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Hi guys and girls from a very cold Cape Town. We just missed day zero here in Cape Town and nearly ran out of water so we are so glad the rainy season is upon us. We pray for a good one!

Ok, back to the topic…

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Many times we feel demotivated because our efforts seems like a drop of water in the ocean. We feel we will never get there and the progress we make is so small that it makes no difference. This is when many, many people give up on their hopes and dreams.

Let me put it to you like this. Your efforts may just “feel” like a drop of water in the ocean, but the truth is the ocean are made up of many, many drops. All your hard work, sweat and pushing through with the diet is like many drops together and counting this up over a period of a year, two or three makes for a LOT of drops that start to form an ocean.

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Success is NEVER a short term thing, it is a long-term lifestyle that brings dividends to those pushing through. It is not a mater of feeling like training or dieting, you HAVE to train and diet. It is like working, you HAVE to work you don’t have a choice. The same goes for training and dieting, you HAVE to just do it. You miss work only when you have a sick note, same applies to training and diet.

Off course there will be stumbling blocks, sometimes major one’s. Last year (2017) I could not train for the whole year due to severe health issues. But when that stumbling block is out of the path, then we pick up the pieces and get back to gym and eating correctly. Stumbling blocks are a given and part of life. We cannot truly avoid them and we have to make them part of the game. The key is just to always resume after each severe stumbling block. And few stumbling blocks is bigger than the one I faced in 2017 (banned  by doctor for 12 months from gym due to severe bad health from drinking dirty water – nearly, nearly died!). But we must get up and continue. So I am back at gym and slowly building up the body again with the winning recipe. Off course it will take some time…after 40 any setback takes up to 2-3 times as long to get back to the level one had before the setback. And the older one get, the longer this recovery time takes. BUT, the fact is, we CAN get back to that level and might even surpass it and that is the goalpost and reality for those that keep getting up and push through.

For those of you interested in my ADVANCED COACHING SYSTEM II specifically developed for the over 40 individual, have a look here:

Gert RED shirt.jpg

So to all of you that do not feel like training or sticking to that diet because it looks like your efforts are worthless, let’s pick up the pieces and just MAKE IT HAPPEN because all those efforts together start forming an ocean for those that keeps pushing through! You WILL reach success with this mindset.

Wish you all a blessed week of training.

Gert Louw

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Hi guys and girls.

I am sitting with all this video footage of me flexing muscles and showing body development from the day I start at age 40 to my current age 53. With this video I decided to preserve it in single video format like a documentary style showing each years progress and in some case even going a bit backwards.

Yes, even me sometimes had to take a step backwards. Life is difficult and it might be one of many factors you have to deal with (health, sickness, injury, death in family, financial crisis, family matters. Believe me I know about obstacles and struggles…facing a BIG obstacle now – see video.) BUT…the key is and always will be to continue with persistence on the road of transforming the body. Obstacles there will be, ALWAYS, but it is the winners that work around them and sometimes have to pick up the pieces and persist and push through. Off course it is not easy. Not even close! Life never is… But I for one will fight this good fight and play the game with whatever hand of cards I been dealt with to the absolute BEST of my abilities…so what about you?

Click here to play video “13 years video log of transforming the body”


Anyway, year by year there was a steady progress. It took 6 years to get to my biggest size (40-46). It was not my most aesthetic look however. Some muscles was over developed and bulky compared to the rest. Sure it looked imposing and many would have been happy with it, but my aim was to have a balanced aesthetic muscled look. So from 46-53 my focus was on slightly smaller size but more aesthetic which is MUCH more difficult.

It did not always felt great to drop the size of certain muscle groups…I LOVE (!) big arms. But alas I had a goal in mind and that was driving me. And when I look in the mirror the smaller arms seemed even better looking than those monster size arms because of the better shape they had. Now in my book, THAT is what it is all about. Size might be the goal for some but size on it’s own will never create a stunning sculpture/body. I am not a artistic person, lol…so this is just about as far as my artistic aspiration will ever go.

This goal I obtained between ages 50 to just after 52. The system I am following (ADVANCED SYSTEM II) helped me on this journey to shape and mold the body.

One thing you must be aware off…great bodies takes time. There is no such thing as a 8 week or 6 week program. All these shortcuts and adverts…all is lies. You cannot build a great body in a matter of months, not even with steroids! (Most of the time good bodies are messed up when steroids are introduced…so be very careful.) Great bodies are build in matter of years, sometimes many years.

So this is my journey….now it is time for yours…

Wish you all a great day and happy training.

Gert Louw



Hi guys and girls, Gert Louw from Cape Town.

Every year just after my birthday it is sort of a tradition for me to do a flexing and inspirational video.

This year it was my 52nd birthday.

So here is the video just after my birthday:

Click here to view video “Life INSPIRATION at age 52”


With this video I want to inspire a little.

Neither your age, nor your health should ever (!) stand in your way.

Now, most of you know by now that 12 years ago I nearly died and doctors did not give me any good news. But with faith I moved forward and apply healthy living on all levels and also did some house cleaning and moving closer to God ( I am a follower of Jesus Christ).

Obviously it was a long and hard road and the body took long to respond to this healthy living but the wheel did turn and it is keeping on turning as a result.

Now, I am not naïve in thinking everyone with serious health issues can and will turn around like I did, but what I do believe is that with faith in God and by living very healthy, one CAN make a huge difference. Obviously you need your doctor’s approval to embark on such a journey.

But, let me share with you the core of my healthy living

Gert Louw face2


My training program is as follows:

  • Mondays – Chest, Biceps and abs
  • Tuesdays – Shoulders, Traps and calves
  • Wednesdays – rest
  • Thursdays – Back, triceps and abs
  • Fridays – Legs, upper pecs and calves
  • Saturdays & Sundays – rest


My supplement regime

Health supplements:

  • ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)
  • CQ10 (Co Enzyme Q10)
  • Omega 3+6
  • Strong Multi Vitamin
  • Slow release Vit C

Muscle building supplements:

  • Whey protein powder
  • L-Glutamine
  • BCAA


How do I structure my training?

I do a 3-months Cutting phase with a very specific cutting phase diet and training with lighter weights at a higher rep range followed by 1 week rest and then a 3-month building phase with a very specific building phase diet and training with heavier weights to absolute muscle failure at lower reps (about 8 reps per set) followed by 1 week rest and the repeat.

This allow me to build muscle but also to recover the strained tendons and joints.


About my diets

I make use of one of the top fitness nutritionists in the field (BERNADETTE BEYER) to work out my diets for each phase according to my bodytype and goals. This is the crucial part of your success and without a very focussed diet there will be no success.

My blog contains a LOT of info for free that can help you through all these processes.

But for those interested, I also offer my exact training/supplem and diet system via the ADVANCED SYSTEM II (option E). The same nutritionist I use will also work out your diet solution and I myself attend to working out your training and supplement attack based. If you want to signup, just choose option E via the following link:

Now, everyone…happy training!


Gert Louw


The road to your dreams


Later on in life, many of us have so much regrets…about what we did not do, about what we wished we did, about what we did wrong, about the hurt we caused people close to us, about many things…
But this is the road we have walked and chosen. It was not laid out for us…no one forced us to walk the path, we made the choices and took the steps.

But why are there so many exceptions? Why are there so many people out there that go against all the odds and reach exceptional heights, living life to the fullest. People that had everything counting against them, sickness, disability, or whatever other aspect that could have hold them back in life. Why do they reach a point, where, no matter their disability, they choose to stand up, start walking the right tracks in life and live their life with integrity and passion. Why can they do it?

The fact is, they are NO different than any of us. Through their struggle (disability, sickness) the sunglasses that covered their eyes have been removed, they can now clearly see how precious and vulnerable life really is. They appreciate life soooo much more. This clear vision make them stand up and choose to walk the right paths in life, to make right with God, to reach for their dreams with passion and to life live…the right way. And they rose to such heights that they completely overshadow the rest of us who have everything going for us.


You, me and everyone have the power to change the road you are walking into a new direction. A direction where you live life right and with integrity…and be ALL you can be.
But, it most certainly will take you out of your comfort zone, it will be inconvenient and it will mean you will have to change from the inside as well as the outside, it might even be painful.
But only YOU can make this happen, no-one else is going to force you. So keep sitting on the couch, sipping the beer and live a “wild uncontrolled life” or reach for the stars and live life to the fullest – be all you can be – have no regrets at the end of your life – live a life of integrity and live with PASSION.

May this inspire you too great things…

Gert Louw


gert life



A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who shared my life in 2015 – leaving comments on my blog, for reading my blog, for sending me emails, watching my videos.

It is MUCH appreciated and together we enrich each others life’s!


Click here to watch video “Wishing you MANY muscle for 2016!”


May 2015 bring you MANY muscles and great health.

I wish you also a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ.

May His peace be with you in 2016.

Gert Louw signing off for 2015…

Gert PB

My training & diet available here:


Click here to watch video “How to change a transformation into a Super Hero transformation


In a lot of my videos you will notice I am talking about not just changing the outside of the body but also the inside.

The outside (muscles, looks), that make but a small part out of what you really are. By far the biggest part is that what you are inside. How your heart is, because no transformation is worthwhile if you do not also transform the heart.

So this article is where we get a little deep. Here I am going to talk about something you can add to your life that will not just make you feel incredibly good about yourself but can have life changing impact to those crossing your path….and can literally make the difference between life and death for some…

Now understand me, I am not putting myself on a pedestal here…believe me (!) I am still working very hard to change from the inside for the better. It is a process that probably be never complete. For one man it was and is and that is Jesus Christ and that is my role model I aspire too.

Ok, let’s get deep for a moment…

If you’ve been spared suffering, real suffering, the kind of suffering where you sit in a corner and cry hopelessly, you are blessed. A suffering where you want to die, but you do not have the guts to do it yourself. A suffering where all hope is lost and the pain and despair goes deeper than your bones. A suffering where it feels as if your heart is tearing in two and you struggle to breath…

MANY, MANY people are at that point, whatever the reason. The reason is not important, the world is a broken place and there are a multitude of reasons. The fact is those people have reached the bottom of a pit where all hope is lost. Their will to live, their humanity stripped from them. I was there myself, and know what it feels like.

The broken people are people you see around you. People you work with, sometimes people very close to you. They hide their pain to protect themselves because through their experience, showing pain and hurt would bring further pain by rejection because people do not want to be bothered by those in despair. Entertainment, laughing and be happy is all we are interested in…

But you know what, those people do not want your Bible verse, they do not even want your money and most of the time they do not want your solutions…because they believe there are none. All that people want and really NEED is a loving gesture of caring. A soft hand touching their shoulder lovingly, a hug with no words that just say “I am here for you”, just sitting quietly by them…just be there. They need hope because they have lost all hope. Caring gives them that hope and caring restores their humanity.

That gesture can be as little as a friendly and loving smile.

But when it comes to do something physical help, then you can CHANGE lives – when you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and physically help your fellow human being who have lost all, including hope, that is when amazing things happen.

Sadly the world is what it is because of us, no one else. But we have it in us to make it so much better. We are created in the image of God, but we fail soooo many times to live this because we don’t want to change our hearts.

If you want to really change from the inside who you are…this is one of the most powerful places to start. To become part of these people’s lives and see what great impact you can have gives an immense positive feeling, which you will never ever reach by even the most amazing body transformation. This is powerful stuff!

Make it your daily mission to show just one different person, every day, you care.

This is true transformation – body and soul! The most beautiful people who have ever crossed my path was the ones who had immense inner beauty with their amazing kind and compassionate heart. That overshadowed any aspect of their outer beauty for me and later on that inner beauty was all I could see. Now imagine you transforming your body and become this incredible “wow” physique, and at the same time the inner beauty becomes so immense that it start to overshadow even this incredible body transformation…now THAT is true beauty…super hero beauty!


Those with cancer:

Those with Fibromylgia:

Those with hiv:



You, me, together we all CAN make a difference in life’s, simply by caring…


Wish you all a great day.

Gert Louw

Arniston red shirt flex Gert Louw


This page is dedicated to everyone that is in need of being inspired or finds him/herself in a dark place. Life is beautiful…if we take a deep breath and start seeing what is in front of us.

May these photos/posters brighten up your day!

If you want my advanced holistic transformation system, fully customised for your body, situation and goals, click here:


Wish you all a GREAT day and train hard.

Gert Louw



GertLouw1 Small GertLouw2Small GertLouw3Small GertLouw4Small GertLouw5Small GertLouw6Small GertLouw7Small GertLouw8Small GertLouw9Small GertLouw10Small GertLouw11Small GertLouw12Small GertLouw13Small GertLouw14Small GertLouw15Small GertLouw16sMALL GertLouw17Small GertLouw18Small GertLouw19Small GertLouw20Small-1 GertLouw31Small

Click here to view video “How to get a muscular body after 40”


I started at age 40 with a plan to change my body, this is how I looked…with many serious health issues.

gert bfore

Fast forward to age 52, this is a photo of me taken recently.

Gert Louw BUSH small

EVERY YEAR I have managed to increase size, shape and aesthetics even past the age of 50.

Here is a short flexing vid I took with my phone in the gym locker room after training: 

Click here to play video “CHALLENGE TO ALL THE YOUNG GUYS


This is my 12-point plan for obtaining a muscular body after the age of 40:


Point 1

Sitting on the coach with a beer in one hand, fat tummy, watching tv and generally look bad, what you don’t realize is that what you are doing is slowly dying and killing yourself. You need to look life in the eye again, you need to choose life, get up and LIVE again. You need to change yourself from the inside. Appreciate the small things in life, start caring for people in need, make right with God, start liking the person you see inside and out and respect yourself. Such life altering choices make one want to get up and LIVE and go to gym to re-invent your body. Such choices make the whole process so much easier and WORTHWHILE…



Point 2

Diet determines 80% of your bodybuilding success. You REALLY need to get to grip with this. If you are not ready to follow proper muscle growth diet guidelines your body will not respond even to the best training and best supplements regimes. Your results will be very mediocre at best. This is what separate the hero’s from the average…the diet!

Here is a link to a proper building diet:

and proper cutting diet:


Point 3

You must align the diet for YOUR body. No two bodies re-act the same to the exact same diet. Every 14 days you need to monitor how your body reacted the past 14 day to the diet to determine if you lost muscle weight (bad), fat (good) or both (bad) and then adjust the diet accordingly in a specific fashion. It is not as difficult as it sounds, here is a link to the exact process you need to follow:

Click here to watch video “How to FORCE fat-loss”


Want my system fully customized for your body and goals? before-and-after-dec2016

Here is where you can signup:


Point 4

Training determines 15% of your bodybuilding success.  Next to diet this is 2nd most important. You must train at least 4 times a week and not more than 5. At age above 40 the body need more time to recover and grow, I find 4 the best balance (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Frid).  Less than 4 is not advisable. It is too infrequent training and put you in danger of injury and is not conducive to muscle growth. Keep sessions never longer than 90 mins preferably 50 min.

Gert Louw LEGS CB



Training MUST be split as follows due the body being older than 40:

  • 3 months building phase (6-8 reps per set, EACH set to complete muscle failure)
  • 1 week rest
  • 3 month cutting phase (12 – 20 reps per set , 30% lighter weights, never to failure)
  • 1 week rest
  • repeat

If you are COMPLETELY new to training and lifting here is a video specifically for the novice to help him getting accustomed to lifting:

Click here to view video “How to do a transformation from scratch – for the novice”


The above training regimen allows for a serious 3 month growth spurge but place serious strain on tendons and joints which then need to recover and strengthen during the cutting phase.

You cannot start training to failure from day one – you need at least a 3-month period of gradual weekly weight and intensity increases to reach the starting point of muscle failure for the next 3 month with the building phase program. Your body need 3 months to adapt from no training to serious training. If u were 20 jump in but we are much more fragile past the age of 40 and need to be wise in our approach.

You MUST also adjust your diet for the appropriate phase:

Building phase diet: and proper Cutting phase diet:

Should you find that you have mastered the beginner stage of lifting and techniques, here is my building phase training program to illicit maximum muscle growth:

Click here to view video “Training Program for MAX muscle growth”


Point 6

During the building (growth) phase you MUST train to absolute muscle failure on each set. This is a key principle for growth. Failure means total and utter failure – mentally and physically you must not be able to lift that weight one more set. If you train with sufficient failure intensity you WILL grow! Those that do not push the limits will stay mediocre – full stop.



Point 7

Supplements makes out about 3% of your success factor in bodybuilding. If your diet is focused and training is spot on, you got most of your bases covered. However, where supplements can play a significant role is during training to protect muscles from being used as energy source and divert energy requirements to fat stored. This can be done by taking a BCAA drink with L-Glutamine during training (caffeine can be added when focus is required during training). After training L-Glutamine again with Whey protein and an apple or banana – this will spike the insulin which is crucial for max muscle growth. The next meal (within 90min after training) also plays a significant role for muscle growth.

A potent multi vitamin is a must – taken once a day after meal to support the body in this strenuous training environment.

Other highly suggested supplements for the over 40:

  • Co Enzyme Q10
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Omega 3 + 6


Point 8

Gym time priority needs to be very high on your list. The only things above it must be family time, church and work. Nothing else must come in the way of gym time. Early morning, late evening, whatever it takes. It can also be of great help to get a training partner with the same focus as you. It keeps you responsible to rock up at gym and can help tremendously when you are not fully motivated.



Point 9

Start a facebook page  or fitness blog and post regular updates about your new achievements. Astound the world and at the same time it is an awesome tool to keep you motivated and focused. Share your success with the world  – this will be a great tool to measure and monitor your progress…but ALWAYS stay humble no matter how awesome you start to look.

Point 10

Alcohol and smoking MUST stop. You cannot built a healthy body by smoking and drinking. 500ml wine per week is the maximum and if u drink wine cut out your carbs completely during that meal (only protein and salad). The only way to obtain a serious 6-pack is by correct diet and cutting out alcohol and smoking.


Point 11

You must get your natural testosterone levels tested every 2 years when above the age of 40. If you need replacement therapy do NOT say no. Testosterone is a critical hormone for the man to prevent depression, low energy levels and supports healthy muscle size, fat loss and good health (heart).

Donation to keep site free

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Point 12


Choose a role model…the BEST role model out there that has the shape and size you want to achieve (or even surpass). Burn this image into your mind.

Before and during every training session call up this image and visualize the muscle you are training and the shape and size you want. With each contraction visualize how you want that muscle to look. Visualization  is a powerful tool to focus the brain and keep you motivated. Many, many bodybuilders believe that it is much more than that, and that the constant visualization and mind muscle connection have a direct impact on growth and shape of the muscle. Either way, it is a great tool to keep you focussed on your goals.

I NEVER accepted average and since age 40 I am visualizing with each training session my goal for shape and size of the muscle exercised. It focusses me, motivates me and every year my shape is better and more aesthetic.

Don’t be average – don’t reach for the sky, reach for the stars!

Follow these guidelines and you WILL reach success. But only YOU can make it happen and you have to take that first step and start climbing the ladder.



Happy training

Gert Louw

I have a comprehensive customised & holistic blueprint system developed for guys over 40 to get that dream body. This system is based upon my 12 point system and regime I am following for the past 12 years to create the environment for growth, fat-loss and prevention of injuries and safe training while ensuring the body is in peak health…fully customised and widely considered as the definitive approach for the over 40 guy to transform. Everything addressed in detail – from supplements to diets to training to building and cutting phases, etc. Here is where you can signup:


Death of Greg Plitt

The sad passing of fitness guru Gregg Plitt shocked the fitness community worldwide. He was an icon and mentor for thousands and according to those that know also a very nice guy.

Greg Plitt (2) Greg Plitt (19) Greg Plitt2 (13)

Greg Plitt2 (15)

Greg Plitt (28) Greg Plitt2 (7) Greg Plitt2 (26) Greg Plitt2 009

In a flash his life came to a halt while filming footage with some friends on train tracks for a protein shake. He was hit by a train and it was instantly fatal.

It again made me realize just how fragile our existence really is.

He had everything, money, fame and one of the best muscled physiques in the world but in an instant that meant nothing and his life was gone.

So let me get deep for a second – things like this should make one sit down and become deep about life…

I, myself was on the verge of death 10 years ago and since then I decided to be ready for when that moment comes and it sometimes comes quickly and unexpected as with Greg.

I have searched for the right mentor for my life since then. I need to live a life that has some meaning.

My search led me to the greatest mentor off all time, Jesus Christ. The way He lived, what He stood for, how he treated people and what He did is untouchable by any other person that has since walked this earth.

Even if you do not believe what He said, He is still a formidable mentor to follow.

And if it is true what He said it makes Him even so much more beautiful and amazing and awestruck!

Live a life that matters!

I pray for all the pain in the hearts of Greg’s family and friends.

You will be missed Greg and for evermore be an icon!



Greg Plitt, a former model, actor and renowned fitness instructor, has died after being struck by a train in Burbank.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau said that he was struck by a Metrolink train at 4.10pm on Front Street, north of the Metrolink station.

Plitt, 37, recently starred in the Bravo show ‘Work Out’. It was reported by KABC that the former Calvin Klein model was with some friends who may have been filming at the time.

“He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand,” a Metrolink passenger told the local TV station.

Plitt appeared in a number of films. He acted alongside Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, and Terminator 4 with Christian Bale. He was also a body double in superhero film Watchmen.

The incident is currently under investigation.


Here is more about Greg

Greg’s Training and Diet Tips

My training and nutrition strategy is a simple, basic fundamental theory of business 101 supply vs. demand. In order for a body to change form and grow, there has to be a reason, a demand for such a change to occur. The body will not get stronger simply because we tell it to; we must create a demand for it to get stronger. In the gym our muscles must go through the same ass-kicking scenario in order for them to “fight back” and grow stronger to defend themselves. When we work out and lift, we are adding stress to a targeted muscle region. Our muscles do not enjoy going to failure and hitting exhaustion over and over again, so they naturally will try to defend themselves by improving and growing stronger to match the level of stress being applied.

pre- and post-workout nutrition.
The faster you can create the demand for change and then immediately supply the demand with the proper type and amount of nutrition and rest, the faster your growth will be achieved. I always set up my workout to improve with a pre-workout meal. It’s a liquid meal consisting of pre-workout powder, L-glutamine, creatine, HMB, omega-3s, multivitamin, whey protein and a teaspoon of raw honey.

For my morning workout I train one bodypart and hit anywhere around 28 to 36 sets per bodypart, going heavy, with rep ranges between five and 10 and more than a minute’s rest between sets, four sets per exercise, six to eight exercises. I train abs at the end of every workout, usually in a giant set for 10 or 15 minutes non-stop with 30 to 50 reps. Here’s my split:

Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Shoulders
Day 4: Biceps (four exercises), triceps (two or three exercises)
Day 5: Legs
Day 6: Cycle starts again

My post-workout meal consists of whey protein (.30 grams per pound of body weight), dextrose (simple sugar you find at the grocery store, .40 grams per pound of body weight), creatine, L-glutamine and HMB.

I eat one main meal a day of real food, usually between 2 and 6 p.m. It’s a large meal that consists of high protein and low carb. I call the meal a caveman diet — as if it wasn’t food 100 years ago, I don’t consider it food now. I try to stay away from all processed foods and stick with a variety of meat, chicken, tuna and seafood as the bulk of my protein and then all vegetables cooked in a variety of ways — broccoli, spinach, cucumbers, peas, asparagus and salads. The meal probably has 3,500 calories — in one sitting. My philosophy is one large meal in the middle of the day, which ensures that I have all the food digested and burned off before bed.

Photoshoot prep?
No, prior to a photo shoot I’ll either add a second workout for the same bodypart that I trained in the morning or I’ll do cardio. The pre- and post-workout meals are the same as the morning. My evening workout is exactly like the morning workout — the same exercises — but extremely light weights, with reps at 25 to 30 per set and rests between sets of under one minute. Or, as I said, I’ll do cardio.


Greg Plitt’s WEB links

Merry Christmas!

This video I’ve made for all my followers to say a big THANK YOU. It was awesome to have you part of my life in 2014.

I wish you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS celebrating Christ and a very blessed 2015…with many muscles and a healthy fit body!

May God bless you!

Gert Louw


gert campingb


So 10 years after I started transforming my body I finally hit the big 50!

Click here to watch my “50th BEACH muscle shoot”


Click here to watch my “50th birthday STUDIO muscle shoot”


Many guys trade-in wife for a younger bombshell but alas I love wife too much to do that!

Second option was to buy myself a red Ferrari but I have asked, no pleaded, many times on my youtube videos for a sugar mommy to sponsor me, again to no avail (not yet anyway).

So the only “gift” I could give myself was a muscled body and a photo shoot to go with that.

So here is the proof of my venture and shoot.

Keep on training!

Gert Louw

Too God be the glory…



IMG_2348_Web_small IMG_2359_Web_852 IMG_2370_V2_Web_852


IMG_2553_Web_852 IMG_2640_Web_852 IMG_2655_Web_852


Hi everyone!

It is time for the 2014 WEB BICEPS FLEX-OFF video.

This time it is divided into three separate videos:

Big Gunz (over 20″)

The first contestants photo has already been busted as a fake. Here is the original vs. the fake below it.



 Young Muscle


Here is the full nominations received for each of these categories:


Do you want to nominate someone for the 2015 BICEPS flex-off videos?

Please complete the form below:

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BIG GUNZ – over 20″

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Entries for the 2015 videos is now open and closes 1 Aug 2015.

Happy Training! Cheers…

Gert Louw


free transformation program

Been a bit quiet lately on my blog, but busy working on my next blog post.


Training going very well and no injuries – I thank God!

Started with the building phase recently, meaning back to heavy (!) weights and low reps (about 8 per set).

Still with the same training partner (Mark) and we are very focussed right now.

We keep each other under control not to increase the heavy lifting weights to drastically…with our ego’s the jumps are always too big and nearly always results in injuries!

Wisdom comes with age…it seems at 49 it is about equal to our ego level – lol!


Here is the latest flexing video I’ve made:


Here is a few pics I took recently:

gert bicep gertxb gert2


My son is very eager to do bodybuilding…



Wish you all happy training. Cheers!

Gert Louw


Just finished my 3 months building phase and very pleased with the results.

I added decent size without adding too much bodyfat.

When I can see my 6-pack at the end of a building phase I am always pleased!

8 Months to go then I am 50 y/o…and my promise to myself (if God’s will) is that I must look the best ever when I reach 50!

For those that do not know my program – I am following a 3 month cutting phase followed by a 3 month building phase and then alternate between the two. In between the phases I take a week to 2 weeks break from training to let the body heal and recuperate.

The cutting phase is higher reps with less weights and little carbs and the building phase is less reps with higher weight and slightly more calories.

For detailed discussion regarding my training program you can view my post:

Gert Louw


Here is a short flexing video I did 2 weeks ago when I finished my building phase.

Every now and then I like to compare my current size and development to the photo when I started…this was now nearly 9 years ago!

This month I am also 49 and I promised myself I will be in the best ever shape when I reach 50.

My training is very hardcore right now. I have a focused training partner which helps a lot! (thanx Mark!)

Busy with my 3 months cutting regime with supersets and more emphasis on higher reps with slightly lighter weights.

My diet is very clean and bf is dropping visibly every week.

Soon I will post some decent progress photos.

So here is my latest comparison photo

gert comparisson 16Sep2013

I actually train twice a day now. Midday with my training partner and afternoon with my son. He is only 7 now and I am starting to show him the ropes of basic training, sets, targeted muscles, etc… He WANTS a 6-pack badly and his daddy is his hero with all the muscles…but the other day in the locker room he told me “Dad look! That guys is stronger than you!” I was not impressed and try to convince him otherwise….eish! just have to train harder!!

(PS: The guy had a huge back but my arms was bigger than his…honest. lol!)

Anyway, happy training from a cold and stormy Cape Town

Gert Louw

PHOTO TAKEN 9 SEPT 2013 – going on 50 now…eish!


Photo – 9 Sept 2013: Struggle to increase leg size due to a knee problem…


15 Sept I hurt my head bad while playing handyman…


Photo – 16 September after gym session


My Last photo of my cutting phase. Now I take a 10 day break with wife and kid and then I start on a building phase for 3 months with my training partner (HEAVY weights and 6-8 reps  per set with not more )than 12-14 sets per workout). Looking forward to eating a bit more…

The next photo taken 12 Oct 2013 – 2 months after my 49th birthday:


 After a year of web voting, finally the results is available for the WEB BICEP FLEX-OFF 2012 contest video .

Here is the results video:

Special thanx to Leo from “The Fight Club” who helped to combine and counted all the votes.

The original 2012 contest video:


See for the 2013 contest video

Entries for the 2014 contest is now open (until May 2104) – if interested, email:

Here is the 2013 video:

Choosing contestants is always a very difficult challenge due to the sheer amount of quality flexers out there – shape and aesthetics is critical above sheer size.

However, making an HD video requires good quality photos of each contestant and that is much more difficult to find. The guys all have photos and most good ones but few of a high enough quality to be used in the vid. So that immediately narrows down the field of contestants quite drastically.

One contestant I really wanted to include but could not (photos not in focus) is Flipie Du Preez from South Africa, 18 years old and serious good muscle and aesthetics.

Flipie du preez Flipiedupreez Flipiedupreez2 Flipiedupreez4 FlippieduPreez

Will monitor him and if the photo quality improves I will most definately include him in the 2014 vid.

The enlisting for the 2014 vid is open until the last day of August 2014. Email me at if interested but please make sure you have good quality photos.

Here follows the rest of the great flexers I wish I could have used for the video but could not due to unacceptable quality photos:


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