The BIGGEST reason why transformations fail

The BIGGEST reason why transformations fail 1

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In all my years that I’ve been dealing with my clients and guys who try to transform their bodies, there is one thing that can be blamed above all for failure to reach success.

And if I say above all, I mean in 99% of all the cases.

They got the training right, they got the supplements right, they even got the right diet with the right macros for building muscles.

But alas, the thing they do not realize is that NO DIET will work for their body and goals if they have not ALIGNED that diet to their body and goals. When that diet is not aligned (and KEPT in alignment), failure is a given. And THIS is the reason those 99% are failing.

Let that sink in because if you do not get past this point you will most probably never get success.

This is not the first time I discuss this subject in my videos but due to the importance of it and the failure rate of people out there on this point, let me discuss it again in more specific and direct terms.

A diet is a tool which must be constantly manipulated to force success. Grabbing a diet of the shelve or using an APP to determine your daily calories will work for 1 person and fail for 99! You are simply playing Russian roulette because no diet will work for you if not aligned for your body!

Right, but now, HOW do you align the diet?

First remember there are 2 phases to your training and diet structure:

  • Cutting Phase and
  • Building Phase


Let’s focus first on the Cutting Phase.

First you need to define a comfortable period upon which you will gather certain info on how your body responded the previous period to the calories you’ve been consuming.

Such a comfortable period (from my experience) is 14 days. Longer, and it takes to slow to force the diet for effective results. Shorter and the amount of work becomes exhausting.

So, every 14 days you need to go through a process to gather info about your body:

  • weighing scale to accurately obtain body weight – always at the same time of day, preferably when waking up
  • fat calipers to take body fat pinch measurements at specific key areas all over the body
  • measuring tape is advised (biceps, chest, tummy, bum, upper legs, calves) but optional

Write all results down. Then compare these values to those of 14 days ago.

If the bodyfat increased (fat caliper results) over this 14-day period, then drop the daily calories of your diet with an increment between 1% to 10%. Never more than 10% in 14 days otherwise your body will struggle to find balance quick enough and it will make next readings in 14 days unreliable.

If the bodyfat (caliper readings – here is link to how to take calliper readings: stayed roughly the same but the scale readings decreased, then it means you have lost muscle size – warning lights!. Most of the time this is a result of eating too little calories for your body. Your body actually thinks it is in starvation mode and in such a scenario it always first looks to the muscles to obtain the energy before it will tap into your bodyfat. Continuing on such a path always leads to massive muscle size decreases. Eventually your body will start losing fat but always at the great expensive of muscle size lost.

In such a scenario you must increase the daily calories between value 1% to 10% (preferably closer to 10%) to get your body outside of this “famine zone”.

If you have lost fat (even a little) but no muscle lost has occurred, well that is what we call the “sweet spot”. This is where most people want to be during their cutting phase. But, do not think for one moment this means you do not have to perform the 14 day monitoring and adjustment routine! Your body is constantly changing and at any moment it can go out of this sweet spot which means trouble. This 14-day body monitoring and diet adjustment routine is CRITICAL for success. This is the single reason 99% of people fail in their body transformation, because they either don’t know about this or they are too lazy to do it.

Not doing it is simply playing Russian roulette…you will always loose, in a big way!


Things are slightly different for the Building Phase.

Here you want to actually add a little fat. A caloric surplus is a critical part of adding optimal muscle size. You CANNOT add optimal muscle in a caloric deficit environment.

Now it becomes slightly easier. In the the Building Phase once a month is good enough for doing the “14-day” body monitoring and diet adjustment to keep diet aligned for your goals. Your main aim is to check that you do not put on too much bodyfat during Building Phase. I aim for 3-6% bodyfat which I add in Building Phase. More than that and I find it problematic to drop in Cutting Phase. So, when you add too much bodyfat simply tune down the diet with about 10% on daily calories.

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Wish you all happy training!

Gert Louw

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