How to FLIP the SWITCH in your brain for making your dream come true

Are you prepared?

Man, this is just about the most challenging thing for most of us.

At what point in our life are we actually prepared to do what needs to be done to get to our dream?

When does our “want” becomes more important that the pain, sweat and suffering we have to endure to make a dream happen?

And where is this witch in our brain and HOW do we flip it?

But do you want change?

We think we truly want to change something, be it a bad habit, reaching for a dream or whatever.

Many of us (me included) will even make this a prayer “war” where we lodge our requests to God in all sincerity. I’ve done it many times in the past. And you know what God did with me? And it was a slow process because my name “Gert” means unmovable rock, lol…so even for God it was a lot of work to get me moving.  God took me to the point where I realized that this bad habit I wanted to change, that bad habit is still way more important to me than my will to change. No amount of prayer or “want” is going to help as long as the scale is still tipped towards your enjoyment of the bad habit or laziness or whatever the pleasure is you derive from this bad habit. Many of us have a superficial “want” to change but few of us manage to elevate this “want” to carry much more weight than our comfort & enjoyment of our bad habit or situation. And it must not just be a little more, it must be like a 90/10 situation!

The moment that you start to realize that the reason you don’t change is simply because deep down you actually do NOT want to change, that alone is a BIG step forward. The problem is, you do not want to say good-bye to the comfort and enjoyments of that bad habit. You know you need to change but you simply don’t want too…and as long as this is the situation, no amount of prayer will help. God created us equal to heavenly beings with complete autonomy on our decision-making process. Nothing, not even God can change our mind unless we allow it.

This is a crucial point you need to understand. You might think you want to change but it will never happen while you are “in love” with the pleasures of that which you want to change. You need to get to that point where every fiber in your body and soul WANT this change.  THIS is the reason why it is so difficult for drug addicts to change. Deep down they are in love with the pleasures the bad habit provides and although the know they must stop, they don’t realize that their love for the pleasure is way more than their “want” to change.

The TWO methods of flipping the switch

There are to 2 ways that you can flip this CHANGE switch in your mind.

  1. Method 1 – When your life depends on it and it is literally your last stand. No more choices in the matter. It is change or die. Although this seems like a no brainer choice, as few as 1 in every 10 people will actually flip the switch when faced with this situation. (Think about all the people that hear smoking is very bad for them but they simply cannot and do not want to stop.) 9 out of 10 will just go with the flow, feel sorry for themselves and die sooner or later. This was the choice I face at 40. That was the first time I had to flip the switch. I did it with overwhelming dedication. And no, it was NOT easy. My body was weak, my recovery long and prognosis bad. The process was severely painful. It NEVER EVER is easy guys. If the switch is flip via this way, it is do or die and pain and suffering is the name of the game…until the day you get to that goalpost. Believe me, the person emerging at the other side is a MUCH better version of you, you will not even recognize the “you” of before!
  2. Method 2 – The second way to flip the switch is where you are so inspired by someone’s else success out there, that you refuse to accept your current situation and simply MAKE IT HAPPEN with leaving nothing stand in your way.

This 2nd way is how most people start the journey towards their dream.

But that journey is short-lived for most unless you do the soul searching required to establish that you really, REALLY WANT this and that you are fully prepared to say good-bye to ALL the enjoyments of the bad habit/lifestyle. You are prepared for this journey. If that switch is flipped and you have done this soul searching with full understanding of its impact, then my friend your journey has begun.

Choosing your role model

However, fall backs is a given and thus it becomes critical to have a process in place by regularly stimulate your dream with examples of people that have reach the success you seek. Follow them, learn from them and let them inspire you. Obviously be very, very careful who you choose as your role model. The right role model can lead you to very high ground, but a bad one who is not grounded in life can lead you easily over the cliff.

Choose wisely. But key is to keep the fire burning in the brain. Make sure that that switch does not “trip”. Keep it secure in the “on” position.

Before and after DEC2016At age 53 after I had my 2nd close call with death and a whole year of no training, it was my lifestyle and habits of training and eating healthy the past 12 years that helped me to pick up the pieces and make my 2ndtransformation. The switch never went to “off” position, plus muscle memory helped a lot.



But now, after my 2nd transformation going on 56 and looking to the future, I need new inspiration. I need role models out there to inspire me. And you know what? I found just such a person. Last week I saw this lady, her name is Joan MacDonald from Canada. She is 73.

Just look at her before she started. Old, unhealthy, weak, fragile and very little spark of life left. But after her transformation she is the epitome of health, vigour and lust for life. THAT is how I want to grow old. When I am 70, I want to climb mountains and jump out of planes. I want to LIVE LIFE!

So, Joan, go girl go! You just inspired this Transformation Coach to NOT go down in life quietly but to go down with a BIG bang. Sure, we all have to die, and she might even still die at the same age as her unhealthy self. But, and this is what it is all about, she will have a quality life that she thought never ever possible in her old years. She is going to kick ass and be the envy of all her peers. For me, it is not about the muscles and all the superficial stuff (now how can I say that…off course it is also about biceps – lol). Nope, I want this body to be able to LIVE LIFE to the fullest even at 70 or 80.

So, go out and find your grounded role model, flip that switch with thorough soul searching and go forth and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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Gert Louw

Muslce in cave biceps


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