TRT and cancer – what is the story?


One of my clients I am coaching was considering TRT. After discussing it with his doctor, the doctor refused on the grounds that he believes TRT increase a man’s risk for cancer.

According to my client, the doctor did not specify which cancer risk is increased, but it is safe to assume that he was referring to prostate cancer.

This is one of the main reasons many general practitioner medical doctors refuse to put clients on TRT.

It is well known that I am a huge supporter of TRT for the older guy who have low T-levels. It simply increases quality of life on MANY levels and anyone that cannot see that is blindfolded, but to be fair, does this doctor have a point?

Is it true?

Significant science studies was only really performed on TRT use and treatment after 2005. So many “old school” medical doctors rely on “old science” and still are of the believe that TRT increase a man’s risk dramatically for prostate cancer. In the past this believe and teachings was not based on actual science studies (which was very scarce 15+ years ago) but purely on deductive reasoning based on the limited knowledge of the time. That was how medical doctors were trained and thus why so many of the, especially older, doctors still hang on to that believe.

But with modern science and many new studies appearing (especially after 2005), this has been proven to be completely wrong, to the point where TRT actually can play a positive role in preventing (!) aggressive prostate cancer in older guy’s.


All the new and current studies clearly show there is no relation between TRT treatment and cancer but that testosterone treatment can in fact help avoiding certain progressive prostate cancers and that low testosterone levels in men actually increase cancer risk! The studies shows that TRT treatment has overwhelmingly positive life enhancing effects for the older guy. Obviously, I am not talking here about bodybuilders that might abuse testosterone in excess to build muscles (!), I am talking here about guys who have low T-levels and require medical intervention to raise it but still within and below the max for normal levels. I am talking here about the therapeutic role of testosterone for the older guy.

Just a note guy’s, ensure your doctor prescribe DEPO TEST (by Pfizer – weekly injections @ 100mg) and NOT Nebido , gels or patches (which deliver mixed results and cause valleys and peaks with your testosterone levels)! Depo Test has by far the best results in terms of enhancing quality of life for the older guy. Maximum dosage should not exceed 125mg per week otherwise you start juicing and it got nothing to do with TRT.

If you HAVE to go the “blackmarket” route (which is not recommended and for obvious reasons carries potential health risks – hormone treatments should be done under doctor supervision), then the best option would be TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE at 100mg per week. Here is a discrete and trustworthy supplier: (12% discount if you use discount code ‘gertfitness‘) CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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Study ONE

Let’s look at some of the more recent science studies and published medical journal articles.

The NCBI (National Library of Medicine Institute of Health in the USA) published a paper in 2015, Dec in respect of “Testosterone and prostate cancer: and evidence-based review of pathogenesis and oncologic risk.” (Paper:

In this paper, they came to the following conclusion: “After a large number of mostly retrospective studies, there remains no clear association with higher endogenous testosterone and the development or severity of PrCa. To the contrary, there are several studies associating lower testosterone levels with increased PrCa severity. Whether hypogonadism promotes high-risk disease or is rather a symptom of high-risk disease remains unknown.”

Study TWO

A study in 2018 on 150,000 men over age 40 treated with TRT  did not experience an associated increased risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

Article and study:

There are many more other large-scale studies with the same results. All with the same conclusion: TRT does not increase one’s risk for cancer and actually can help prevent aggressive prostate cancer.

The other side of the coin

Unfortunately, what is true, is that if prostate cancer already exists then testosterone can increase the risk of speeding the cancer growth up. But even here, Johns Hopkins Medicine found that giving shorts burst of high dosages of testosterone in a specific way helped to kill prostate cancer cells in 66% of patients and in fact this treatment showed to convert the cancer to a less aggressive type of cancer in many patients. Article:

Furthermore, Science Daily published an article in 2018 where testosterone treatment in cancer (non-prostate cancers) patients can prevent deaths as a result of cachexia (rapid and severe loss of fat and skeletal muscle). Article:


The bottom line is TRT does NOT increase one’s risk for prostate cancer. But once cancer is detected, then TRT might not be a good idea and if given, then under very specific circumstances and in a specific way.

TRT is safe and when done at 100mg per week under doctor supervision there are only positives associated with its use.

If your doctor is still old school…please show him this video/article. If he is still not onboard after watching this video, maybe it is time to get a more open-minded doctor educated on current science!

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