Muscle journey at 59…is it still possible?

Hi guys…

This was me after 55 when I stick diligently to my diet and training.

The bad side of a dirty bulk

But what happens at this age when one start relaxing with the diet and just keep to the training for a period? Especially, when one drink a glass of red wine every night.

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Now this is exactly what happened to me and it culminated into a month of zero diet control this past December, “bulking” in its finest and saddest form. At least the bulking allows one to add decent muscle size if you stick to your training which I did, but boy, the bodyfat levels creeped upwards at lightning speed and that tummy started to bloat (culprit = alcohol).

For indulgences one always pays the price!

The bug stops here! FCC (focussed cutting cycle)

So, in January 2023 I decided, no dude (!), this is it. I am going to reclaim this body and make it into that of a sexy ripped aesthetic muscled 59-year-old. 

My FOCUSSED CUTTING CYCLE (FCC) started 15th February and will last for 45 days until the last day of March 2023. 

The main deliverables of my FCC:

  1. Getting bodyfat down quickly.
  2. Try and protect the muscle as best as I could so that they are not utilized for energy due to extreme low calories.
  3. Get that tummy flat again (ZERO ALCOHOL!)

How the FCC works

The FCC I designed for myself contained 1500 – 1800 calories per day, roughly split into macros 4:3:3 (protein/fat/carbs).

Zero alcohol is allowed in the FCC period. Wanting a flat tummy at an older age requires zero alcohol intake, there is NO escaping it. To help mobilize the fat for energy and to divert it from using the muscles as an energy source (going catabolic), I added 2g L-Carnitine injections once a week.

But, the fact is no matter what you do with such low calories, some muscle will be lost unless one ventures the route of steroids which is not the best idea for a guy this age. The closest I come to steroids is doctors prescribed TRT at 100mg per week for low T since the age of 50. So, at least my T-levels are healthy. The bottom line is, I will lose some muscle in this focused cutting routine, but I had some to spare, the “bulk” did its job!

I trained 4 times a week (heavy), followed by a stretching routine and twice a 15 min sauna and 5 min cold shower routine (hot/cold treatment for whole body).

Repairing, healing and anti inflammatory treatment for the body

The stretching + sauna + cold shower is all done in effort to help the body recover and heal quicker from the heavy training. Plus, once a week I get deep tissue sports massage to get rid of the muscle knots which can cause tendons problems if going unchecked.

I also added 2 new supplements to my regime: Turmeric 15800 Complex and Natroceitcs Fortified Omega 3. These two are some of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories available. This I used to help the body heal quicker after training and to protect tendons, etc.

All supplements discussed in my videos/articles can be order from my SUPPLEMENT ORDER page.

Half way through FCC – progress results

Being halfway now with the FCC, what changes have occurred so far to the body? This was achieved in roughly 22 days after I started the FCC. I am only down 4kg so far on the scale (my target is a total of 8kg down on scale – from 91kg to 83kg). The difference is striking and 6-pacl obviously start showing nicely. I will post a final update and short video after I completed the FCC. My FCC target is ending March 2023 so watch out for the final video at beginning April. This will show you just what can be obtained if you got the right system (diet, training, and supplement) approach that is designed for your body, goals, and age.

So, let see what this body can do at age 59. My big aim is to look my best-ever at 60, even better than my all-time best at 52. Will that be possible?

Remember guys and FCC type cutting phase is only possible when one got muscle mass to spare. A guy doing this kind of cutting with little muscle mass will lose significant amount of the little muscle mass he still has! Not advised.

Off course if you want the system, I am following which is designed for your body, goals and age, just click the link in the top right-hand corner of the screen or the link in the video description box. It is called the ADVANCED SYSTEM II.

Be the best you can be guys. Live your dream! Do not postpone till tomorrow!

Gert Louw

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