My 50th birthday muscle photoshoot

So 10 years after I started transforming my body I finally hit the big 50!

Click here to watch my “50th BEACH muscle shoot”


Click here to watch my “50th birthday STUDIO muscle shoot”


Many guys trade-in wife for a younger bombshell but alas I love wife too much to do that!

Second option was to buy myself a red Ferrari but I have asked, no pleaded, many times on my youtube videos for a sugar mommy to sponsor me, again to no avail (not yet anyway).

So the only “gift” I could give myself was a muscled body and a photo shoot to go with that.

So here is the proof of my venture and shoot.

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Keep on training!

Gert Louw

Too God be the glory…



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20 thoughts on “My 50th birthday muscle photoshoot

  1. You inspired me at the turn of 40 by your no BS, no self-defeating attitude by following foolish or extra cautious advice, and result-oriented approached.

    1. Hey thanx Christopher – I am flattered!
      But I keep it low key…
      Feel free to contact me for a shoot should you ever visit Cape Town.
      Wish you a GREAT day.

  2. How you doing bro,please keep me in prayer thanks bro,GodblessHow you doing bro,please keep me in prayer thanks bro,Godbless
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  3. You are an amazing person, an inspiration to all of us, Happy birthday, and thank you for your generosity by offering free tips, meals and encouragement everyday to all of us.

    Hope you stay healthy strong and muscular forever…you deserves it.

    Take care my friend,
    Blessing galore……..

    Your Fan

  4. Happy Birthday Gert. You have given yourself the best birthday gift you possibly could receive. Congratulations and the pics are all incredible and something to be very proud of. I turn the BIG “50” next month and wish I looked the same and would have started lifting sooner. You’re a great inspiration. I’m parachuting for my 50th, extremely fearful of heights, conquering my giants one at a time.

    1. Thanx Clinton…I agree that was the best gift I could have given myself…but these muscles would have look damn good in a red Ferrari as well!
      COngrats on your next month 50th birthday and ENJOY the parachuting!
      The important thing is that you’ve started building that body…I beleive there is still much time to grow ahead…I wanna look better at 60 than I looked at 50. Let’s show the youngsters a thing or two!

  5. Just a question bro is headaches one of your side effects? I’ve been having headaches on the right side of my head and eye ve been having headaches on the right side of my head and eye
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    1. Gerry the things is your body needs time to adapt to the meds and during that time headaches could be prevelant.
      LOTS of water to help flushing out the toxins from liver and kidneys helps.
      But if the headaches becomes unbearable…chat with your doctor.
      I believe within a month they should be better.
      Stay strong buddy and keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Happy Birthday bro! Very Impressive you surely don’t even look 50! I wanna look like that when I’m 50 Godwilling!!!! m 50 Godwilling!!!!
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