t want to do this for any romance or selfish means I want to do this for myself, and feel healthy, for my soon born son and my lovely wife. Can you help me and be a mentor?

    1. Ryan, you have one of the best reasons now to truly change…
      It will take willpower, dedication and self control.
      Something I do is to have God with me in this fight, it makes it easier.
      Ask Him to bless your plans.
      Sure my friend, I will help where I can!
      If you need support, etc.. contact me.
      Your friend

  49. Thank you very much you explained perfectly so from now on i am going to do that and i will let you know in a future if it works thanks for your time God bless you !

  50. Hey there i’ve been reading your page and im trying to figure out which is the easy way to gain weight since im 18 years old 143 pounds … i’m a soccer player so i do a lot of cardio during practices i go to the gym 5 days a week but i dont really know what is the easiest way to gain weight i feel like im getting skinnier everytime instead of geting weight i use creatine and glutamine before and after workouts .. i hope you can help me since youre a good trained man i hope you can help me … God bless you!

    1. Hey Orlando,
      18 is a PERFECT time to grow muscle since that is the time that testosterone is at peak levels in your body.
      I don’t know your bodytype but if u are a hardgainer then you will have to put in extra effort to grow and eat significantly more to feed your body for growth.

      Cardio is a muscle size killer unfortuntely. The more you do the smaller your muscles will be.
      Your supps is good but I will also take BCAA’s + L-Glutamine before any cardio or weight training.
      When you train weights you MUST train to failure on each set. Train not more than 1 hour at a time and not more than 5 times a week. Your body need rest to recover and grow and if you do not provide it enough rest you will fall in category of overtraining = muscles shrinking!
      Hope this helps my friend?
      Wish u much success.
      God bless!

      1. Thank you very much ! i appreciate your quick response and last question for example i do biceps 4 sets of 12 reps each … what do you mean until failure ? undefined amount of reps or amount of sets ? thank you

      2. Hey bud,

        You must choose the weights (for any excercise) so that you will experience complete muscle failure (meaning, you must not be able to lift the weights for one more rep) at roughly the last rep of each set. If u want to do 4 sets of 12 reps, then you must experience complete muscle failure at the 12th rep and NOT be able to lift it even one more rep.
        This is the absolute KEY to muscle growth. Each set must (MUST) always be done to absolute muscle failure!
        For maximum growth one usually do 6-8 reps per set and for cutting one usually do 10-15 reps per set.
        Does this clear it up for you?
        Wish u a great day!

  51. GERT,

    Your story Is very motivating and lifting. I think this is what I needed to get my life back on track and start living my life for God and make myself better for my family. I am gonna try your workout and meal plan but most important start living for God!!!

    Thank you for sharing your story

    1. Many thanx for the feedback my friend. I just had to share my story, the awesomeness of God and how He can totally turn a life around is amazing. Truly wish you success my friend. Gert

  52. Hey Gert. You’ve written a very interesting article here. Your journey with Christ is the most interesting to me because it reminds me of my journey with him as well.

    I’m a 26 year old male who has been trying to increase my muscle size and get more definition in my body for some time. Unfortunate thing is I see more strength gains then I see actually body changes. I’ve been doing Neils Y3T Program for about 19 days now and I don’t know if its because I’m impatient or not eating right (mainly lean beef, chicken, tuna and jasmine rice) but I am not seeing the gains I want. I’m a real passionate person when it comes to the things I love but my motivation level is going to the dirt. I was wondering if I should finish the program and be more patient or start up the program you have listed here. This is my profile on

    I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Really want a change and would love to see some gains before my wedding coming up this year.

    1. Hey Mateo!
      Thanx mate and man u are so blessed to already have such a journey with Christ at your age…will spare u much pain and heartache my friend!
      I checked u’re bodyspace profile…u got some good muscle size on your frame.
      But to answer your question:
      1. You are waaaay to eager. Serious body changes comes from month after month after month of utter dedication in workouts. You are young which counts greatly in your favour but you should only really start seeing significant changes after about 3 months.
      2. The diet determines 80% of your success. So make 100% sure it is well sorted. U need between 6-8 small meals a day feeding your body with the correct things it needs to grow. If your diet fail you will fail in your bodybuilding no matter how well you train.
      3. Be wary of overtraining. At your age u should train about 5 days a week, but u need 2 solid days off from gym to recover. Remember the muscle do not grow in gym but get literally torn down in gym. It grows when you are resting/sleeping.
      Hope this helps bud? but email me anytime for more questions.
      Wish u MUCH success.

  53. Gert! Glad to come across your site and blog. Very inspiring and great ideas and tips. I am embarking the journey both from a spiritual and body balance approach so am glad to see how well you accomplished this healthy balance. Thank you for the inspiration! Gui

  54. Thank you for your inspiration. As a 45 year old and business owner I have been struggling with the feelings of worthiness due to my previous ways. I have only recently come to know love. Love of myself and God and now others. After years of self loathing only recently have I picked up a weight again but not without extreme emotional exhaustion. I can follow your blue print of lifting to the letter to me thats almost easy. But my question is…. How do you stay emotionally in the game after a past of godlessness? Humbly Ron

    1. Ron,
      Awesome that you decide at this age to make this life altering change.
      I got a simple answer for you my friend…
      Laying those sins at Christ door and sincerely asking him for forgives for each of those sins with a sincere heart means He WILL forgive us completely for each and everyone of those previous sinfull ways. THAT is why He died on the cross for us, to take our sins upon Him so that we can easily be reconciled with God. He died in our place so that we can live! Once you’veask His forgiveness with a honest heart, you van forget about that past because its has been wiped clean.
      However, the practical reality is that although He wiped our past clean, we still need to cut out everything in our life that ties us to this past. That means friends, drugs, clubs or anything that pulls you away from God. You cannot ask Him forgiveness but continue on a path that pulls you away from him. This is one of the critical things that you must focuss on when you want to truly reconcile with God.
      Then make sure that with EVERYTHING you do, that God is in the centre of it. EVERYTHING. I even ask God to bless me and my wife’s lovemaking everytime we do it. Before lifting I talk with God, and even before most sets I ask God to help me focus. God should be part of everything in your life, then your life truly starts changing.
      It is a journey only you can walk…
      Talk to me anytime you need support.
      I wish you success my friend.

  55. Hi Gert,
    You have dedicated your time to provide solid advise to others which is very much appreciated!
    Im 26 years old and have been training on and off for the last 2 years – my new years resolution was to find a programme and stick to it and be consistend, is this programme suitable for me – or does it need to be changed around a bit?

    1. Hey bud!
      Thanx for the comment.
      26…man how blessed you are. That is the time when your testosterone levels are just about at it’s peak levels which mean GREAT time to grow muscles!
      My program is just about perfect for you. At 26 your body can take 5 serious days training per week with 2 days rest. I am 49 so I have to rest 3 days per week and only train serious for 4 days. Your recuperating rate is MUCH higher than mine. You might be able to squeeze 6 days training in per week but that might border on overtraining which might severely hamper muscle growth. So just be carefull with that. Apart from above my program and diet is a great start. Change it as you progress to suite you better, but be sure to always only introduce one change per time and make sure the change work before introducing another change.
      Wish u MUCH success my friend…and send me before and after pic!

  56. Gert,

    I was looking at an add promoting Test-O-Boost to increase testosterone levels and I was skeptical. I googled is Test-O-Boost Fake and I came across your testimonial against it.

    This in turn led me to your Blog…Great, Great, Stuff…some of the most simple if not the most simple training & eating regiment(s) I have seen. No secrets hidden or inticing hooks to market something you’re selling.

    I look forward to incorporating your training advice into what I’m doing now.

    Thank You for All You Do

    52 yrs Old

  57. Thank you from San Diego. I’ve been remotivating as year 40 is coming up in 5 months and I saw the the transformation you made in 5 months. I’m especially grateful for the supplements in consideration to aging men. I’m a former Navy SEAL, 6’4″ and used to get up to 250 naturally but have mostly been around 210 this last 8 years. It feels good to get in the gym and push heavy weight again. I’ve pretty much written down on post it notes your supplement intake, schedule of shakes and food intake and posted it all next to the pile of pills and protein I’m now taking. I found you when looking to see if that supplement advertisement was fake that used your transformation pics. Thanks for being a trusted source of information, It’s hard to find that on the web. 5 months to get swole, see you at 40!

    1. Jonah,

      You might already know it but 40 is a very good age to start building muscle. between 35-45 the body reach muscle maturity and that is also why most of the really great bodybuilders is between that age. My transformation actually took me 4 years but I was very sick to start and only the last 2 years really is where I really experienced the big changes. I do believe you can see some significant changes in 5 months but real serious changes will take 1 – 2 years.
      Don’t rush it to much, give yourself time and concentrate on getting your training and diet/suplement well sorted. My program is a good start.
      Wish u MUCH success my friend and email me if u need support.

  58. Inspiring story. I am a former boxer, and current boxing trainer here in South Florida. I just turned 41 and am looking to tighten up since as a former boxer, I never got into lifting weights as that limits your flexibility and power for the sport. Now that I no longer box, I would like to tighten up and gain some lean muscle. I am 5’11” and weigh about 195lbs. I’m solidly built, but do have more body fat than I would like. At my age it’s harder and harder to lose it. I do have good genetics and am thinking about lifting but I don’t know anything about it.

    I know you are probably busy but any help would be appreciated. I read everything on your site, I just wonder if that’s too much since I don’t want to be huge or look like a body builder. Just gain lean muscle and tighten up. Thanks again, and your hard work paid off.

    1. Jose,

      If u do not want to have to0 much muscle mass, then I suggest you incorporate a fair amount of cardio with your weight training. Lot’s of cardio = less muscle and zero cardio = maximum muscle mass. The amount of cardio will greatly determine the amount of muscle mass. I suggest you start of with 20 minute cardio per day with your weight training. If you still pick up too much muscle then increase your cardio time.
      Wish you success bud!

      1. Thanks, all I do is cardio so that won’t be a problem. I’m going to start your program on Monday and stick with it.

  59. Hi there I was very interested in your video and got inspired hopefully this helps me.
    I am 40 years old and weigh 145 5’10
    I plan to put 15 lbs on within a year hopefully with proper training and nutrition I can do it.
    Thank you again keep on training.

    1. Hi Mario,

      40 Y/O! Buddy that is the perfect age to start. Some of the best bodybuilders in the world reach their full muscle maturity at around 40 years.
      I always recomment making a complete change in your life on all levels…work towards becoming a better person/father and as a result also change your body. It makes the stakes so much higher and so much more worthwhile.
      Wish you MUCH success!

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