T-Management Plan: instructions on how to implement

Hi guys, hope you all are training hard!

This side of the globe, the muscle monster has been awakened in my son (16). So, whether dad want to or not, he forces me 6 times a week to be at gym. Obviously at my age (nearly 58) the body cannot handle 6 days of hardcore training, so some days I am focusing more on specific stretching routines. I will do a video about the importance of stretching for the older body in future. It actually play a rather important role for the older body. 

As soon as my son gives me the go-ahead, I will be posting some dad & son flexing videos and photos. Watch this space! I am tiny next to him!

Ok, back to the article.


I’ve discussed the T-Management plan in my past articles but never gave you a practical approach on how to implement it to raise your blood T-levels.

So, with this article guys, I am going to give you such a practical approach.

First, let’s just revisit why T-Management is so important for the older guy. Every year the male population’s T-levels are declining at an alarming rate. Thus, your T-levels are way lower than for example’s your dad’s and so on. Various reasons for it, mostly our own fault! I’ve done a video/article about this in the past so check it out for more insight into our low T-levels of our generation. The problem is HUGE – significant lower T-levels for every new generation on top of the current generation males (more than 50%) whom already have insufficient T-levels. The problem is compounded at lightspeed with every generation. Low T levels guys is a serious medical condition resulting in erection and libido problems, severe depression, low energy, increased risk for heart problems, etc…

Simply put, low T = low quality of life!

NO (!) guy want to be there. So, in my book, us guys should do everything in our power to stay out of this low T level scenario as we age.  

Thus, the T-MANAGE PLAN for the older guy.

It is a step-by-step approach to address your low T levels and keep it optimal.

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T-levels MUST be tested!

It is critical guys, to get your T-levels tested! The only way is through bloodwork. But, don’t stress, you don’t even have to visit the doctor you can do it at your home. Just visit my SUPPLEMENT ORDERS page on my site for the link of the home testing kit for blood T-levels.

You are driving blind with the T-MANAGEMENT PLAN if you do not get your T-levels tested. Do this scientifically and the right way.


Right, so now you got the T-levels tested and you know your results. What do you do next?

Your target for your TOTAL T is to be in the top 20% of what is considered normal. Normal T-levels range is 270 ng/dL (min) up to 1070 ng/dL (max). THAT (!) is a big range especially considering that our T-levels is already lower with every new generation. We got less warrior manly men today and more emotionally soft and insecure boys (can’t call them men!) than ever! Wondering why?

Your TOTAL T level when older (over 40 but especially when over 50) needs to be in the top 20% region of what is considered normal if you want even the slightest chance of leading a quality older life. Off course such levels also mean better fat-loss and better muscle mass as well as higher energy levels and better mood, and off course better erections. Yeah, basically a new lease on life!

The top 20% target means TOTAL T must be 800 ng/dL – 1070 ng/dL.

The T-MANAGEMENT PLAN has 5 levels.

If your TOTAL T-LEVEL is less than 800ng/dL (and more than 50% older guys are) then you need to implement the T-MANAGEMENT PLAN in the following way (see below).


  • This is day 1. You got your TOTAL T results, they are lower than 800 ng/dL. What do you do?
  • You need to start at LEVEL 1 and implement all three action items in FULL (religiously sticking to it – do NOT fool yourself by doing it hap-hazardly and then be unhappy about results you did not achieve because of work you did not do!). Do what you need to do and do it RIGHT! Stop with the excuses and laziness, get your ass into gear, and just DO IT!
  • After each 60 days (2 months) you redo the TOTAL T blood work test. 
  • DECISION CRITERIA (stay at LEVEL 1 or move to LEVEL 2?): If TOTAL T is still below 800 ng/dL but it has INCREASED since the test on day one (even just slight increases), then you stay at LEVEL 1 (and make sure all 3 action items are FULLY and CORRECTLY in place) and redo blood work test at 120 days (4 months) again.
  • You stay at LEVEL 1 for as long as T-levels are increasing and redo TOTAL T blood tests every 2 months.
  • The moment that T-levels stay the same or are decreasing then it is time to move to LEVEL 2.
  • As long as the TOTAL T are increasing while on LEVEL 1, it means, what you are doing is working and thus you continue with LEVEL 1.


Ok, now for those who had to move to LEVEL 2 because TOTAL T-levels remained unchanged or decreased while on LEVEL 1. These guys obviously need a more focused approach.

  • First, moving to LEVEL 2 means you must continue to follow all action points of lower LEVELS. You never drop any of the lower LEVELS while moving on to a higher LEVEL. 
  • LEVEL 2 (like LEVEL 1) is adhering to real science. And science has shown us (through various science studies) that certain, very specific, lifestyle factors can make a fairly large impact on a man’s TOTAL T levels. Do not dismiss any of the 4 action items of LEVEL 2. Each of them plays an important role and can have result in TOTAL T levels increasing.
  • Implement all 4 action points of LEVEL 2 at the same time. Make an effort! Remember, nothing worth having in life, comes without MUCH effort. Back to my previous statement…STOP the laziness and excuses and just do it!
  • When on LEVEL 2, do your TOTAL T blood work after every 2 months (60 days). Remember, the ONLY scientific way to verify that you are moving in the right direction is via getting actual blood work done.
  • DECISION CRITERIA (stay at LEVEL 2 or move to LEVEL 3?): If TOTAL T is still below 800 ng/dL but it has INCREASED since the TOTAL T TEST you did on the day that you started with LEVEL 2 (even just slight increases), then you stay at LEVEL 2 (and make sure all 4 action items are FULLY and CORRECTLY in place) and redo blood work test at every 2 months period.
  • The moment that T-levels stay the same or start decreasing, then it is time to move to LEVEL 3. While TOTAL T are increasing while on LEVEL 2 means it is working and you continue just on LEVEL TWO (if necessary for the long term).


The same process apply to LEVEL 3. When you had to move to LEVEL 3, do NOT stop with LEVEL 1 and 2. You must always keep the lower LEVELS fully in place.

  • LEVEL 3 moves into supplement territory (all relative easy-to-come-by supplements with solid science behind it, no bro-science!).
  • There are 5 supplements, each with a potential significant impact. Start with Supplement 1. 
  • After 2 months, redo TOTAL T blood work. Same decision criteria apply – If TOTAL T has increased (even slightly), stay exactly where you are and redo blood work every 2months. If at any point TOTAL T stays the same or goes down, then move on to supplement 2 while keeping supplement 1 in place. If T-level continues to increase, then you are at the right place. Just stay put.
  • The same decision criteria need to be applied for all 5 supplements that form part of LEVEL 3. Only move on to next LEVEL (4) when TOTAL T stay the same or starts decreasing after implementing all 5 supplements.

Note – all supplements discussed here (and home bloodwork test kit) can be ordered via the links I provide on my SUPPLEMENT ORDERS page on my site.


So, for those unlucky guys who now must move to LEVEL 4, it becomes a slightly different approach.

  • You will keep LEVEL 1 -3 fully in place, but with LEVEL 4, you never take the 4 different supplements together – only one at a time.
  • You go through a process of using the 1st one, then doing blood work after 2 months and if TOTAL T stayed the same or dropped, then stop supplement 1 and move on to supplement 2 and redo blood work after 2 months.
  • Follow this process until you eventually end up at supplement 5.
  • Now IMPORTANT: If after 2 months with supplement 5 there is no upwards TOTAL T value, then you drop the complete LEVEL 3 and 4 while keeping LEVEL 1 and 2 fully in place.


Up to this point you did everything scientifically possible to naturally increase your T levels.

  • Reaching this point brings you to LEVEL 5 and that means TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (TRT) is inevitable. You’ve tried everything naturally possible and backed by science to raise T-levels.
  • ONLY (!) TRT at this point will rectify your blood T-levels and bring them into the range of 800 ng/dL – 1070 ng/dL.


Yeah, I know (depending on what country you are in), many doctors are old school and backwards and you might encounter a huge problem convincing your doctor that you need TRT. People have preconceived ideas (even doctors) and trying to change a person’s mind on something can be very difficult indeed, even if you provide all the science and studies as proof. This is usually the point where I take matters into my own hands. If you feel like me, well, I have organized for all my followers and clients, trustworthy and discrete international access to a supplier of TRT (located in the USA but shipping world-wide). All details on my SUPPLEMENT ORDERS PAGE.  (Just look for TRT.)

But, as I say to all my clients/followers…TRT should ONLY be done under a doctor’s supervision!

The dose for TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE or TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE will be max 125mg per week, preferably 100mg. NEVER exceed this dosage. If you do, then you are juicing and many possible health risks arise.

I urge you to watch all my TESTOSTERONE related videos (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PLAYLIST) to fully educate yourself on MANAGING your T-levels safely.

And off course, all of the above forms part of my ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching for the older guy. So those that want to signup MORE HERE

Now guys, off to training!

Keep growing!

Gert Louw

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