Do THIS (!) and you WILL reach success with your diet

This is the 2nd video in the 100 video series/articles on mission critical concepts to reach transformation success, especially for the older guy.

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Diet failure

EVERY guy out there that don’t reach success with his transformation journey, fail because he fail with his diet. EVERY ONE! Let that sink in. It is not the training that fails, nor the supplements, nor the will to transform, but failing to adhere to your diet. 

The diet is the key to each body-transformation. You CANNOT reach a transformation success without reaching success with your diet. No matter how hard you train or what supplement you take. I want to go as far to even say you cannot reach success when your diet fails even if you are using steroids! Diet is and always will be the key to transformation success. In many of my videos I have stated diet takes an 80% center-stage importance in its contribution to your transformation success. 

Now guys, this is even MORE so for us older guys and especially when over 50. That diet is more important than ever.

Success “guarenteed”

Now the big question is, “What do we do to ensure we reach success with the diet?”

I am going to give you the answer here. It is what every successful bodybuilder or physique athlete do, and it is pretty non-negotiable if you want your diet to work.

Just before I give you the answer…think about the main reasons your diet fails. The following things pop into mind:

  1. Have no time to prepare food during the day then getting so hungry that you go off track with the diet.
  2. When it is time to eat, you don’t have the right food with you, then you go off track with the diet.
  3. And Buying food during the day result in your daily caloric calculations being screwed up.

It takes very little to make a diet go off track.

Our current busy lifestyles demands a very specific approach to force success.

This is what you do!

So what is this single thing you must do to “guarantee” success with your diet?

In plain terms – Prepare all your food for the next day the night before and put each meal in ready to eat containers.

Guys, this simple action will increase your diet success dramatically. By doing this you circumvent all the main reasons why diets fails. You are not forced anymore to buy food which you have no idea about the calories and what exactly is in there, you have your food ready for your meal when hunger strikes and you eat exactly what your diet specs are as well as you control your calories perfectly.

I strongly suggest you get your wife on the bandwagon (or your kids) to help with the food preparation at night for next day. Make it a family effort with some great bonding time.

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This simple act will make all the difference between reaching success or joining the crowd with failure after failure.

This is what separates the pro’s and successful athletes from the masses who never reach success.

Off course you need to count the exact calories and off course you must weight your food and determines exact portion size. That goes without saying. Without knowing your exact daily calories you cannot manage your diet.

Ok guys, that is it for the 2nd Mission Critical transformation concept.

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Wish you all happy training!

Gert Louw

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