Mission Critical training skills #1

Welcome to the 100 video series/articles planned for 2021. Short and to the point and all mission critical to reaching your transformation success. Each video will be numbered so make sure you don’t miss any. It is focussed on the older guy but lots of wisdom for the younger guy as well.

Some of these info you will know but most will be new and eye opening.

Make sure you get all these 100 concepts and tips implemented for optimal growth and fat loss and injury prevention.

Right, let’s kick off with the first one.

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MISSION CRITICAL TRAINING SKILL #1 – Prevent workout injuries by warming up for approximately 8 min before weight training (make sure the muscle you are training has sufficient blood flow and is warmed up). During workout, stretch the muscles just trained for 20 sec counts while resting between sets. Stretching has an important effect on increasing aesthetic look of muscles.

On the surface, it looks simplistic enough and most people know they have to warm up before training. But how important is the warmup really? Well guys, for the older guy it is not important but actually critical. As you age your muscles and tendons becomes less flexible and pliable. For an older guy, trying to force a cold muscle or tendon to do some serious work and you WILL run into some serious trouble. One of the biggest problems older guys face is never ending tendon issues/pain. There is a couple of tricks in the book on how the prevent it but the one that carries the most weight is sufficient warming up of the muscles. That means 5-8 min of moderate cardio to get the blood pumping and breaking a light sweat. But even when you have warmed up, don’t (!) start right away with the target weight. For the first set choose at least 50% lighter weight and do a slow controlled set making 100% sure the target muscle is ready for you to use the target weight. Just a note here…you never uses stretches to warmup a cold muscle, it is asking for trouble! Stretches in only effective when a muscle is very well warmed up and trained.

After each set (or 2nd set) of training, take 1-2 min and then you can stretch the muscle just trained, holding it for 20sec at a time. (You can do your stretching at the end of your routine alternatively for 5-8 min).

How important is this?

How important is this stretching? Many, many a top fitness athlete believes that this stretching plays a major role in resulting in a more aesthetic pleasing shape of the muscle and body. And yes, they are very correct, especially when it comes to the older guy. As we age the stiff muscles limit our movements. If that muscles is not regularly stretch to keep them flexible, it will greatly affect their overall shape and size and ultimately the aesthetic look of the body. Thus why nearly all older guys have this typical older muscle guy look. I believe it to be one of the main reason why I got such a “young looking aesthetic shape” at my over 50 age. Simply because of this principle that I’ve been diligently to implement. 

Stretching examples

Here are a few samples of great stretches for the whole body

The warmup and stretching plays a massive role in helping you to prevent muscle and tendon injury.

So, there you have it guys – a simple, but mission critical training principle especially for the older guy.

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