Training update – 23Apr2014

Been a bit quiet lately on my blog, but busy working on my next blog post.


Training going very well and no injuries – I thank God!

Started with the building phase recently, meaning back to heavy (!) weights and low reps (about 8 per set).

Still with the same training partner (Mark) and we are very focussed right now.

We keep each other under control not to increase the heavy lifting weights to drastically…with our ego’s the jumps are always too big and nearly always results in injuries!

Wisdom comes with age…it seems at 49 it is about equal to our ego level – lol!


Here is the latest flexing video I’ve made:


Here is a few pics I took recently:

gert bicep gertxb gert2


My son is very eager to do bodybuilding…



Wish you all happy training. Cheers!

Gert Louw



2 thoughts on “Training update – 23Apr2014

  1. Hi Gert

    So happy for the update.
    Hey can I do your program in the morning. Say arround 6 is it advisable.


    1. In fact many serious athletes swear by early morning training especially for a fatloss environment. I simply cannot train in early morning…I am NOT wired that way. But my program is as good as any for real results even early mornings. Obviously u need to adapt the diet to suite early morning training. Make sure the BCAA and L-Glutamine is taken before training and followed by apple and whey protein directly afterwards. Wish u success bud! G.

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