Is this even possible after 50? Let me show you…

 The flat-out answer: “YES”, it IS possible after 50!

This article is about 3 things

  1. It wants to inspire & motivate you.
  2. It wants to show that it IS possible after 50 to get a great-looking physique, even with all odds stacked against you.
  3. And finally, to give you a 10-point roadmap that will turbocharge your journey.
Your 10-point roadmap to a great body after 50
ONE: Limit alcohol intake - drastically!

Having a protruding tummy and struggling to lose fat? That is alcohol mate. Regular alcohol for the guy over 40, but especially for the over 50, WILL prevent any guy from getting a great physique. The first step towards reaching your goal is to severely limit alcohol intake. The max allowed is 500ml red wine equivalent alcohol per week and only ONCE a week!

TWO: Take CONTROL of your daily calories

There is very little chance of success with your diet if you do not start to count every calorie that goes over your lips. Many apps are available out there that make it very easy. This point is more critical than you think. People BS themselves about how much they eat…all of us do it. Take the BS out and revert to a scientific approach. Knowing where you stand is the ONLY way to move forward, closer to your goal.

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THREE: Force results by using the diet intelligently.

No two people on this planet have the exact same resting metabolism, even if they got the exact same body type, age, and weight. There are too many lifestyle factors that influence each of our resting metabolism. Only by using, every 14 days, a weighing scale and measuring tape (and I suggest you also use body fat calipers) can one determine the impact your daily calories of the previous 14 days had on the body. By interpreting those results intelligently one can easily force wanted results with the diet. For example, muscle loss means up calories slightly. Fat gained or stayed the same means dropping calories slightly. Small corrections bring results. Big corrections distort the results for up to months. Keep a logbook, guys!

FOUR: Tune your engine - bloodwork

Perform specific bloodwork to ensure your body is in the optimal territory to respond to muscle growth and fat loss.

Do you think you will grow muscle or lose fat with an unhealthy body? Think again. No car that is in dire need of service can ever function optimally and drive fast. You need to ensure your blood testosterone levels are in the upper 20% of what is considered normal, you need to ensure kidneys and liver are functioning optimally and are NOT under pressure and you need to ensure cholesterol and BP levels are healthy. There are even home blood testing kits available to perform blood work. Available on my SUPPLEMENTS ORDER page.

FIVE: Implement an older body training approach.

Thinking you can just copy a YouTube video training program and you will grow? Nope, sorry to tell you this, but you will break! Some pointers for older body training are:

  • Very small increases in weights lifted. 
  • A stretching routine and decent muscle warm-up become critical for the older body.
  • Releasing muscle knots becomes a MUST DO to prevent tendons problems. 
  • The training approach must be alternated between an intense BUILDING phase and a much lighter CUTTING phase to allow tendons/joints to heal and strengthen.
  • Certain exercises should be avoided for the older body or done with extreme care.
  • NO cross-fit and no HIIT!
SIX: Cut cardio.

Cardio kills muscle size and this is even more true for the older guy. Want a muscular strong looking physique? Stop cardio and stick to resistance training.

SEVEN: Stop using supplements except for the following ones listed.

99% of supplements out there use skewed science or plain lies for marketing and are pretty much worthless. All it does is drain your wallet. Stick to the ones with real proven science behind them: 

  • Pre-workout: caffeine
  • Post workout: L-Glutamine and Whey protein
  • Before bed: ZMA and Casein protein
  • Creatine? Best avoided for older guys unless you have very, very healthy kidneys.

Check my SUPPLEMENTS ORDER PAGE for links on where you can get them.

EIGHT: Find a balance.

You need to find a balance between time allocated to training, sleep, family time, and work. Too little sleep WILL prevent muscles from growing. Too much stress will do the same. it is all about finding the right balance!

NINE: Accept that there WILL be setbacks and pain. 

Getting older means more pain, and sometimes severe setbacks. NOTHING worth having in life ever comes easy. I did not do just one transformation…I did a couple. Not because I wanted to, but because I became severely sick and could not train (not even walk) for a year. It is not whether you will fall, that is a given. It is about how you get up every time, stronger than before, and continue with the good battle to be your best. 

TEN: Ensure your journey is not superficial. It must mean something!

Did you think your goal is just to look better naked for the ladies? Dude, you are setting yourself up to fail. Make this journey a journey about not just the outside but your character on every level. That will elevate the importance of your journey immensely. When you come out on the other side, you must like the guy in the mirror, inside and out. You must have respect for yourself. This is especially a journey on a spiritual level. For me, my walk with Jesus Christ during my journey was the key to helping me reach my goal. The whole journey deepened my faith tremendously. You must become not just a better-looking jerk but a better guy!

“Don’t just become a better-looking jerk! Become a better man.” – Gert Louw
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Now, go and live your life without any regrets.

Gert Louw

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