When one mentions TRT, it immediately conjures up fear in older guys of shrinking balls size and the fear that their body will stop producing its own testosterone altogether and even permanently.

Is this fear valid or not?

But before I get to discuss and answer the validity of that very important fear, let’s first get some some background on the issue.

I have made a few videos in the past that goes quite deep into the whole TRT issue. Just check my TRT & Testosterone related videos PLAYLIST

First, let me define the term “TRT”. When I use the term “TRT” in any of my videos or articles I refer to the medical term that is used for TRT. That means testosterone treatment by a medical doctor to bring your blood testosterone levels up to the top 20% of what is considered normal levels in a guy or the application of TRT to alleviate erection/sexual problems as determined by a Urologist.

I am NOT talking about guys using testosterone simply to add muscles not even knowing (or caring) about what their actual blood testosterone levels are.

That is juicing full stop.

Over 50 – TRT or not?

The problem

The problem is that not all of us have access to medical services or the cost might be too high or some doctors, due to “politics”/media demonization of testosterone treatment, simply refuse to even test (!) your blood testosterone levels. Btw this behavior of certain doctors stuns me, and I consider it severely narrow-minded thinking. Those same doctors would not think twice about treating someone (even a minor) who wants a sex change with severe hormonal drugs. But they refuse to treat a man with low testosterone. We live in a crazy and misguided world.

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The solution

But, do not fear narrow-minded doctors, I will provide you with ways and means to do this all on your own without having to try and convince a stubborn medical practitioner. However, it is always wise to do any TRT treatment under doctors’ supervision. It is a medical treatment after all.

The first step is to get bloodwork done. In the following video Over 50 transformation workout – THE INTELLIGENT APPROACH, I discussed a blood testing kit available that you can use at home and still get the same lab test results without having to do a doctor’s visit. Alternatively, the easiest is to just visit my SUPPLEMENT ORDERS page, which is where I provide links to order everything in one place which I discuss in any of my videos. I only list reputable international suppliers.

But, why must you go through this step of doing bloodwork? 

Because you need proof of your T-levels for the following reason:

  • If they are already high and in the top 20% of what is considered normal (that means between 800 ng/dl – 1070 ng/dl) then there is no need for going onto TRT. Your T-levels are healthy and high enough for fat loss and muscle building and to prevent depressive/low energy states. 
  • Between 400ng/dl to 800ng/dl, I recommend that you implement the T-Management Plan (see a popup in the right-hand corner of the screen for the plan).
  • Lower than 400 ng/dl and I strongly recommend TRT under a doctor’s supervision. 

Just a note here; Every year (literally every year) men’s testosterone levels are dropping. The average 20 y/o from last year will have slightly higher T-levels than this year’s 20 y/o. Crazy and sad…one can just imagine how men will look 100 years from now…if they still can be called men! And you’ve wondered why men have changed so much in the past few decades, from strong warrior protectors to weak, feeble-minded and directionless creatures! I did a video discussing this phenomenon and there are a lot of scientific studies that have been done to prove this problem is real. We can try and live organically and cut out chemicals as best as we can but everything in the world is already tainted to such a degree that it might not be possible to reverse the situation.

When you are past 40, your T-levels should be tested on a regular schedule. I suggest once a year but at the very least every 2 yrs.

TRT criteria

So, let’s say you have tested your T-levels, they are below 400 ng/dl and your doctor is very stubborn to prescribe TRT. What do you do? Well, I will tell you what I will do. I will go to my SUPPLEMENTS ORDERS page and I will follow the link on that page to order TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE from the discrete and reputable international supplier listed there and inject myself 100mg per week (not more!). That should be sufficient to elevate blood T-levels to the top 20% range between 800 ng/dl to 1070 ng/dl. But again, I highly advise doing this under doctors’ supervision. The injection is easy enough to do oneself (in the buttocks). 

Is the fear valid or not?

Now that the background is covered, let’s move on to this fear many older guys have regarding decreasing ball size and the risk of your body stopping producing its own testosterone when using TRT. First off, is this fear valid?

When you are not exceeding the TRT dosage of 100mg per week then the negative impact on your own testosterone production is very small. There is a negative impact, but it is slow, and it will literally take years (sometimes decades) for your own testosterone production to completely stop if at all. TRT is not like other steroids (examples: Deca Durabolin, Masteron, Primobolan, Equipose, Trenbelone, etc…) which many of them have a severe negative effect on depressing your natural testosterone production. Deca for example will nearly 100% suppress your own production within a few weeks! 

And yes, when your body is not producing its own testosterone for extensive periods, the balls will shrink. That is how it works. But a guy just using TRT at the doctor’s recommended dosage will nearly never experience complete testosterone shutdown or severe ball shrinkage.

Furthermore, what you must remember, if you are over 50 your doctor put you on TRT (100mg per week) then you must consider the fact that your local testosterone production was too low in the first place and that is why you must add external testosterone to the mix for a quality life. And that natural testosterone production of your body after 50 is going to decline year after year. It is NEVER going to go up ever again. So, if you do not want to go the TRT route, what is waiting for you in gradually increasing intensity, is all the symptoms of low T levels: severe depressive states, low energy, libido/erection problems, no interest in sex, feeling exhausted, lethargic, fatigue, struggle to build muscle and struggle to lose fat and even potential heart problems. And I for one say, THAT is not an option!

The decision

So, what is on the table? It is a choice between having a quality life with a once-a-week injection in your buttocks for the rest of your life while experiencing a slight decline in your own T production and balls size over the long term vs all the negatives that comes with low T levels. I don’t know about you but that is a choice as clear as daylight. It is only the unwise that will say no to TRT because of an unreasonable fear of shrinking balls size and the fear that your own body might eventually stop producing its own testosterone. Many scientific studies have been done around TRT treatment and its effects. Do your own personal research.

But I would much rather have a quality older life than fear losing a few millimeters of the size of my balls!

And THAT guys are my answer to this question and fear that older guys have about TRT.

Off course all this and much more is covered in my coaching system for the older guy, the ADVANCED SYSTEM II. That is where I design a custom approach specifically for you, your age, and your goals. So, if you want to signup and live a quality older life, just click here: SIGNUP.

No, go forth, live wisely, make informed decisions, train hard and keep the diet tight and LIVE LIFE!

Gert Louw

2 thoughts on “The HARD TRUTH about TRT

  1. Hi Gert, great article and thought provoking, as always. I sit in the low but not quite as low as 400ng/dl so am certainly considering my options at 59. I’m a regular gym user and have been a gym rat since my 20’s.

    1. Thanks David! Yeah man, I am 58 this month, so you are one year ahead. I would suggest giving the T-Management Plan a go, but be sure to do TOTAL T bloodwork at regular intervals to see that it is producing results. The problem is at this age our T is dropping rather fast and the question s is if the T-Management Plan is going to be enough to raise levels without having to go the route of TRT. So monitor it buddy and maybe you will be ok. Keep fighting the good fight brother!

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