Cutting Diet Challenges

The most impressive physiques are shaped by a successful cutting diet – full stop!

Sure, training helps and all the other things helps but the success of your cutting diet is 85% battle won!

The biggest challenge is determining the exact daily calories and manipulating them to allow your body to respond correctly.

  • Too little and your body go into starvation mode = losing muscle but little fat.
  • Too much and your body will lose not fat and continue to add fat.
  • Just right and your body will keep the muscle but start losing the fat.

It is not such an easy process. You might think you hit the right combination when the scale drops, but how sure are you you are dropping fat and not muscle?

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That can only be determined by tedious effort of taking your weight and bodyfat levels with calipers at various places around the body.

Most of the time a diet coach is needed to help you with this monitoring process.

And do not think what works for one person will work perfectly for the next.

Each of our bodies responds differently to the exact same calorie intake.

There are guidelines determining a rock solid starting point but that will have to be monitored at least every 14 days with weighing in and extensive bodyfat measurements with calipers.

For example, I had my coach put me on a rock solid approach for my cutting diet to reach my target 3% bodyfat. (remember I want to keep my muscle not loose it!)


Here follows the diet I started with:

This Diet failed miserably with a drastic decreasing in muscle size and very little decreasing in bodyfat levels.

Date BodyWeight BodyFat BodyFatKg ChangeKg LeanMassKg Change Lean Kg Chest
2/7 87.60 8.37 7.33 0.00 80.27 0.00 113.00
1/8 86.40 8.82 7.62 0.29 78.78 -1.49 112.00

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Then I switched to the following 2nd diet with a increased calorie intake:

I had very good success with the 2nd (above) diet and although I weighed heavier on the scale, I actually recovered all my lost muscle weight and more and lost as well more than 1% bodyfat in 14 days
. This simply by increasing the calories to better suite my body.

Too add even a bit more muscle mass my calorie content was increased even more with this 3rd version of the diet for the next three weeks.

It will allow me to continue putting on muscle mass and still lose a little bodyfat at the same time:

For the last 3 weeks of my cutting I will revert to a special diet helping me to get rid of unwanted water levels. This will get me very close to that magic 3% bodyfat level for 20 Sept.

More on the last trick in a future post.

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The lesson learned here is that it is money very wisely spend to have a few sessions with a bodybuilding diet coach to get that diet correctly geared for your body.

We spend sooo much money on all the supplements and put in a huge effort with the hard work in gym but when it comes to the most important aspect (which have by FAR the biggest impact) we make some very unwise decisions.

Sure, you can try one or all of my diets and you might hit the jackpot, but chances are you will not nearly reach your maximum potential unless you take charge and manage your diet and body-fat/muscle mass ratios very carefully with a coach.

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Happy training! (in this case…happy dieting!)


Request for a small contribution to the site.

Please help me keeping the site on air and free. Through many of the life uplifting posts I have helped many people facing and overcoming dark moments in their life. By sponsoring this site you help them too!


19 thoughts on “Cutting Diet Challenges

  1. Hello Gert, thank you for sharing your journey, its always good to relate to something more personal. One question i have, and i may be missing the obvious: are the 7 meals to be had on the one day? Regds Jay.

    1. Yes Yay it is for one day. The idea is to keep the digestive system busy (to raise metabolic rate) with smaller but more frequent meals evenly spread out during the day.

  2. Thanks for the information but… I’m at about 15% … basically have a 2 pack… tried everything… can’t get the bottom half right… gonna try it your way…

  3. Your third version of the diet shows a diet plan for Monday Tuesday and Saturday. What do you do on the other days of the week?… I discovered your material yesterday, I have read some of it, and what I have read so far sounds wonderfully instructional. Thanks… I’m 70 years old and have been discovering how to work out for the past four years.

  4. Awesome!! Just find your psts and youtube chanel today, but already fan to it! I’m 43 and strugglin’ to get to that bodyfat %. I’m doing keto diet actually, but would appreciate to follow your curlt diet. I’ve only found the bulking diet, can you plz email it to me? Thnlx and congratlations for your results and thnks for the sharing!!!

  5. The building diet showed but the cutting diet didn’t when I clicked on to the site is it possible to email me that information

  6. I can’t read or copy the page to print from my cell phone. Could anyone take a min to email the cutting diet section to me? Thanks for all you do. Love your YouTube channel.

  7. Hey Gert,
    Big fan. You’ve done well for yourself and have an extremely motivational story. Looking over your diet, I would be curious as to how your body would respond without the processed foods. I know it’s nit picking, but technically 2% Milk is a processed food. Same with “Light Mayo” and “Light Yogurt”. Just food for thought. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Wayne,
      Thanks man!
      Wayne…I agree 100% with you…where one can to do completely away with processed foods.
      When you do reply it just be carefull that you stick to the same protein/carb/fat, calorie values.
      It is ALWAYS healthier to go completely organic and unprocessed…it just makes everything more challenging.
      Wish you a GREAT day.
      Gert Louw

      1. I just want say that the information you share have really been a great help in all areas. I have been on my fitness quest sense 2008 and have made progress age 52 now i am 60.
        my strategy is to reduce my body fat %…

      2. Hey Allan…I just want to thank you fro taking the time and effort to provide feedback. It means a lot to me!
        I still believe one can still look kickass into your late 70’s and for some lucky ones even beyond that…I’ve seen it!
        So MAKE IT HAPPEN.
        If you ever want a TOTAL solution covering all angles specifically customized for your body, age and goals, then have a look at SYSTEM II in the following link:
        Wish u great success.
        Gert Louw

  8. This page is just awesome, and so are you Gert ! Keep up the great work, and all the best with enjoying your results 🙂 !

      1. Great blog thx for all the fantastic info. For some reason the font on these tables are not showing. It’s blending into the background color. Maybe change the color to see if it helps

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