Major “ESPN” scam supplements

Hi everyone, just want to give you a heads up about one of the latest major scam supplement products out there. It is marketed under ESPN (which is NOT the real ESPN) and in the advertisement, fake stories are made up to support ridiculous claims of it’s worth.


These two scam products are: HYPERTONE FORCE and HYPERTONE EXCEL.

Neither the gold medalist, Wayde van Niekerk or me (Gert Louw), both mentioned as “proof” in the article, has ever touched this product. Both our photos stolen and fake stories written.

Please stay clear, this is a well known trick to get hooks into your credit card for monthly deductions and you’re going to get a worthless product.

Never (!) believe marketing articles with fantastical claims over the internet. 99% of them are scams to get access to your credit cards.

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Here is a link to another in-depth article on Supplement Critique about these 2 scam products:

Here the actual scam advert:


Author: gertlouw

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11 thoughts on “Major “ESPN” scam supplements

  1. Hello..
    I am also 40.. and truly inspired by all your videos on YouTube. You are an inspiration and motivation to all the people like me around the world..
    With all the Love..

  2. Thanks for exposing the most outrageous, dispicable ad I have ever seen. I knew immediately it fraudulent. Most people would accept, at value, the “ESPN” references and logos but I have been exposing Internet scams to my friends and family members has been my hobby ever since there was an Internet; I know them when I see them. These people rarely go to jail, with one notable exception, Kevin Trudeau. Many otherwise reputable sites have these kinds of ads. They count on readers to know the difference between “honest” and the not so honest ads. But, in this case, the dishonesty and theft photos and logos is so blatantly over the line, the perpetrators NEED TO GO TO JAIL! If I were an attorney, I would take this case in a heartbeat. While I do not think the owners of the website on which I saw this ad were aware of this particular ad, they need to understand how dangerous these deceptive practices are to their readers. The websites need to be aware of what they are advertising. I would see them in court, too. Please sue the makers of this product.

  3. Gert,

    I was very pleased to receive this for two reasons. One it is an important piece of information to get out tto the public. Scams like these are just wrong. They are cheating the customer and they are very possibly making the customer feel that they are not able to achieve the bodybuilding goals that they have set for themselves. This can create a failure mode for the customer which is bad for the customer who does not realize that it was not them but rather someone has cheated them. Destroying this hope is a real sin in my eyes.

    the second reason I was pleased to see it was this is leading me to think that things are getting better with your business situation. I hope that this is the case. I am sure it has been a long hard journey to fix what others have done to your business and ultimately you and your family. It might not be completely over but I hope that the situation is well on its way to being corrected.

    Your spring is beginning to happen so I hope you and your family can be getting out to Pearly Beach for some good R & R…..I am sure that you can use it.

    Take care my friend,


    Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2016 11:49:05 +0000 To:

    1. Very true John, these scammers are stealing much more from people than just money!
      About our business – Although the wheel is turning much more smoothly at our business now, we are still under immense cash flow pressure. The past 3 months we had 2 internal theft syndicates involving 15 employees and 2 internal major theft incidents by internal employees stealing altogether nearly 1 000 000 quid! So the process of recovery will be slow and it will take us close to 2 years to be fully back on our feet.
      But we are sharpening every aspect of the company for better service delivery and smooth internal operation. All our employees do polygraphs testing now.
      Thanks for caring John…and I agree we need some rest at Pearly Beach!

      1. I am so glad to see you are on top of these scammers. I saw the ad and was intrigued, then after scrolling down in noticed your before and after pics (which I recognized) and started laughing. I have followed you for a few years now and knew from that point on it was all Scams and lies!

  4. Hi Sir,

    thank you very much for this feedback

    Patrick (Belgium)

    ________________________________ Van: gertlouw Verzonden: dinsdag 30 augustus 2016 13:49 Aan: Onderwerp: [New post] Major “ESPN” scam supplements

    gertlouw posted: “Hi everyone, just want to give you a heads up about one of the latest major scam supplement products out there. It is marketed under ESPN (which is NOT the real ESPN) and in the advertisement fake stories are made up to support ridiculous claims of it’s w”

    1. Pleasure Patrick…always be very carefull, most internet marketed supplements is scam products and rather worthless. They got the most fantastical stories, photos and claims…but it’s all fake and stolen.

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